Dr. Oz: Maria Gained 100 Pounds From Stress of Losing Her Job


Dr. Oz said that stress may be the number one reason that people turn to food for comfort.  Maria lost her job and was so depressed and stressed that she gained 100 pounds in a year.  Maria has low self esteem, doesn’t care about anything anymore, feels no self worth and says she has hit the bottom and can’t get up.  Maria’s husband, David, said it is increasingly hard to live with Maria and feels like he has to walk on egg shells around her.  Maria now feels like her life has no purpose and so she only gets out of bed at 10 or 10:30 am, and she turns to food whenever she gets bored, lonely or sad.  She thinks she will eat herself to death, but she has no control and cannot stop.  We will be cheering Maria on so that she will make it to her daughter’s wedding in April!

Dr. Oz is concerned that Maria, like most overweight people, will have many other health issues, including gall stones and a fatty liver.  Both the medical and emotional side of Maria’s problems have to be handled.  The truth tube says that Maria weighs 135 pounds, her CRP (C-reactive protein) is 14.9 and should be under 3, vitamin D should be over 32 but hers is 30, A1C should be under 6 and Maria’s A1C was 6.6.  Maria’s actual age is 54, but her real age (or what age her body thinks she is) is 71 years old… her body thinks she is a senior citizen.


  1. Judy Nadler says

    What was the test you showed on the truth tube about Maria (Feb.22) that was IO–was after the CRP and what was it for?

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