Dr Oz: Manuka Honey, Goldenseal & Andrographis: Natural Antibiotics

Dr Oz: Natural Antibiotics

Dr Oz did a segment on Natural Antibiotics like Manuka Honey, Goldenseal and Adrographis.  Pina Logiudice joined Doctor Oz to talk about these Natural Antibiotic Remedies that are incredible for infections like cuts, sore throats, strep throat or even sinus infections.

Dr Oz: Manuka Honey for Cuts

Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and is stronger than regular honey.  You often will keep Manuka Honey in your medicine cabinet, rather than Dr Oz Manuka Honeyin your kitchen, because it has a strong antibiotic component to it.  You can eat Manuka Honey on bread, or you can use it to treat cuts and wounds.  Pina Logiudice said that you can apply 1 TB of Manuka Honey to a cut or wound and wrap it up in gauze.  Change the bandage three times a day.  She said that you can even find bandages and wraps with Manuka Honey built into them because of its powerful antibiotic power.

Dr Oz: Goldenseal for Sore Throats

Goldenseal is a Natural Antibiotic that helps to heal a sore throat by preventing bacteria from adhering to our cell’s walls.  If you have Strep Throat or a Sore Throat, try making a gargle out of a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp of Goldenseal and a small glass of warm water.  Mix the ingredients together, gargle with the solution, and spit it out.  Pina Logiudice said that you can do this gargle 3-4 times a day, but you do not want to do it for longer than 2 weeks.

Dr Oz: Andrographis for Sinus Infections

Andrographis is a powerful anti-inflammatory that works wonders for Upper Respiratory Infections and Sinus Infections.  It is grown in India and Sri Lanka, and you can get either Andrographis Capsules or make an Andrographis Tea by mixing 1 TB of the herb into a glass of warm water.  Dr Oz said it has a very strong taste, so he prefers the capsule form.  But if you can stand to drink the tea, the steam can also be an added benefit for Sinus Infections.


  1. Patricia Joseph says

    is manuka honey good for your face to take off moles and wrinkles or what can someone use naturally for moles on your skin and wrinkles? I bought the Manuka Honey at whole foods they had it from Wedderspoon Organic It was 100% raw and Active16+ Is this good

  2. Rawr says

    Hi! You should be able to buy all these things at a Health food store. Just google health food stores in your area and call them and ask if they sell them. Or, you can find an alternative health practicioner, like a Naturopath and ask them where can you buy these herbs. 🙂

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