Dr Oz: Lumosity Brain Trainer Review, Brain Games & Green Drink Recipe


Dr Oz: Luminosity Brain Training Review

Dr Oz showed us how to know Diabetes & Cancer symptoms, and how to act FAST for Strokes. But there’s always something more to learn, and Dr Oz said he’s constantly hearing from fans and viewers who complain about memory problems.

Lori Ann from the audience volunteered to help out with some memory tests on Dr Oz’s show. She said she can never remember her keys, her phone number, or even where she parked her car. She tried to take Ginkgo Biloba, but she couldn’t remember to take it each day.

Dr Oz Brain Games

Dr Oz: Lumosity Brain Trainer Review & Weight Gain Causes Memory Loss?

Dr Oz shared common causes of memory storage & memory retrieval problems. Plus, checkout the Lumosity Brain Trainer review, brain games and green drink recipe to boost your memory!

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