Dr Oz: Manager’s Special at Grocery: How to Get Good Supermarket Deals


Dr Oz: Supermarket Tricks

Dr Oz learned about some supermarket scams you need to watch out for, such as egg temperatures and year-old bread dough. To get more advice, he turned to dietitian and author Frances Largeman-Roth for advice about how supermarkets take advantage of customers each day.

Frances told Dr Oz that stores are committed to keeping you in the store as long as possible. That’s because they know the longer you stay, the more money they are likely to get from you. They set the mood with pleasant music, and they add delis, cafes or bakeries to keep you there longer. Frances said this could add up to an extra $50 spent per trip.

Dr Oz: Worst Day To Go Grocery Shopping

Dr Oz: Worst Day To Go Grocery Shopping & Manager's Special Warning

Expert Frances Largeman-Roth told Dr Oz the worst day to go grocery shopping & how to avoid pitfalls like free samples & manager’s specials.

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