Dr Oz: Lower Cholesterol Grocery List Foods


Dr Oz: Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Doctor Oz says 100 million Americans have high cholesterol. Don’t let yourself be in this huge group of people! Certain foods can help you lower your cholesterol levels and Dr Oz showed you which ones by playing the Family Feud game with the Dube family and the Walker Family. Read on to find out who won.


  1. Maria ulloa says

    Dear Dr. Oz last year my dr told me I have hight cholesterol I got scare and I started to eat more vegies and cereales and I felt great because I lost weight ,but I didnt have the streight to keep doing it,and now I feel wost because Im nauses in the morning and my hands get get very nom with anything I do right now I stop typing for a moment because I dont feel my fingers, and I cant remember when was the last day I woke up feeling goog my back hurts my hands even wost, and im only 38 years old can you help me to be comited to my diets please

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