Dr Oz Magnesium Grocery List Cures The #1 Reason You’re Exhausted


Dr Oz: Magnesium Energy Boost

Dr Oz’s show on September 24, 2012 is about The #1 Reason You’re Exhausted.  Could it be a Magnesium shortage?  Many people who are tired and out of energy are never told to check their Magnesium levels, but that could be exactly what is causing your fatigue.  One option is to take a Magnesium Supplement, but Doctor Oz says that you need to have a constant (and non-fluctuating) amount of Magnesium all day long.  Generally, Magnesium Supplements contain around 100 mg of Magnesium, which is not necessarily ideal either.  But don’t worry, there are plenty ways to get Magnesium into your diet with the following list of Magnesium-Rich Foods.


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    If you want to drink your magnesium there is nothing like a hot cup of herbal tea. Teas made with parsley, dandelion or red clover are filled with nutrients including significant levels of magnesium and vitamin C. You can find these any many more healthy teas at Nature’s Tea Leaf.

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    I wanted to talk about the HCG Diet. I used it a couple of years go and did extremely well. Didn’t loose all the weight I wanted to but have pretty much kept off what I wanted to loose. The company I used went out of business and tried another company and their product was bogus.
    The girl Dr. Oz had on his show, Nina and her Dr. A. used Pharm. HCG Drops. What company did they get HCG from? You never mentioned that. I would like to get the same drops. I know I’ll need a prescription for it and will have one from my doctor. If you can’t give me the BRAND or company they got the drops from, How do I know the Company I’m using is reputable?
    Would really appreciate your help as soon as possible.

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    Hi Cathy,

    this site is a fan site and isn’t affiliated with the Dr. Oz show so you may not be able to the info you need here. To be safe you may also want to post on the Dr. Oz’ official site.

    Nature’s Tea Leaf

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