Dr Oz Makeup Dangers: Is Makeup Killing You?


Doctor Oz’s Dangerous Beauty Products & Makeup Counter Risks was aired again today.  I was fairly shocked that Dr Oz’s team decided to air this show again, since it was just shown a few weeks ago, but I do think it is a helpful show.  Plus, how scary is it when you hear a commercial for the Dr Oz show that asks Is Making Killing You? or Learn about Makeup Dangers, or however it was phrased, my ears perked up several times throughout the day when this show’s commercial aired.  Here is a quick recap of Makeup Dangers, along with what I have changed since the show first aired.  I would love to hear from everyone on what (if anything) you have changed in your makeup routine since watching the show…  or what you plan to change.  So please leave a comment below!  Also, if you have found any “good for you” makeup products you would like to recommend… by all means, leave your healthy makeup recommendations in the comment section!  Makeup Dangers

3 Makeup Dangers: How Makeup Could Kill You!

1.  Makeup Counter Bacteria

I have completely been avoiding testing out makeup at the mall and have changed my behaviors at Sephora, which is totally my weakness… who does not love Sephora?  You feel like a little girl in a candy shop!  At Sephora, they have little black pots of  alcohol, along with cotton poofs, so that you can sterilize lipsticks and makeup before testing it out.  I have been testing out lipstick from the side of the lipstick, just like Paula Begoun suggested… and I skip the mascara altogether.

2.  Latisse & Eyelash Lengthening Products

Latisse has never been something I have thought about, because I am lucky to have pretty full eyelashes.  My main eyelash concern is that I cannot get my eyelashes to curl for the life of me!  So I have thick long eyelashes that literally stick straight out.  Any suggestions?

3.  Skin Lightening Products

Again, I do not use any skin lightening products, so I cannot comment on this section.  My skin is so fair and so white, that I already look like Casper the ghost!  If you use Clobetasol or products with hydroquinone in them, leave your feedback in the comment section below!

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