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By on January 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Food To Never Order

It says “The Special of the day”, but celebrity chef, Michael Symon says “don’t’ fall for it.” On today’s Dr Oz Show, Michael Symon, host of, The Chew, and restaurateur, revealed which dishes you should never order in a restaurant.

Dr Oz: Avoid The Special Of The Day

1. The Special Of The Day- The “special” part of this dish is that it contains food in the cooler that the restaurant is trying to get rid of.

Dr Oz Michael Symon

Dr Oz & Michael Symon: Restaurant Meals To Skip

You never know what you’re getting in the special, so it may be best to steer clear from it altogether. If you want a little variety, go to a restaurant that changes their menus frequently.

Dr Oz: Veal Replaced With Pork At Restaurants

2. Veal- This is another dish to avoid. Did you ever wonder how you can get such a great price on such an expensive meat? Michael reminded us that you got what you paid for. You see veal parmigiana on the menu for $9.99. Cheap right? That’s because chances are the restaurant is using pork or other proteins and top it off with a sauce and cheese and you ain’t gonna know what it is!

Dr Oz: Avoid All You Can Eat Deals

3. The “All You Can Eat” Deal- (my heart just broke!) According to Michael, the quality of the all you can eat protein is subpar and filled with antibiotics and hormones. Think about it, the restaurant is in business to make money, so why would they offer you all you can eat on expensive proteins? Michael suggested loading up on those food items that are cheaper costs for the restaurant, such as pastas and grains because the restaurant can afford to have you eat a lot of those.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Meals You Should Never Order | Daily Specials & All-You-Can-Eat

  1. Thomas Prier says:

    After viewing many of your shows about dieting, and life style changes, it seemed the best way to go was with a life style change. I started on the 4th of July weekend, and since have lost 53 pounds by doing what I thought was the best of both worlds. I ate the food I liked and stopped eating the foods that I knew were bad choices to eat. My staple has been Chicken and pork. I also eat many vegtables and fruit. Once in awhile I will treat myself to a baked potato. I walk three times a week, four miles at a time. My time has been reduced to just under 1 hour. My body feels great, my self esteem has increased, and I feel good about myself. I am currently at 206 pounds and want to get down to 185 pounds. I’m 5’9″ tall and am 60 years old. No particular diet, just a combination of diets.

  2. Lorrin BIrd says:


    Good for you.

    I’ve lost 40 pounds over the last year, eat oatmeal or buckwheat each morning the following items mixed in after heating: raisins, peanut butter, chia seeds, honey, almond milk, agave nectar and sunflower seeds. Plus a cup of tea, FIRST FOR WOMEN magazine had an article on December 12, 2011 where certain combinations of food reduced body fat big time. The breakfast combo I eat appears to include all three groups, which I came upon accidentally.

    I’am 62 and 6’1″.

    So it appears that a combination of diets is the key. The magazine article noted that combining the three food nutrients was many, many times more effective than each individually.

    We don’t eat out at restaurants much.

  3. Sarah Gowe says:

    You shouldn’t never eat veal period! At the very least read up on how they make veal as it is a very controversial process. I could never eat veal and feel OK about it.

  4. JoAnn Remak says:

    Yes, veal and pork and even red meat is not healthy but the worst is fast foods and all you can eat out buffets my husband likes all the above and I tell him its not healthy, but he never gains weight if I did I would look like a house with no curtains. Is there a miracle pill to suppress your appetite???

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