Dr Oz: Lung Cancer Warning Signs: Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers


Dr Oz did a segment called The Little Cough That Kills: Lung Cancer, followed by a discussion of Radon Hotspots & Radon Home Tests.  Doctor Oz was challenging everything most of us think we know about Lung Cancer, including that you do not have to be a smoker to get Lung Cancer.  If you combine the number of deaths from Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer, you still do not get as many deaths as are caused by Lung Cancer.  You can catch Lung Cancer early though if you know the warning signs.

Dr Oz: Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

Dr Oz showed a woman who was 32 years old and pregnant with her second child when she got a Dr Oz Lung Cancernagging cough that did not go away for a year.  She went to her doctor and said that her lungs sounded clear but did an x-ray and found a spot, which lead to a CT Scan and a biopsy and she found out she had Lung Cancer.  She was a healthy woman and a non-smoker.  Lung Cancer is the deadliest cancer in America.  220,000 people will be diagnosed with Lung Cancer this year and 160,000 people will die from it.  Most of the time Lung Cancer is caused by smoking, but you do not have to be a smoker to go it, and that is the point Dr Oz really wanted to drive home today.


  1. Suad Bastell says

    Hi Dr.OZ : I could not help responding to this topic: Lung cancer can also hit all ages including children, my 10 years old son has been struggling with a rare form of lung cancer “Liomylosarcoma “, reason; anti-rejection drugs for his kidney transplant.

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