Dr Oz: Low Fat Diet Foods Cause Cancer


Dr Oz Diet Mistake Causes Cancer

Doctor Oz did a show called 5 Wrong Turns That Lead to Cancer.  Click here to read the first 4 mistakes that cause cancer: Wrong Turns That Lead To Cancer.  The fifth Cancer Causer that Dr Oz spoke about was eating Low Fat Diet Foods.  He does not mean foods that are naturally low in fat, but foods that are marketed as being Low-Fat.

Dr Oz: Low Fat Foods Cause Cancer

Dr Gretchen Phillips, Cancer Prevention Expert, told Dr Oz that fat has gotten a bod connotation and so the food industry is now marketing everything as low fat.  Dr Oz Low Fat Foods Cause CancerHowever, these Low-Fat Foods are full of fillers and carbs instead of fat.  So rather than getting fat and flavor that would keep you satisfied for longer, you get these insulin spikes that lead to inflammation and can cause Cancer.

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