Dr. Oz: Lose Weight with Spices- Ginger, Mustard & Cayenne Pepper

Doctor Oz played a game called “What’s That Spice?” to help teach us ways to lose weight by adding different spices to our diet.  Did you know that certain spices can boost your metabolism and thus increase the number of calories that your body burns?  You can burn an extra 50 calories by doing nothing at all!  Here are more Recipes For Diets!

Metabolism Boosting Spices for Weight Loss:

1.  Ginger

Dr. Oz seasoned some salmon with ginger and said that by eating ginger, your body’s metabolism will be boosted by 20% for three hours!

2.  Mustard

Dr. Oz cooked some chicken with mustard, which boosts your metabolism by 25%.  Dark mustard is better than light mustard.  Plus, mustard helps you to think better!

3.  Cayenne Pepper

Dr. Oz prepared some shrimp with cayenne pepper, a great metabolism booster!


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