Dr Oz: Mascara Covers Gray Hair, Matrix Hydratherapie & Joico Silk


Dr Oz: Mastrix Hydratherapie & Joico Silk Spray

Dr Oz: At-Home Hair Fixes

Dr Oz was joined by Tabatha Coffey, author of It’s Not Really About The Hair, to talk about three major fixes for At-Home Hair Disasters.  Coffey told Doctor Oz that her biggest hair disaster was when she was coloring her hair while packing and getting ready to go on a trip.  She left the toner on for too long and ended up with Easter Egg lavender hair!

Dr Oz: Matrix Hydratherapie Hair Mask

Dr Oz’s first guest suffers from hair breakage.  Tabatha Coffey said that when you relax hair at home, it gets dehydrated Dr Oz Hair Productsfrom the chemicals and can start to break off, so you need to use a really hydrating mask.  She suggested using a Matrix Hair Mask called Hydratherapie Aqua Immersion Creme Masque, which is moisturizing and rich.  Another tip is that you want to towel dry your hair first before applying the hair mask, because that way your hair can absorb more of it.  Go section by section and really work the Hair Mask into your hair.

Dr Oz: Mascara Covers Gray Roots

Dr Oz’s next guest said she dyes her hair with permanent hair color every 4-6 weeks at home, but now her nice straight hair has become frizzy, dry and out of control.  Tabatha Coffey said that this is a common mistake.  When people see just one strand of gray hair, they feel like they have to color their hair, but your hair might not be ready to be colored yet.  So the result is that you are applying hair dye on top of hair dye and overlapping colors so your hair ends up dry, dehydrated and frizzy.  Instead, apply a mascara that matches your hair color to the roots of your hair.  Also, Coffey suggested using Redken Color Extend Shine Enrich, which will extend the life of your hair color, put shine in your hair, and protect your hair from being frizzy and dehydrated.  Another great option for frizzy hair is to try this Frizzy Hair Remedy that Dr Oz spoke about in another segment.

Dr Oz: Joico Silk Result Thermal Smoother

Dr Oz’s final guest said she has nice, curly, beautiful hair but when she straightens it her hair gets dry, brittle and out of control.  Tabatha Coffey said this is because she is using oils that are not meant to be used with a flat iron, so the smoke that is produced is actually from scorching her hair.  Coffey suggested using a thermal protectant for the hair that puts silk proteins into your hair, like Joico Silk Result Thermal Smoother.  You mist the Joico Silk Spray onto your hair and it protects your hair from the heat of a hair dryer and hair iron.  You will get some heat and sizzle, but that is ok – it is the sound of the silk protein getting infused into your hair.

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