Dr. Oz: Marie’s Packaged Food Detox 28 Day Plan


Can you live without pre-packaged foods?  Dr. Oz brought Marie, a single mom of 3, onto his show.  Marie is a microwave mom – microwave pizza, chicken nuggets, chicken cutlets… you name it, Marie buys it already packaged and microwaves it.  Marie has 3 kids and her husband, Charlie, was one of the firemen who died for our country on 9/11.

Since the death of Charlie on September 11, Marie has gained 60 pounds.  She now weighs 235 pounds, has a 45″ waist, and eats 85% packaged foods.  Her Omega 3 level (the good calming fats that should be between 8-10) is 4 and her Omega 6 level (which is the inflammatory, angry fats that make you irritated if there is too much) is five times too high.  She has hypertension with a blood pressure of 140/100.  And guess what… she eats 85% packaged foods!


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