Dr Oz: Lung Cancer, At Home Radon Test & Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Dr Oz did a show called Ask Dr Oz: Cancer Edition, because he knows that Cancer is one of the diseases that we fear most.  We all know someone who has been touched by Cancer – or almost everyone at least.  94% of Doctor Oz’s Audience said that either they had cancer themselves or they know someone who had cancer.  The biggest questions about how to treat cancer and how to prevent cancer is what Dr Oz focused on today.  Cancer treatment is expanding to treating the whole body and not just the disease.  In addition to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, people are also addressing pain management, nutrition, and even doing things like acupuncture, meditation and yoga.  Dr Oz was joined by three cancer experts: Dr Steven Standiford, the national director of surgical oncology at a center that focuses on integrative cancer treatments, Dr Deborah Axelrod, a leading cancer surgeon and patient advocate, and Rachel Beller, a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and a nutritionist who focuses on nutrition in Cancer Management and Prevention.

Dr Oz: Radon: Lung Cancer Causes

Dr Oz was told by a lady in his Dr Oz At Home Radon Testaudience that her mother never smoked a day in her life, but she died of lung cancer.  And many of her other relatives also died of lung cancer or were diagnosed with it.  What are causes for lung cancer other than just smoking?  And how can you prevent getting lung cancer?

Dr Oz: At Home Radon Test

Dr Oz showed an At-Home Radon Test that you can put in your basement to detect if there is radon there.  He said it is best to do this in the winter months.  The number 1 cause of lung cancer is smoking, but the 2nd leading cause is Radon.  Dr Standiford said that asbestos and radon can also cause Lung Cancer.

Dr Oz: Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Causes Lung Cancer

Dr Oz said that Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency – also called A1AD or Alpha-1 – gives you a 70% higher risk of getting lung cancer.  You naturally have enzymes that live in your lungs called Alpha 1-Antitripson which are supposed to be removed regularly so that they do not turn toxic and damage your lungs or liver.  However, if you are Alpha-1 Deficient, you can get a test to find out and there is a treatment where you get an injection once a week to help with this.

Dr Oz: National Lung Screening Trial

Dr Oz said that there is a new thing where we hope to be able to catch lung cancer earlier through a CT Scan.  The National Lung Screening Trial is underway and they are hoping it will become the mammogram for Lung Cancer.  Of course, they have to weight the benefits against the risk of the radiation in the CT Scan, but they are hopeful that this will help people to detect Lung Cancer sooner.


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    Dear Dr. Oz, my husband as alpha-1. he needs to go see a lung dr but our funds dont allow it. he has cirrohsis of the liver now and his lungs sound real bad. so sad. we have a daughter. what r the chances of her have this difiency?? it scares me1

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