Dr Oz: Lyme Disease & Borrelia Bacteria Symptoms & Prevention


Doctor Oz spoke about Lyme Disease, which is caused by ticks that carry the Borrelia Bacteria.  Do you know what the symptoms are for Lyme Disease?  The treatment of Lyme Disease is most successful if you catch it and treat it in the first 36 hours.  Do you know how to prevent Lyme Disease?  Dr Oz answered all of these questions about Lyme Disease!Lyme Disease & Borrelia Bacteria


  1. Janet Hochella says

    As a chronic lyme sufferer and lyme education crusader, I applaud Dr. Oz for his information on Lyme Disease. By stressing that every state, but Hawaii, is vulnerable for the disease emphasizes the gravity of tick borne illness This disease is under diagnosed and under reported. His recognition that the disease can impact health years later is critical. I hope that his message reached thousands and that they will seriously consider the prevention and symptoms of this insidious disease and its co infections.

  2. Peter says

    The rash is called an Erythema Migrans rash (EM rash) and does not only take the shape of a bullseye. There is much misprinted and unkown information about Lyme disease but it would be nice if medical articles would at least get this rash thing right. Even the CDC (which does not produce the most complete information) states (and shows images) the rash takes various forms and not only the bullseye that is so often spoke about. In addition, the 78% number is overstated.

  3. says

    Thank you so much Dr. Oz for mentioning Lyme’s disease on your show. I was diagnosed last year after a doctor blew me off for more than 6 weeks…because so much time had lapsed I have ongoing chronic Lyme’s disease. I experience the heart palpatations, headaches, body aches and the list goes on. Prior to the tick bite I was in really good shape, very physically active..since the disease I experience bouts of extreme fatigue, I know some members of the family and other people who are just ignorant really had no idea of the seriousness of this disease and the dipilating systems, at least now they know I am not a crazy person. Thanks again.

  4. Louise Stothard says

    In am sure the previous commentor meant to write 6 years…not 6 weeks. I wrote that especially for those of US who are Lyme sufferers and know that it commonly takes years to ACTUALLY, FINALLY find a LLD to diagnose our horrible disease. I think I can speak for all of us that just mentioing Lyme & other Tick-borne diseases & Co-infections is only the tip of the iceberg. A segment of your show wouldn’t be enough..but would be a start. We need a true ADVOCATE to tell everyone through the media exactly what we are talking about and how each & everyone of us really suffer from Chronic Lyme!!! EDUCATION about this disease is critcal for the public as well as doctors. Lyme,( etc. ) is soooo under diagnosed it is ridiculous. The knowledge of most doctors is sooo limited and their cavilier attitude when we present to them our mirade of symptons is insulting! I have had Lyme, I believe from sometime in 1997, My husband & I traveled all over the state we lived in, then all over the country, to all kinds of doctors, hospitals, major clinics…even after, through our own research, we knew I had LYME. It was not until 2006 that I found the most wonderful LLD in a state 1500 miles away that I began my road to recovery. For over a year we flew back & forth almost monthly before we decided to sell our home and move to where our doctor is located. Now things are very good for me. Yes, I still have bouts of many different things but Now I am living within 5 miles of the doctor not 1500.
    I am one of a small group of fortunate people who was able to travel anywhere for diagnoses and treatment. But most aren’t as fortunate. The number of Lyme Literate Doctors is so small in comparison to those who don’t know a thing…or those that think they do…neither give the patient the proper treatment, time or care.
    As far as the public is concerned…if I hear one more time…Oh Lyme my brother, sister, whatever had that…it’s nothing, some arthritis-like aches & pains, right?………

    Please help us educate everyone!!!!!!!

  5. Carol Cleveland says

    Dr. Oz, If I had not seen your show on Lyme Disease this week, I would not have know that the rash I had was attributed to Lyme. I have always heard about the bulls-eye rash, but mine looked exactly like the one you showed on your show. It wasn’t large, but very different than anything I had ever seen before. I had already been through a week of flu-like symptoms and was starting to feel better. When I saw the picture of the rash, I knew I could possibly have Lyme. My doctor was not easily convinced since I live in the mountains of NC where it’s not common, but she did agree to put me on antibiotics. I guess I will never know for sure, but I feel much better know that if I do have Lyme it won’t progress anymore than it has. Thanks for the good info.

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