Dr. Oz: Mashed Banana Hair Mask & How Old Is Your Hair?

Doctor Oz did a fabulous home remedies segment on how old your hair is and how to repair your damaged hair with all natural home remedies!  Both your lifestyle and genetics can make your hair older than your actual, physical age.

One woman on Dr. Oz’s show was 58, but her hair was 68 years old.  Another woman was 53 years old, but her hair was 65 years old.  Dr. Oz is 49 years old and his hair’s age is 51 (though I think his hair looks fabulous!!!)… so what are some of the things that these women are doing to make their hair age faster?

What Makes Your Hair Age Faster?

1. Stress

Stress can age your hair faster, because stress increases your testosterone level.  Higher testosterone levels makes your hair thin and testosterone causes your head to produce less hair.

2. Genetics

3. Hair Styling Products

How you style your hair (chemicals, relaxers, hair dyes, etc.) all poke holes into your hair shaft and makes it harder for your hair to hold onto the moisture that it needs.  So your hair strands get shingles that look frayed and not aligned, unlike healthy hair.

4. Your Diet

If you skip meals, eat a low protein diet, or do not have enough water in your diet, then your hair will suffer and age faster.

Dr. Oz’s Healthy Hair Home Remedies & Tips:

1. Eat Salmon & Omega 3’s

Salmon is full of Omega 3’s which makes your hair have lots of lustre.  At the very minimum, take Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels

2. Banana Hair Mask

Dr. Oz sent his top scientists to find the best home solution for damaged hair, and you know what they found? A smooth puree of mashed bananas makes the best hair mask… just apply the mashed bananas, relax for 15 minutes, and your damaged hair will get repaired and soothed!  Other more delicious sounding hair masks that used bananas include a Chocolate Banana Hair Mask or try these other Banana Home Remedies!


  1. Cris says

    Bit of advice: If you are making this hair treatment, please make sure you mash the banana completely! Not even a tiny chunk can be left! I put the banana in a baggie and smashed it all up, leaving a few small chunks of un-smashed banana, thinking it would be okay… Boy was I wrong! After a while the banana becomes kind of flaky, but those chunks, they don’t!

    I had the absolute worst time trying to get those pieces of banana out of my hair lol even with tons of conditioner. I thought they’d slide right out, but they didn’t. Honestly, I’d go with another method! But if you are going to do this, please use a blender that will blend every bit 🙂 Good luck!

  2. says

    Mary, I would shower and shampoo your hair after doing the banana hair mask. Let me know how it works out for you!

  3. says

    Mary–I had EXACTLY the same experience–what a mess–both the banana bits everywhere in my shower and in my hair and TONS of conditioner to try to get my hair anywhere near comb-able–it was AWFUL!!!!! …and it lightened my hair on top of the mess…NOT what I wanted. Dr. Oz needs to check his sources, or better yet, try these things out before he broadcasts them because this one is definitely not worth the price of the bananas….not to mention the aggravationr. Now I will doubt everything Dr. Oz recommends…and I was already wondering about the Death by Lip Gloss piece he did a little while ago…wonder where that came from. I, for one, am not believing it.

  4. says

    Just noticed I should have addressed Cris–as well as Maryry–in that last post since Cris was the fellow guinea pig in this experiment. I second your observations, Cris, and definitely would never recommend this banana treatment to anyone–unless it were to a mortal enemy.

  5. Debbie says

    I too, tried the banana hair mask yesterday. What a nightmare! It literally turned like glue in my hair! Twenty minutes in the shower and a desperate call to my husband to bring me another bottle of conditioner and my hair pick, still after another twenty minutes of picking and rinsing and applying more conditioner it was aweful! This morning I washed my hair again, and I can still feel the sticky residue on my hair. I definately would not recommend this remedy for the hair! I am curious though… does anyone know what the gadget was that Dr. Oz used to measure the age of their hair?

  6. says

    wow, i was going to try this banana treatment for my hair but i’m not one for a big mess! i think i’ll pass…………..thanks….peace ‘n blessings…

  7. says

    And the mess was just the beginning of it. When I finally got my hair untangled, most of the banana pieces removed, and dried it resembled double-dried straw–it has NEVER EVER been as bad as it was after the banana treatment. Honestly, if I had to put an age to it, it was as old as Methuselah’s hair on the day he died–at the age of 969 years, and that’s no exaggeration. Dr. Oz, you need to correct this misinformation with your viewers…do you happen to own stock in Chiquita? It’s the only reason I can think of that would drive someone to promote the buying of bananas for something so inappropriate. Bananas are great to eat–not for use on hair.

  8. Debbie says

    Amen Nancy! After two days and two more shampooings and enough conditioner that normally would have lasted me a month, and leave in conditioner…my hair is so dry I am almost afraid to brush it! Normally I don’t wash my hair every day, but I could not stand the feel of it! I took out a ball of hair from the shower drain that alarmed me, after 45 mins in there with a pick and a bottle of conditioner. I was scared, I feel like Dr. Oz definately misled his viewers on this one! Any ideas on how we can bring this to his attention?

  9. says

    I don’t know how to get through to Dr. Oz, Debbie…isn’t this page a part of his site? I saw one post by an “Admin” last week, but where is that person now? This issue needs addressing! I posted on Facebook about my experience and had SO many responses from friends who said they had also seen this aired on Dr. Oz’s program and that they were going to try it…and were so glad I had warned them & saved them from it. I don’t know if people can sue for misinformation on hair care, but if they can, they will. Dr. Oz had better get this corrected, or his legal team will be working overtime.

  10. says

    Hello Nancy and Debbie! This website (wellbuzz.com) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr. Oz, we are just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan website. I feel so sorry for everyone who tried this and had a horrible experience, I too surely thought it would work well since Dr. Oz recommended it. A few people have suggested to me to try a clarifying shampoo or a clarifying rinse (made of apple cider vinegar and water) to get out the banana. Since we have no direct connection with Dr. Oz, I cannot guarantee that Dr. Oz will get the message, but I am contacting Dr. Oz and his staff and showing them all of the negative feedback on this home remedy. I am certainly open to other suggestions people might have?

  11. Tara says

    I am soo glad I read all of these responses! I was going to do this to my 9 y/o tonight to give her hair a boost. What a nightmare that would have been!

  12. says

    Admin: Thanks for clarifying this site’s (non) connection to Dr. Oz and his show. I hope you are able to get through to them because this colossal piece of misinformation about the “rejuvenating” properties of this banana hair mask needs to be corrected on air. I tried communicating through Dr. Oz’s web site and the only thing I could see that allows (supposedly) for that is to submit a question….but that was operating about as well as the banana mask, so despite multiple tries, I could never tell if my question was ever successfully submitted….maybe the web master had treid the banana mas and was still trying to untangle his/her hair and get the bananas out.

    Please let us know if you do manage to get through to the show–and when they will be airing the correction. Thanks.

  13. Leah says

    I, too, tried the Banana Chocolate Mash hair treatment and what a fiasco! My heart goes out to everyone who tried this and experienced the horror. Two washes didn’t take it out and I knew I didn’t want it to dry so wrapped my near waist length hair in plastic wrap for the night as it was late . The next morning I applied safflower oil and tried to work out the pieces a strand at a time by hand but I wasn’t able to see the back well enough and couldn’t enlist help. I was in tears thinking I may have to cut my hair. I soaked it in a tub of water, tried another wash and that didn’t work either. I slathered lots of conditioner on it and *gasp* resorted to brushing it out carefully – knowing full well that wet hair stretches easily. I cried most of the 4 hours it took that day to finally get the brush to work out the tangles and mashed banana.

    I wrote about my experience to Dr Oz using the “Contact Us” option on his home page imploring that this hair treatment be taken off his site but haven’t heard back. Tonight I searched and searched on his web site and cannot find it there so perhaps my letter and anyone else’s attempt to inform him of the atrocity we experienced had it successfully removed from it. Only the mashed banana face mask is there now. But maybe it wasn’t there in the first place. I think I found the recipe on this site!

    I would be interested to know if they ever air a retraction of that recommendation.

    Thanks for publishing all the comments about this

  14. Maggie says

    PLS HELP…I am in the same boat! How to get the banana out 🙁
    This is the worst thing I have ever put in my hair…worse than bleaching it. My hair is soooo dry!

  15. Cathi says

    Dr. Oz has lost a viewer!!!!! My hair is passed my waist. I smashed 3 bananas and applied it to my hair. It would not come out. I shampooed my hair twice. I even tried Dawn. I used a bottle of conditioner and took my hair piece by piece with a comb. It took over an hour. Then I could use a brush. I think most of my hair is in the garbage can. I wish I had read your comments before I did this and not after goggling “how to get bananas out of hair”.

  16. Heather says

    WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! Do NOT do the banana mask! I have red naturally curly/frizzy hair and OMG it was horrible. The banana glued my hair together in a giant knot. Thank God I have every hair product and conditioner imaginable on hand. I had to soak in a tub with olive oil, poor massive amount of conditioner on the section of hair i was working on, comb through with a super wide tooth comb from the bottom (once i was able to find the bottom) and work my way up inch by inch adding a handful of conditioner with each inch. Then i went through with a regular comb, again adding a handful of conditioner with each inch. Then finally i had the knot out enough to go through with a fine tooth comb to get all the little chunks out. Then i washed it with shampoo and had to put a ton of conditioner in it again and go through with the wide tooth comb again. Then shampoo again, and then condition again and comb. Once that was done i applied some hair serum and smoothing spray and combed through itt, put in cream and dried. That took about 3 HOURS but it got the banana out finally. Now my hair is dry as a haystack and the red actually discolored and looks orangeish greenish! It is AWFUL!!!!! Not to mention i went through a whole thing of expensive conditioner! Now I need to dye my hair and do deep conditioning treatments to get it unhaystacky! If someone gets a class action lawsuit going, I’m in!

  17. says

    I was just about to go to the store and buy banana’s! I’m so glad that I decided to scroll down far enough to read these comments before I went out! I love Dr. Oz’s show and always took his advice to heart….but now I’m a little leary of that. Just goes to show you can’t believe everything you see on TV or read on the internet. I’m sorry all of you had such a bad experience!

  18. Shannon says

    I too, experienced the horror of the banana hair treatment. I tried for hours to rid the chunks of banana from my hair. I washed my hair with tons of conditioner 6 times, trying to come the mess out!!! I finally had to get the banana out of my hair with vegetable oil and a thin comb this made it come out a bit easier. The oil was easier to remove than the banana. This was a horrifying experience and it was the first time I had ever watched Dr. Oz. I will never try anything his show again!

  19. Amber says

    DO NOT TRY THIS!!! I have hair almost down to my butt and it was pretty healthy… until I tried this. I spent over an hour and after three shampoos and three applications of coconut oil I could still not get a comb through my hair. Over an hour in the shower. My hair is all splint ends and brittle. This was HORRIBLE! Never try it!

  20. cris r. says

    i had the same bad experience my husband had to help me get all the banana out my hair in we still didnt get it all out after washing in conditioning for 2hours the next day i went to my hair dresser in she wash my hair 3more times to get it all out my hair do not look the same its really dry i’am so upset!!!!!! all i want to know is how do i get my hair back ?? what do i do to stop my hair from being so dry?? i just want my hair back the way it was before i put this mess on my head!!

  21. Mary says

    Hey Ladies I have done the bananna treatment many times, the first time it was sort of hard to get out but now its really easy for me..
    – First condiition your hair before applying the banannas
    – Make sure you BLEND the bannanas and add olive oil and some honey.
    – Only use a little shampoo to get out the bannanas and some conditioner.
    – When its wet use a WIDE TOOTH COMB to get out any left over bannanna and you should be good.
    Good Luck!
    Oh NEVER use Dawn on your hair big NO NO

  22. Sara says

    So I had the same issue as everyone else. I basically got all of mine out. First I showerd conditioned and everything. Most important thing, let it dry. It is so much easier to pick the banana chunks out and comb it out. Next time I will listen to the full dirrections and use a blender haha

  23. Ash says

    This is a BAD IDEA! I lost a ton of hair after trying this and it felt like straw!!

  24. Vivian says

    Okay so I put this “so called banana conditioner” in my hair and from the moment I put it in, my hair started to get kind of hard and really dry. (Like many of yo guys I didnt totally mash the banana there was still chunks left in my hair). However I still put it in my hair and then I put on a heating cap, I was looking at the comments on this site and I saw that alot of people complained about the banana not coming off, so then I immediatly went to the shower and tried to wash it off. I tried using a neutrializing shampoo that made my hair really dry and the banana didnt come off. Then I tried salon care conditioner sparkling apples and pears. This really worked I put it in my hair in sections and rain my hands through the sections to get the banana out. Most of the banana came out and it left my hair feeling very soft. I then rinsed it out and picked the remaining banana out, as I blow dried my hair the rest of the banana just came sliding down out of my hair. That conditioner was a lifesaver and turned my dry hair from the banana crap to soft hair. I recommend it to anyway who is in my situation

  25. barbara cole says

    i used the avocado and banana mask on my hair left it on on 20 minutes rinsed it out and the results….beautiful bouncy hair …I am 72 yrs old.. never used coloring on my hair, have it trimed once a month, shampoo and blow dry it every 4 days myself. i am very happy with my hair and thanks to dr oz for this tip!

  26. Teresa says

    I LOVED THE RESULTS!!!!!! I have blonde, curly hair. I also live by the water. Not a great combination when all you want is smooth locks. Every summer, I seem to try a new product to avoid the frizz.
    So here’s what I did different.
    My 7 month old son was hungry and today was the day I was going to try him out on avocado. Mind you, I also have a 2 year old that is potty training this week so I have not washed nor conditioned my hair in two days. I used a blender and mixed one avocado (not the lite) and one banana, less two bites from my two year old. Fed 1/4 cup to my son, (he loved it). Combed the tangles from my hair and then completely drenched my hair with the mix. Pulled it all atop my head and used a crunch hook to hold it in place. It took about 35 mins before I was able to hop in the shower to rinse it out. Using very warm water I rinsed it clean, then follwed up with my regular conditioning shampoo, (Pantene for Frizz) then applied my usual conditioner, (also Pantene). I used a VERY wide tooth comb, (something I do everytime I condition my hair) and combed the conditioner through, (starting at the ends and gingerly working through any tangles to the roots at my scalp), and then I put the conditioned hair atop my head. Finished my shower which took about 5 to 7 minutes and then rinsed my hair, first with warm water, followed with the combing again while rinsing with as cold as I could stand it, water. I also do this evey time I condition my hair. It helps to close the cutilcles, so there is less frizz.
    I towel dried and gave this “home remedy” the best test of all, I put nothing on it and let it finish air drying. THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST MY HAIR HAS EVER LOOKED AND FELT after being allowed to dry naturally.
    Thank you Dr. OZ!!!!!

  27. regina says

    hey everyone i started reading your comment i was like what the heck…well yeh the first time i did this,it was hard stood forever trying to take the banana out of my hair..but then i decided to try it again,and i put half a banana avocado,olive oil,mayo, put a cap over my hair,blow dry it for 5min r so with the cap on my head,wash it regular,iam really picky with my hair,so after all this is done…just put some oils on your hair,r whatever u do after shower,and it wont b so harsh on your hair,u might see a few lil banana still in your hair nothing big..it will come out when u brush it,r the next wash i do this once a week sometime two times in a week,i dont put bananas straight on my hair,its way to much i mix ingredient that i have gave u on the first top rows,try it that way…if any questions hit me up

  28. Swttng says

    People try banana BABY FOOD.
    The first time I tried this I used very ripe banana and i didn’t mash it properly and had bits but it did wash out without too much drama. This next time I’m using baby food mixed with coconut oil and my hair turned out great.

    I think there should have been some warning to mash very well and add some oils; that seems to really make a big difference.

    So don’t give up on it…

  29. geezzz says

    are you guys serious…!!!>>>!!! you have to make the bananas soft in the mix..lol… MASH them up tiull smooth. common sense PEOPLE!!!!!!

  30. Diana says

    I was thinking about doing this but reading these comments I though not to.. I looked up other hair masks with bananas. I want to get the benefits of the banana but not the nightmare of getting it out. I read ones that had olive oil in them. I would try them instead, I about to use one today its a Banana hair smoothie. Its is:::: 1 mashed banana, 1 full egg, 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of milk and 5 tablespoons of olive oil. Hopefully everything else will balance out the banana . I will not put eggs in the mix though..eggs did them same bananas do to your hair.. Make it nasty and has to be washed a thousands times!

  31. Laura says

    Ok, so I have to respond to all of these comments.
    First of all, no one has a right to sue anyone. Take some responsibility PEOPLE!!! JEEZ!

    The banana hair mask needs to be pureed with olive oil and honey or mayo ( please see recipe below):
    Peel the bananas. You can save the peelings for another treatment or throw them away at this time.

    >Puree the bananas in the blender.Make sure that there are no lumps left in the liquid.

    >You can still see lumps in this hair mask mixture. It should go back into the blender until it has a smooth, even consistency.

    >Add in the mayonnaise and olive oil. The liquid should become smooth and creamy.

    >Mix in 2 drops of essential oils.This will make your hair smell a little less like fruit. You can add more than 2 drops if you wish.

    >Pour the mixture into the Tupperware container. Depending on how much hair you have, you will have enough hair mask for one to four treatments. Save the rest in the Tupperware and store it in the refrigerator. Now, when you have about 30 minutes to spare, you can moisturize and strengthen your hair with your own banana hair mask.

    Good Luck and please take responsibility for yourselves.

  32. Jenny says

    I tried a banana hair mask today (my first time) and came up with my own recipe based on a few different sites recommendations and what I had on hand… What I came up with, 3/4 banana, 1/2 mango, a few squirts of honey, 1 cup coconut milk, and a bit of olive oil.
    Rinsed my hair with warm water, placed the mask on my roots and then generously added to the rest of my hair… With enough left over for 2 – 3 more treatments.
    Wrapped my head in a towel (no plastic on hand) and heated my wrapped head with a blow dryer for a few minutes and then searched the Internet for about 45 minutes for more recipes when I stumbled across this site.
    Was scared after reading all the bad reviews so I jumped in the shower and rinsed the mask out with warm water, shampooed as usual (kids 2-in-1 suave shampoo) and then combed my hair out, rinsed and added my usual conditioner (regular suave) and combed thru (this is my regular shampoo/condition routine) and rinsed with cold water.
    Got out immediately to seethe results, and my hair looked beautiful… Dried it as usual and my hair is bouncy and super soft.
    I will be using the rest of the mask and making more in the future!!!

  33. Jenny says

    And I guess I should add that all ingredients (forgot to mention that I also added 1 egg yoke) were placed into a blender on “liquify” until smooth, not a chunk in site…

  34. Yvonne says

    Hey all!

    I did my first banana hair mask today and have been searching reviews of others experiences with it. I am constantly using natural hair treatments and had never tried bananas on my hair before.

    I did not read up on any recipes before attempting this, so I just mashed up half of a very ripe banana in a small cup, mixed in 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of dabur vatika coconut oil (which contains ayurvedic herbs like amla and brahmi, good stuff for my hair), 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil, and 1 tablespoon of henna.

    I then warmed up the whole mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds and mixed it up thoroughly. There were a lot of chunks of banana but since I did not read up on the warnings about this getting stuck in your hair I just slathered it all over freshly shampooed (not conditioned) hair while it was still slightly damp so it sucked up all the conditioning ingredients.

    I then saran wrapped my head to trap in the heat with my hair piled on top of my head and put on a warm towel. I had massaged everything into my scalp and saturated the ends since I do this with coconut oil treatments all the time so it was just habit. Then I hopped on the internet to read up on results people had (oops, a little late since I was reading about the importance of having no lumps in the mask, lol)

    Well, this freaked me out a little, and I was tempted to jump in the shower and get the bananas off of my head but I had already had it on my hair for 10 minutes and didnt want my deep conditioner to go to waste, so I figured whether 10 mins or 30, I was still going to have a LOT of aggrevation ahead, so might as well finish the treatment.

    After 45 minutes, I hopped in the shower and rinsed my hair with warm water. Since I kept the mixture pretty warm the whole time it did not go solid at all and rinsed out pretty easily. I used a clarifying shampoo and scrubbed my scalp (since I had oil in my hair I have to do this, lol) and then rinsed. I then got some light conditioner (VO5 moisture milk) and slathered a ton of it onto my scalp and scrubbed the conditioner into my scalp to get rid of any residue. Then I let it sit on my head and the rest of my hair for the rest of my shower, about 10 minutes, and rinsed thoroughly.

    To my dismay, there were some chunks of banana in my brush but nothing horrible. My hair felt really soft and after letting it air dry, I brushed it again and the remaining pieces slid right out. I believe this was because of all the oils I used and the fact that I never let the mixture get cool. All I know is that my hair feels super soft, is really shiny and feels fuller! My oil treatments do this as well but does not make my hair feel this soft and light! And there were only 5 or 6 small slivers of banana in my hair to fool with before brushing them out when my hair was dry.

    I am going to keep using bananas in my hair but will use my blender next time, lol. I would highly suggest mixing in some oils to keep the mixture from getting glued to your hair and keeping your hair as warm as possible for the entire treatment. Then scrub, rinse, scrub, rinse, and repeat!! I am so sorry to read all the horrible experiences on here because my hair really loves it! But I can definitely see it being hard to get out if I had only used straight banana! Yikes!

    And one more thing, I used the rest of my banana for a face mask (because I am a fool for face masks, especially cheap do it yourself ones) and ohhh my! My skin feels really nice! It has a tightening effect, and it does get sticky! But I only used banana and squished it up and spread it on my face. I love how my skin feels after washing it off. All I had to use was water to rinse, since I wanted to keep it moisturized. I didnt need a moisturizer after and I always use moisturizer, even though they are light ones since my skin is oily.

    A must try! Just put it on, let it dry (it will feel like elmers glue, lol) and then rinse with just warm water. Lovely smooth skin!

    Good luck to everyone! And to everyone who had a banana nightmare, I have heard great things about banana baby food! No sticky clumps to get stuck in your hair with the same softening benefits. I have also heard good things about mayonaise but I have personally never tried these, so I can’t back them up until I do try them (which I plan to do :), since I have read so many good things about them!

    Oh, and a warning, if you use egg in your hair be sure to use COOL water to rinse, I learned the hard way when I rinsed with very warm water that scrambled eggs are very hard to remove from your hair, lol. Eww! My hair did not like all the protein anyway, made my hair kinda stiff, not my thing.

    Happy hair adventures!

  35. Shauna says

    I too added more ingredients to this treatment. 1 banana, 1 egg, 3 tbs milk, 3 tbs olive oil, and 5 tbs honey. There were quit a few chunks in the mixture but I put it on anyway. I then put a shower cap on to trap in the heat. I started reading about everybody’s experience and started to freak a little. I leaned over the side of the tub, ran warm water through my hair, then washed my hair. I started combing through it with a wide toothed comb and it wasn’t that bad. Keep in mind that I have curly frizzy hair so I always have tangles. I did put a small slab of conditioner on it and combed it again. Then I mixed 1 tsp of honey with 4 cups of warm water as a rinse to add shine. There are tiny pieces of banana left in my hair but they slide right out. I would definitely not recommend putting just banana in your hair (obviously).

  36. Jen says

    Well, I just used it myself and I’m VERY pleased! My fine, thin, shoulder length hair had
    been looking a bit scaggy. I had read at a “fine hair forum” of one person’s great results fromthis, here is an excerpt from her post:

    “Well .. today on Dr. Oz (my hero) he did something AMAZING .. he suggests putting (and he DID this) mashed banana on your dry hair. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash out .. says it FEEDS your hair

    WOW .. I used the banana treatment .. this morning my hair is just SO shiny .. and .. dare I say it MAY be a bit ‘fuller’ ..
    It wasn’t so bad either, thought it would be a lot more messy to do .. but .. luckily my ‘banana ranch’ (I freeze over ripe bananas for baking) had lots of bananas in it .. I only had to use one mashed banana .. slopped it on, mushed it about, let it sit for 15 minutes, washed my hair twice and, voila, I think I see a difference .. ”

    I just used about 3/4 of a medium banana, nothing else, mashed it well with a fork, worked it into my hair,
    and used a wide-tooth comb to get my hair straight while I waited about 20 min. Some of the
    chunks came out when I combed it, so this may be a key. Washed it in the shower with Avalon Organics Nourishing Shampoo. No conditioner. Blew it dry and my hair looks and feels great,
    and fuller, as the above poster wrote. Next time I’m going to try it with avocado.

    I dunno, maybe it works better on fine hair? Whatever…I’ll definitely be doing this again.
    Thanks, Dr. Oz! 😀

  37. Mar Stephenson says

    Ladies .. FREEZE the bananas .. thaw them and the ‘chunky factor’ kinda disappears.
    I always freeze extremely ripe bananas .. I bake lots .. but have found that when thawed the mash is much smoother.
    I have used this method on my hair several times … 1 mashed banana (previously frozen) a bit of honey and some olive oil ..
    LOVE the results .. I have fine hair .. no dye, no perm, and I have nothing but raves for this procedure 🙂


  38. aony says

    I tried the mask after I read these horrible posts…I thought, worst case scenerio? I shave my head…I’ve used it 3 times. I found that blended bananas you still get a gritty feel to your hair. The chocolate mask…..is a mess. HOWEVER, I found that depending on the length of your hair, thickness, and type….depends on what you need. Its really trial and error. I have thick, medium legnth curly hair. My final hair potion was 1 banana 1 avacado with some olive oil. I also use soda water to rinse 2x. My hair is super soft and shiny! Ive never been happier.
    Another trick that rinses right out and works wonders that I learned from an Asian friend of mine….coconut milk. Open it and leave uncovered in the fridge for a day or 2 until it turns into a thick lotion almost. Slather on to hair, leave on for about 15 minutes. and rinse with luke warm water. Shampoo 2x and condition as normal! That seems to be my favorite.

  39. Carol says

    The banana hair mask is GREAT! The first time I used this I did not mash the banana smooth enough and had bits in my hair, which did blow dry out. I found that what ya need to do is blend the banana in a blender on high speed for about 3 minutes. I used a large banana and a couple of tablespoons or water or milk to get the mixture moving in the blender. I also add either a tablespoon of olive oil or a tablespoon of honey to the mixutre, which seems to break down the banana bits even more. When I am done blending, the misture is smooth and creamy, without bits, like a conditioner you pour from a bottle. I normally apply it to wet hair right after washing. No other conditioner needed after this. Just rinse and style as desired.

  40. courtney says

    like some others have said…the hair mask does work, but if you do not do it correctly you will have problems. Why are you blaming Dr. Oz saying he is a quack because you were too lazy or did not pay enough attention to know the bananas had to be mashed up completely…if you had problems getting the banana out blame yourselves for not blending properly…not Dr. Oz who was only passing along a great hair mask to help you all

  41. Black Girl hair Care says

    Use Banana Baby food from Gerber. DO NOT use regular bananas. Obviously if the bananas are not completely pureed they will get caught in your hair. That is common sense.The baby food works perfectly. The first time I did it, I knew that baby food would be the best option. My hair came alive after I used it. My curls became more defines and my hair became stronger.

  42. Jess says

    Heres what to do:
    Wash with a clarifying shampoo 3 times.
    Condition 2 times.
    Go through you’re hair with a comb and a boars bristled brush.
    Deep condition.

  43. Heloo says

    You believe this? how can your hair be older than you?!?
    Some people are born with no hair at all so in their case their hair is younger than them
    So people out there will believe anything -_-

  44. lindsay says

    I just did the hair mask, took me awhile to comb all the little pieces out, 2 good shampoos, put all the pieces in the toilet, after a nice blow dry my hair feeels amazinnnng, im doing this once a week. my blond hair was damaged as hell.

  45. Ann says

    I used banana baby 2nd food from Gerber.. it works great for me. easy to wash and my hair was soft and shine.. love it.

  46. FAITH says

    oh and i forgot to say to rinse out the conditioner that you use in the morning sorry

  47. Katrina says

    DO NOT TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!

    The banana is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of your hair without massive amounts of shampooing and conditioning afterwards followed by an hour of combing and brushing – just get out the tiniest of tiny chunks of banana. It’s like tried to get out mashed potatoes which had been squished into a shag carpet. What a HUGE waste of time! I had to miss work this morning just trying to get it out of my hair. And the stuff that just won’t come out looks like dandruff flakes….

    Two thumbs down for Dr. OZ. I used to love him on Oprah, but he has become an ego-maniac since getting his own show, PLUS he treats his audience like they’re too dumb to understand anything beyound a kindergarten level education. Seriously, I have taught Kindergarten to Grade 12… His program is DUMBED down for the American audience.

  48. Amanda says

    In response to Katrina’s comment, the article calls for a “smooth puree” of mashed banana, and that’s exactly what you need… so puree the banana with a food processor or blender, or a hand-held processor, to make sure it’s TOTALLY smooth before applying. Otherwise you’ll wind up with banana chunks stuck in your hair and will likely spend the rest of the night picking them out (been there, done that). So remember to PUREE that banana!

  49. Sofia says

    I have to agree with Katrina. I puree the banana and it was a nightmare to rinse it out of my hair. I will not do this again and ADVISE EVERYONE NOT TO DO IT. My hair feels even dryer than before, HELP!!!!

  50. Maria says

    I agree with Katrina and Sofia. This is a waste of time and gets your hair full of small banana chunks that are hard to remove.


  51. Another Banana Victim... says

    Haha. I wish I would have read these comments before trying this… :O)~ Banana:5 Dry Hair: 0

  52. Anna says

    Dr. Oz, Thank you for finally revealing the plain truth about health. I find your advise clear concise, and practical. Having taken charge of my health bout 4 yrs ago now I have done extensive research. It has made a difference on the inside and outside. Keep up the good work. Also knowledge is power, but must be used wisely.
    Your Big fan, Anna banana

  53. Suzanne says

    Puree the banana ladies. If you are unable to make it look like baby food…..that is the consistency we are looking for, then go out and just buy the baby food jars instead. Banana hair mask does work if you do it properly.

    Of course make sure your hair isn’t saturated with build up before applying this. Clean the hair with a shampoo that doesn’t contain any type of cones.
    Apply Banana mask, rinse and if you must you can follow with a conditioner that does contain a “cone” if you heat style.

  54. Suzanne says


    Apply to damp hair and saturate hair with the concoction. Wrap hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap and let it sit between 15 -30 mins or more depending on what your hair needs.
    Rinse well.

  55. Nikki says

    I followed directions exactly. First, I made sure to mash banana’s with fork, and then I also pureed them in a food processor. It was definitely baby food consistency. I have medium length hair, so I used a total of one and a half banana’s. I applied to my damp hair, wrapped in saran wrap and let sit for 30 mins. I do not blow dry or hot iron that often. I usually let my hair air dry. I tried this because my hair is dry and damaged from the sun and hair products. After rinsing thoroughly. I still have left over remnants of banana in my hair, and uh, honestly it doesn’t feel any better at all. 🙁 Don’t know how often one must apply this mask to see any results?

  56. Nikki says

    Just a follow up from my previous post. Again, I washed my hair, conditioned it, and spent a good amount of time rinsing my hair….after all of this I still had banana particles in my hair. And my hair DOES not feel or look any healthier 🙁 Waste of time!

  57. Kidrah says

    Hahaha ok girls relax I know doing this for the first time without any warnings or whatsoever was by far the worst hair experience I ever had! But I saw results right away! (Er by right away I mean two hours after y combed and rinsed my hair over and over again xP) but at least to me the results were awesome, split ends gone just like that, and I blow dry every single day! So I will puree the thing as many times as I can and if it still takes me hours to rinse it off my hair…to me it is totally worth it!

  58. martha says

    Ladies & Gents, please put the setting for the banana on liquify. Blend it up for no less than four minutes. All traces come out of my hair very easily after that like water. Believe me I felt the same way some of you do when I tried this years ago. I said, “I would never do that again.” Took me hours to get it out of my hair. Comes out better when it finally dried, but my hair was so soft. I heard Dr. Oz mention it again and I thought I would give it another try. Through trial and error with the blender, I finally figured out which setting and minutes worked the best for the banana to come out of your hair good. I also put 1 tablespoon of olive oil in there also, I have very dry hair. I hope this helps some. I have heard him on a later show say to please blend it very well. I hope this helps some. Remember, nothing can cure the hair, the hair is dead tissue. You are only coating or masking with any products you put in your hair, it’s just a matter of which one is less damaging. Banana does work if used properly.

  59. martha says

    oops, sorry for my bad grammar and the repeating of statements. I should have read it again before I posted.

  60. Luna says

    Like others have said, you just have to get the banana mashed finely enough, either in a food processor or through a sieve, I’ve had no problems getting the banana rinsed out. My recipe is banana, avocado, unrefined coconut oil and honey. Hair feels so awesome after. I never use conditioner or shampoo anymore. Just castille soap to wash, raw apple cider vinegar as a toning rinse, and a monthly banana mask. ( months, no split ends.

  61. Ivanka says

    It’s all about common sense. Instead of mashing the banana with fork, mash it with BLENDER! Blend it until it becomes smoothie. Once again, use BLENDER, BLENDER, BLENDER! Good luck!

  62. mina says

    Does this work on curly, dry, and frizzy hair. I dislike my hair Its very dry and I loose a lot if when I was it. How often should it be done. Thanks

  63. Sandy says

    My hair dresser told me today to “puree” 1/2 banana, 1/2 avocado, and a bottle of baby shampoo for my daily shampoo needs (store in the refrigerator). I probably still need to try the mask, but my hair is much softer and I didn’t need conditioner. I didn’t have any rinsing or banana chunk issues at all (no more tangles either). She told me her friend (an oncologist) recommends this to his cancer patients b/c of the damage from chemo and radiation.

  64. ricky says

    im man first of all!!:D please i need your help guys my hair was
    perfect but i ve passed through bad conditions(stress).and i was using (hair wax)
    though after a while my hair did nt fall but am facing hair thinning
    is there any cure or recipe help me to have a thick and healthy hair again!!!!!!
    plz helpppppp…….

  65. Luna says

    Another tip: Tried the banana mask once with just straight up banana; I believe the sugar content in it makes it difficult to rinse out. Just a teaspoonful per banana is enough.

  66. Diana says

    If you add an egg, a little milk, honey and a little olive oil ,I don’t like to add the olive oil because I feel like my hair stays way to greasy, it works so good. I have thick curly hair that’s down to my waist and I combed it from root to tip and left it overnight wich was not easy and when I showered in the morning my hair felt so soft and it was so shiny I love it. I do recomend taking the comb into the shower to help get the banana chunks out if u have any.

  67. Kelly says

    Add water to the bananas when you blend them. It makes it a lot easier to wash out later. Hope this helps!

  68. rose eiv says

    I tried a blended/liquified banana mask (mixed banana, an egg, honey, olive oil and a bit of milk in blender and liquified!!) in my hair yesterday and WOW! I used a comb to apply the mask into sections of my hair and placed a plastic bag over it for approximately 2 hours. I washed my hair and conditioned afterwards with regular conditioner (although I’m now considering making my own from bananas and honey). People noticed my hair and said it looked shiny, healthy and lush! I could see and feel the difference! Going to use mask on mother & sisters hair next, as they too noticed! Amazing natural and inexpensive mask! Make sure it is all liquified! I did not have any problems removing from my hair 🙂 enjoy!

  69. Mina says

    For all of you having trouble blending it, use baby food. I used to to use baby food before I started blending it myself. It is so smooth, I had no trouble with rinsing.

  70. pinky says

    you can use baby food thts really good also. make sure your banana is ripe. i always freeze my bananas when they get ripe to make different recipes including my hair mask and freezing it softens it up alot more i guess cuz the water content is higher, so i dont have to purify it i just mash 1/4 or 1/2 of the banana really well with a fork, also adding other things to it like oils (coconut olive grapeseed almond castor etc), honey, coconut milk, avocado, eggs, sum conditioner, mayo or whatever else and trust me you will love it!

  71. Nicole says

    I tried this using a banana, half avocado, jajoba oil, and conditioner. I didn’t puree and of course the bananas stayed in. However, my hair has never been so shiny and moisturized. I will masking once a month with baby food next time. I have tightly coiled natural hair.

  72. Amanda says

    This actually works.. the first time i used the mask, i didnt make a puree of the bananas.. which left chunks in my hair! It was a nightmare to clean my hair afterwards.. but i decided to try again after i saw amazing results from the first try.. this time i made sure to have a babyfood consistency when making the puree, using the blender for about 5 mins! the second time i never had any problems with washing everything out. Absolutely love this mask!

  73. charlotte williams says

    I tried the banana treatment today first of al it works and has given my hait that brazillian look

  74. mina says

    I have been doing this for ages and yes it works and no it is not hard to get it off your hair if you are smart enough to puree it. I use the bananas that do not get eaten by my family on time, they go “bad”, become really dark on the outside and very mushy, I use one banana usually, add some honey to it, and sometimes even a whole milk plain yoghurt and blend it until super smooth. Sometimes I even add some olive oil. I put it on dry hair, comb through at the end, add some more, relax for a good half an hour and bam! my hair looks great for the next week.

  75. misa says

    After reading all these comments I decided to give a try, but I have a question: Do I need to shampoo my hair after the mask or simply rinse with water?

  76. Kim says

    Even after all the bad reviews i decided to try this one out. i do not own a blender so i just tried to mash the bananas as much as i could and well let me say BAD idea. it took me over and hour to get the banana out of my hair and i think there is still some in there. i would not recommend this if you do not own a blender to be able to puree it.

  77. Alex says

    I wash my hair every other day and apply a homemade conditioning mask every other time I wash. I puree with a fork half an avacado, half a banana, then I add a tsp of lime juice, a tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil, a tablespoon of raw honey, 10 drops of organic cold pressed argan oil, and a tsp of organic hemp oil. After this I dampen my hair with a spray bottle then apply the mixture to my hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap and leave on for 1-3 hrs. This has left my very damaged hair (I used to use a flat iron on the highest heat setting every single day) soft, strong, shiny and silky. It has even helped to repair some of the split ends and made my hair grow much faster. Once a month I will add one egg yolk to this mixture for a protien treatment to help strengthin my hair. I also stopped blow drying and only flat iron a couple times a week.

  78. Mia says

    Hey guys ! I have an amazing hair mask that WONT leave your hair sticky, But still gives you the banana mask nourishment !
    Take , some OLIVE OIL
    Then add some , Honey
    Next add some well mashed up banana.
    -Wait 10-20 minutes-
    Wash out and condition.

    The olive oil and the honey are super good for your hair just like the banana , and the olive oil keeps the banana and honey from being as sticky ! hope i helped :*

  79. em says

    I STILL have banana in my hair now after shampoo and conditioning 6 TIMES! worst idea ever, wish i had read this page first, i only mashed the banana with a spoon, should have used a frickin blender cos theres massive chunks of banana in my hair as i type this, couldnt bear to shampoo it any more times as chunks of my hair were falling out.

    my hair is very thin anyways so decided to use this treatment for some healthiness and body.. have a big night coming up this friday and wanted to try and get it in shape. have the hairdressers this thurs. god knows what theyre gonna say when chunks of banana start falling out.

    my hair is still quite wet but already i can feel the damage its done, feels dry at the tips already. absolutely DREADING the damage tomorrow morning. *sigh*

  80. Angela says

    Hi to all,
    I too have tried the banana hair masque with tremendous results.
    However; I used banana baby food. (already pureed)
    Recently I literally melted my hair and within 2 weeks my hair looks almost as good as it did before I melted it.
    Just a suggestion.

  81. Angela says

    I forgot to mention. I mixed One jar of Banana baby food(stage 1), Mayonaise, and olive oil. I sit under a hair dryer for as long as I can stand it with a plastic cap on to keep the heat in. after about an hour I wash and condition it very well and tada, it’s done.

  82. Mandy says

    I tried the banana mask an hr ago..so far its looking goood. my hair feels smooth. they r not 100% dry yet. i used one banana and sum milk and 3 tsp of Olive oil. it turned out goood. will try it again next week by adding an egg in it and see how tht works. i wonder if its better wash ur after 15-20mins or keep it in for an hr or two. any suggestions?

  83. says

    After reading all the comments, I can honestly say that I was dying with laughter. I thought it would be common sense to blend the banana and mixed in the rest of the ingredient. I also have to say to some people are not familiar using kitchen products to make hair treatment you will definitely messed up. The Banana treatment is very popular and very natural. You have to follow direction to get the results. How did you expect to get chunks of banana out.

  84. says

    Okay i tried the banana hair mask and it’s really good.
    i used 1 banana, 1 whole egg, 2 teaspoon of mayor, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 2 teaspoon of olive oil. I blend everything for 3 minutes and until there’s no chunck left at all. it becomes liquify and then I used on dried hair and put a shower cap on and leave it for 45 minutes. Voila!!! i rinse with cool water and close the cuticles of the hair and also for a little volume.
    My hair feels soft and moisturize and I will continue to use this mask because it is inexpensive.
    So whoever is going to sue Dr. oz.. don’t do it because you didn’t follow direction.

    Good luck and I hope this help.

  85. Ullanda says

    It sounds like you all were putting just banana in your hair. Big no no. There’s a recipe. I did not get this idea from Doctor Oz, by the way. I’ve beenn doing this for years.

    1 banana
    1 egg
    1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
    1/4 cup honey
    1/4 cup milk

    Puree/Liquify the banana and then mix with remaining ingredients. Apply to your hair from rpot to tip. Cover hair with plastic cap or wrap it if it’s rap. Leave on

  86. Ullanda says

    My phone is primitive.

    If it’s long use saran wrap.DO NOT USE HEAT!!! Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Rinse with COOL WATER!!!

  87. navi says

    Im not surprised by the reviews of banana chunks getting glued to the hair even after shampooing. I have very dry hair and have used banana masque twice, getting astonishingly smooth hydrated healthier hair each time. The only trick i use is i blend very ripe bananas and a tablespoon of honey in a blender until it is VERY VERY SMOOTH, leaving not even a tiny chunk of banana. It washes off easily in first shampoo. For everyone who had a bad experience the first time but still want healthier hair without tge mess, try once more, this time pureeing the bananas.im sure you’ll be more than impressed. Well, thanks in advance btw 🙂

  88. says

    Ladies! I know how nightmarish it was to have chunks of bananas stuck in your hair and having your hair feel like it was literally glued together! The Banana Mask does work very well for your hair! ❤

    For best results of Banana Hair Mask:
    1.) Use babyhood Banana flavor or Blend ripe Bananas very thoroughly!
    2.) Apply it all over your scout and roots!
    3.) Wrap your hair in a plastic bag or shower cap to keep in the heat.
    4.) Shampoo and Conditioner!
    5.) Do it once a week!
    ❤❤❤ You’ll be amazed with the results!

  89. says

    Ladies! I know how nightmarish it was to have chunks of bananas stuck in your hair and having your hair feel like it was literally glued together! The Banana Mask does work very well for your hair! ❤

    For best results of Banana Hair Mask:
    1.) Use baby food Banana flavor or Blend ripe Bananas very thoroughly!
    2.) Apply it all over your scout and roots!
    3.) Wrap your hair in a plastic bag or shower cap to keep in the heat.
    4.) Shampoo and Conditioner!
    5.) Do it once a week!
    ❤❤❤ You’ll be amazed with the results!

  90. stephanie says

    Hi everyone! So I tried this banana mask, I smashed and smushed one banana in a ziplock bag as best as I could and I massaged it throughout my wet hair roots to tips and I put ny hair in a plain plastic bag and wrapped a hot towel around the bag, after 15 min. I rinsed it with warm water in the shower I used no shampoo for I feel it would tangle and dry out my hair because it lathers and foams up so I used my everyday conditioner and then I rinsed that out and rubbed in dep conditioner all throughout my hair however I put a handful of it in my hair and I brushed my hair while the deep conditioner was still soaking in my hair and I sectioned out my hair with the brush and brushed each section and pulled down the brushed hair with my fingers which would grelease all the banana out of my hair. This took less than 10 minutes for me but I believe you should not shampoo your hair after this treatment and brush your hair with conditioner in for you to be free of leftover banana chunks. I hope my advice helped you ladies do not be discouraged by bad reviews/experiences! However be patient ♡

  91. Renee says

    So many of you are making this WAY way way more complicated than it needs to be 🙂

    If you put the banana in a blender/food processor, you WILL NOT have sticky banana chunks in your hair afterward. You must PUREE the banana!

    I often do a banana treatment. This past week, I pureed in a food processor one banana, one avocado, and a few drops of olive oil. Shampooed first, then banana treatment, then rinse. No need for conditioner. The effects of the treatment (if you don’t wash your hair everyday… I average once or twice a week) will last you a week.

  92. Happy Hair says

    I did the banana recipe and it was AMAZING!!! My hair has never felt so good! Shiny, soft, no frizz. TIP – Use a ripe banana and put it in the blender with 1 tbsp olive oil. DO NOT MASH IT. Brush the banana puree on your dry hair with a pastry brush, put a grocery bag over your hair for 20-30 min. Shower, shampoo and conditioner as normal.

  93. Vicky says

    Please do not try this crazy banana mask it’s a hot mess. My hair was so thick and curly until I tried this crazy mash banana mask in my hair. It was horrible. My hair was one big knot and I could not get it to untangle. I lost over 50% of my hair and now my hair is so thin. I saw this at Good Morning American. I did not even know it was Dr. Oz’s idea. I will never watch his show again he is only making up stuff to get T.V. ratings. Please do not try anything he says because he is fake!!!!!

  94. Jessy Deroneth says

    I do not watch the show: or any TV as a matter of fact… Does he actually suggest to mash it? I wear a fro and have the driest hair on earth and have done banana hair mask in the past with much success so I am puzzled as to why would one mash it or allow solid pieces into their hair… I have blended my banana into a smooth liquid which came out quite well -do trust that black afro hair will NOT recover any disasters you had and would have required a buzz cut and so when, I say it was successful, it truly was. My hair was conditioned and smooth (the sugar content will do that). You can also easily buy banana powder. I am sure many natural conditionners have used bananas (I am thinking perhaps LUSH).

  95. says

    DONT TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its aweful… I got banana chunks all in my hair. And i already have damaged hair and it made it worse. I legit problably have 150 hairs left in my head. Im going to a salon to get my hair cut omg <:'( I hate you dr.oz you suck!

  96. Natalya says

    I too wasn’t smart and didn’t get the banana completely mashed up. The banana immediately stuck like glue to my hair. IF THIS HAPPENS DON’T PANIC. Wash and condition ONCE. For those of you that are getting dry and stringy hair it’s because you washed and conditioned too many times. Simply wash and condition as usual. Once you get out of they shower let it air dry so it’s no longer soaked, but do NOT let it dry completely. Comb through until you’ve gotten rid of all the tangles, then take a bristle brush and brush through very gently. I am very pleased with the results, as it has left my hair very soft and silky. There’s still tiny chunks here and there, but do not spend hours trying to get them out. You’ll damage your hair.

  97. Tecana says

    The banana treatment does work! I used ripe banana’s and I blended them in the blender….I added mayo, aloe vera juice, and honey to the banana’s…..the mix I came up with was like a yellowish puree. It did wonders for my hair!!!!

  98. a says

    I just use my vitamix to puree bananas, no problem with chunks and bits, just smooth and silky and my curly hair turned out great

  99. Rebeca says

    I tried this today and after I got out of the shower I realized I still had banana chunks in my hair but I just brushed it with a comb and after it dried I brushed it again and the chunks came out. I didn’t even condition my hair

  100. MommyofZs says

    Tried this tonight on my daughters coarse thick curly hair. Puréed thawed banana, olive oil, whole milk, honey and yogurt. I wet her hair first with a mix of cheap conditioner and water, combed it out. Then poured on the “smoothie”. I finger combed it through her hair put a plastic shower cap on her wrapped a towel around that and let it sit for 20mins. I then rinsed with warm water, shampooed lightly(one lather) and conditioned lightly although her hair felt so smooth I’m sure I could’ve skipped it. I styled as usual. Two strand twist and it looks and feels great. No frizz or dusty look, and no need for gel to give shine.

  101. Gabby says

    This worked great for me.
    I didn’t read up on other experiences until after washing out my hair. And when I went through these, I was shocked!

    I took 1 banana and a squirt of honey and blended it for about a minute. Then I coated my hair and let it sit while I caught up on some homework. When I hopped into the shower I rinsed it out, and washed as normal. There were maybe one or two tiny bits of banana left over, but very easy to pick out.
    I have VERY thick, very long hair. After drying my hair was suuuuper shiny and so easy to comb through. I don’t know why so many people had trouble, hopefully the next time I do this, it will go just as smoothly.

  102. Jolene says

    Ladies…add a tablespoon of olive oil into the banana puree!! Your hair will shine and you will not have troubles washing it out. The oil is also great for your hair and combats the stickyness of the banana 🙂

  103. says

    I was really excited to try this banana mask. When Isaw the segment it was on the Morning show and it was an asian lady who was sharing. Well i should have known, they have naturally shiney hair and usually so nicely straight. Well it was a terrible experience. I have very long naturally curly hair and I wish I looked at this thread first. It was like glue. I mushed and mashed to puree but it didnt matter. It took forever to get it out and I put conditioner at the end to make it better. My hair was stripped and it felt like straw. Even after rinsing and rinsing double conditionrr and leaving my normal conditioner in for about 20 minutes i could barely get a brush through my hair. My normal conditioner softens my hair nicely that I dont have to tear my hair out. I liyerally ripped handful after handful of hair out. I will never do this again and I do not recommend .

  104. Julie says

    Well I”m glad I read all these posts first. I was just getting ready (banana smashed and all) to have my 10 year old daughter do a hair mask and looking for the recipe, but I stumbled upon this. Boy am I glad I saw all these reviews. Looks like we’ll be leaving bananas to just eating. Thanks for the reviews!!!

  105. Valerie says

    I have been growing my hair out for a long time. I do hair masks about twice a month.I’m 15 and my hair is down to my butt; I’m here to tell you you’re probably doing it wrong.
    First of all: do no even attempt to do the banana mask if you don’t have a detachable shower head.
    Second: make sure you have a plastic bag, wide tooth comb, and a trusted conditioner.
    My mask routine:
    1) get a bowl
    2) cut half a banana
    3)now mash it, ……mash it real good……
    4) add olive oil- you cannot just put banana in your hair, it won’t spread out enough. I put about 2 and a half tsp of oil because of my hair length an thickness
    5) add egg yolk- optional, but be careful with egg; salmonella can really ruin your day. Wash your hands
    6) apply to bottom half of hair- do not put any wear near your scalp! It will clog your cuticles and its a pain in the donkey kong to get out!
    6 1/2) put the half of your hair in a ziplock baggie. Use a hair tie to tie the hair just below the ziplock.
    7) leave for 30 minutes instead of 15- really seals in the juices
    8) wash out with shampoo and conditioner with COLD water- don’t use heat at all; defeats the purpose if the mask and will make hair brittle
    9) you can’t just rinse it out, grab that shower head and put it right on your hair till all the little banana bits come out. (Keep applying conditioner if needed)
    10) get out the shower
    11) brush hair with wide tooth comb
    12) eat the other half of the banana- optional

    The reason you use a bag is because if you leave your hair out, of course it will dry and create knots. also it will oxidize. With the bag you will notice that when you take it out the hair is still as smooth as when you put it on.
    Hope this was helpful
    Sources: I’m not certified but I am a genius.

  106. vijaya says

    Success! banana hair mask did wonders for my hair- i used a REAL BANANA, no babyhood.
    You have to use and over-ripe banana, not a fresh one. ALSO, add ingredients to aid the banana substance in slipping off the hair strand to rinse clean- imy hair was so dry it wanted to bind with the banana! I used honey, baking soda, and olive oil. AND i added a fe squirts of tresemme’s new anti-breakage conditioner (sulfate free) All in all, pretty much every single banana particle rinsed clean, except for like 4 flakes which fell of in the brushing, blowdrying, straightening process. My hair felt gross and gummy when i took the towel off to blow-dry,but surprisingly that just faded away as my hair dried and it dried very shiny and thick. I will do this again…SOON.

  107. jane doe says

    helpful hint: don’t add milk instead go for aloe vera gel or juice. I have curly hair, whenever I use milk in a hair mask it turns coarse and very frizzy….so I stopped. I read somewhere milk helps straighten ur hair, but it just made my curls confused and frizz prone. the banana hair mask saved my hair; it became shiny and bouncy, the curls are amazing, and split ends gone. I think aloe and banana is the best mix ive tried…and make sure you blend. also I used a plastic grocery bag to wrap my hair, no problems rinsing out but then again the plastic kept my hair moist all night… the plastic prevents the banana chunks from gaining a strong hold on your locks. good luck.

  108. ziggy says

    I used 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 fruit from a papaya blended in a food processor with about a tbsp of jojoba oil. left it on for a half hour and rinsed. I had absolutely no problem rinsing or removing the banana from my hair and it looks shinny and beautiful now! i wish i would have used a but more oil for moisture ( i’ve definitely over oiled my have using homemade masks before…so i wanted to be safe) next time i’ll add a few tbsp of coconut oil and some honey. i highly recommend this treatment. be sure to puree until smooth and don’t let the comments freak you out!

  109. pinkylei says

    I already wrote a review about this treatment in here. It’s always been one of my favorite natural deep treatment next to avocado treatment…..I lovvvvve how silky my curls are after using this. For those complaining of it leaving your hair thin that’s becuz it losrns your curls and makes your hair much silkier in texture if Ur looking for a more heavier treatment for thin hair try this same recipe instead with avocado and an egg. I’ve never tried it with baby food but after my last experience I must!! I can go with the chunks in my hair since I don’t show my hair much but I tried this in my 8 y/o hair and a month later were still getting flakes of dried bananas hidden all ovverrr her hair! I’ve used clarifying shampoos conditioners detanglers everything and they always find themselves onto the brush in the morning! Moral to my story ..use baby food!

  110. Kim says

    I don’t have a blender at home but I figured I would get the same results by mashing the bananas as fine as I could with a fork… How wrong I was!
    My shampoo lathered up more then it usually did and when I washed it out I could see large and tiny chunks of hair still in my hair!! LOOOL. I then put globs of conditioner on my head and used my Wen comb(wide side) and started brushing. Each brush had chunks of banana stuck on my comb haha. I then took the fine tooth side and combed through my hair again. I just kept doing this until it felt like my hair was almost banana-free. I then washed out the conditioner, directing the spray onto my roots, then bringing it down the lengths.
    I still had some small chunks that I had to get out, but there definitely wasn’t a lot still stuck in my hair. I air dried my hair until it was semi-dry and used my fingers to shake out my hair and the rest of the chunks came out with ease! My hair does feel a ill drier but it is soooo shiny! Next time I’ll definitely put it through a fine mesh strainer to avoid the mess :p

  111. Mel Stevens says

    The pro naturals hair repair mask, made with real argan oil is really good hydrating the hair =)

  112. Diana says

    Bananas and a table spoon of olive oil.
    Bananas are completely amazing!
    Ofcourse if you do not smash the banana completely(as Dr.Oz mentioned) you will live a complete nightmare! But, if you follow her indications completely you will obtain amazing results. I have been trying this home made remedy for three weeks and I can honestly say that it is spectacular! My hair is not only softer and super shiny, it is also very healthy now❤️

  113. Tiffany says

    DO NOT do a banana gelatin mask. Gelatin and avocado work great. Banana will make your life feel like an never ending nightmare.

    DO NOT make a gelatin hair mask with added banana. I have been soaking my hair in conditioner and oil for DAYS–count them 17 days–trying to get this out. I have been to a salon; they can do nothing for me. ACV and oil soaks. Fresh, raw pineapple juice. Dawn. 6 different conditioners. 3 detanglers. 1 stain-remover. Moroccan oil. Avocado oil. Coconut oil. Argan oil. Jojoba oil. More hot baths and hot showers than I can count. 4 cold showers. 1 pool. 2 Jacuzzi tubs. 17 days of hell–and counting. Only a miracle will get this out.

    This was blended to the smoothest puree. Application is not a factor here. It is a chemical reaction. Everyone’s hair is different, maybe it will be fine for you, but strand test it to avoid a catastrophe. For me this is awful. Just AWFUL.

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