Dr Oz: LPA Lipoprotein A & Bob Harper’s Widow Maker Heart Attack


Dr Oz: Bob Harper’s Heart Attack

The world was shocked three months ago when Bob Harper, a star from The Biggest Loser, suffered from a Widow Maker’s Heart Attack.  How could someone so healthy and fit have a heart attack that almost killed him?  Could it happen to you?  Dr. Oz answered all of these questions and more, including heart attack warning signs to watch out for and the life-saving information you need to know, like how to do CPR and how to use an AED machine.

What Caused Bob Harper’s Heart Attack?

BOB-HARPERS-HEART-ATTACKBob Harper collapsed from a heart attach in a New York City gym at the age of 51 years old.  Two weeks later, he wrote that we was feeling much better on social media, but what exactly happened?  And why is Harper incredibly lucky to be alive?  Bob said that he remembers having an early dinner the night before with his friends, but he has no recollection of getting up that morning, walking his dog or even going to the gym.  One of his friends, Shaun, noticed that something was not right though when he went to lay down on the ground during his workout.  Shaun knew that Harper had been having dizzy spells lately, but he immediately knew something wasn’t right.  He screamed out for a doctor in the house and for someone to call 911.  Luckily, there was an even going on upstairs and a doctor (who didn’t even belong to the gym!) was there and ran to help.

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