Dr Oz Man Snacks Made Healthy: Rocco DiSpirito Onion Rings & Mayo


Doctor Oz did a segment on Healthy Man Food with Rocco DiSpirito. I love the idea of Man Snacks Made Healthy! Who does not love onion rings, but they are fried and so bad for you, so why not make baked onion rings instead? Instead of making fattening nachos, make nachos with lean meat and lean cheese.  Rocco DiSpirito Recipes

Rocco showed Dr Oz how to make Healthy Mayonnaise with Yogurt, which is perfect for making a dip for these Faux Fried Onion Rings Recipe.  Rocco’s onion rings recipe only have 342 calories per serving and 5 grams of fat, instead of the 1800 calories usually found in onion rings at a restaurant.  And Rocco’s healthy lowfat mayo with yogurt has 2 grams of fat instead of 12 grams of fat.  I’d love to hear from anyone who tries Rocco’s recipes that I linked to above!


  1. Lois says

    I found this recipe for the Faux – Fried Onion Rings on various websites and the calories varied greatly. So did the other nutritional information. Would like to know the “real” nutritional information

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