Dr Oz: Low Fat Diet Foods Cause Cancer

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Dr Oz: Low Fat Diet Foods Cause Cancer

By on April 5, 2011

Dr Oz Diet Mistake Causes Cancer

Doctor Oz did a show called 5 Wrong Turns That Lead to Cancer.  Click here to read the first 4 mistakes that cause cancer: Wrong Turns That Lead To Cancer.  The fifth Cancer Causer that Dr Oz spoke about was eating Low Fat Diet Foods.  He does not mean foods that are naturally low in fat, but foods that are marketed as being Low-Fat.

Dr Oz: Low Fat Foods Cause Cancer

Dr Gretchen Phillips, Cancer Prevention Expert, told Dr Oz that fat has gotten a bod connotation and so the food industry is now marketing everything as low fat.  Dr Oz Low Fat Foods Cause CancerHowever, these Low-Fat Foods are full of fillers and carbs instead of fat.  So rather than getting fat and flavor that would keep you satisfied for longer, you get these insulin spikes that lead to inflammation and can cause Cancer.

Dr Oz’s concern is that when you buy these Low-Fat Foods you lose the protective fats and good fats that push back against cancer, like the omega 3 fats.  And when you don’t get enough of these protective fats, then you can get Uterine Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and Colon Cancer.  But my problem with this is that the full fat version of snack foods do not generally contain protective fats like omega 3 fats anyway, unless you are buying some sort of healthy popcorn in olive oil for example.

Doctor Oz said that these Fake Foods or Reduced-Fat Foods overload your body with simple carbs, which is like lighting a flame of inflammation that spreads from your omentum to  your breast to your colon to your liver to your pancreas and to your kidneys.  This raging fire increases your chances of getting cancer all throughout your body.  The worst part is that you think you are being healthy when you are buying these Low Fat Foods, and you don’t know about the damage you are causing inside of your body.

Dr Gretchen Phillips told Dr Oz that the bottom line is that inflammation does not exist in a cage in your body – it is inyour whole body.  These Fat Free Foods make your insulin spike and just leads to more cravings.  But Dr Phillips said that she understands that we will have cravings anyway, so we should indulge responsibly.  Find something that is not Low-Fat and read the labels to see what you are really getting.  Have a treat, but save it as a treat, and know that you are actually being more healthy by eating a little bit of a full fat product than by eating a Low Fat Food!

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