Dr Oz: Lychee Fights Breast Cancer & Persimmon Fights Heart Disease

Dr Oz Superfruits

Dr Oz did a segment on “Superfruits” like Lychee,  Guava, Persimmon, Starfruit and Asian Pears.  We should be eating four servings of fruit every day, but why not try something new and exciting rather than the same old bananas and apples?  Doctor Oz has mentioned the powers of fruits like cranberries, blueberries and oranges in the past, but today he branched off into more exotic Superfruits for women over 40, because these fruits are packed with antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients.

Dr Oz: Lychees Prevent Breast Cancer

Doctor Oz’s first Superfruit is the Lychee, which is a powerful cancer fighting fruit that you often find added as a flavor to your drinks.  Lychees are high in Dr Oz SuperfruitsVitamin C and Dr Oz said that they help to reduce Breast Cancer growth.

Dr Oz: Guava Prevents Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s second Superfruit is the Guava, which is a tropical fruit native to Mexico that is rich in Vitamin C and prevents wrinkles.  Just one cup of guava has five times the amount of Vitamin C that you get in one orange.  The high level of Vitamin C makes Guava great for collagen building in your skin so that your skin remains tight and wrinkles do not form.

Dr Oz: Persimmon Prevents Heart Disease

Doctor Oz’s final Superfruit is the Persimmon, which is a fruit that is native to China.  The rich color of the Persimmon is due to Polyphenols, and these help to slow down the build-up of plaque in your heart, which is why Persimmons prevent Heart Disease.  Like Dr Oz said, a persimmon a day keeps the doctor away!  He even served his guest a slice of Persimmon Cheesecake and Baked Persimmon Wedges!


  1. janatmsn says

    Magic Banana “Ice Cream” Recipe

    One ripe banana per person; the riper the banana is, the sweeter the “ice cream” will be.
    1. Peel and slice bananas, place on a baking sheet and freeze.
    2. Remove from freezer and slightly thaw enough to remove from baking sheet.
    3. Place frozen bananas in a strong blender or juicer with 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. It comes out creamy and delicious. Sprinkle to your liking with nutmeg or cinnamon and sliced berries.
    This works equally well with frozen mangos or frozen berries or a combination of fruit. Experiment to see what you like. If using a blender, it may be necessary to thaw the frozen bananas a little longer than in a juicer.
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    Banana “Ice Cream”Yes, banana ice cream may sound too delicious to be true. But this version sticks to the plant-strong variety, so there is no dairy in this dessert. It’s well documented that high levels of fruits and veggiesreduce your cancer risk, but in particular, bananas have been shown to help protect against kidney cancer. You take a few bananas, slice them up, put them in the freezer and blend them with a drop of vanilla extract and water

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