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Dr Oz: Lungs Fight Fatigue

There is an organ that’s deep inside your body to help you fight fatigue. If you feel tired all the time, the problem may not be inside your head (literally). The culprit may be inside your chest. In this segment, Doctor Oz shows you how to keep your lungs healthy to help you fight exhaustion


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    Dr. Oz – I didn’t see your show on Wed. Jan 25, 2012. Actually, I never do watch your show, but I caught the tail end on this day, and you said something about fatigue. So I looked the info up on the computer. Fatigue is my first, middle and last name. I literally can sleep 24 hours a day. I have fibromyalgia, Lupus, and migraines. I take meds for Bi-polar, and I have ra and oa throughout my whole body. I am 59 years old, and I feel like I have lived 159 years.
    I will definitely try the Astragalus supplements. I am always open to suggestions, but because of the bi-polar meds, I do not take pain meds, or anything or the counter. I will let you know if I see a different in my ability to live a normal life without falling asleep. Sincerely, Linda K. Seligman

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