Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana for MS, Cancer, HIV & Chronic Pain


Dr Oz Medical Marijuana

Dr Oz: Is Marijuana Addictive?

Doctor Oz’s Show on Medical Marijuana discussed just how addictive it is or is not.  Dr Shahla Modir, a Psychiatrist against Medical Marijuana from the Summit Malibu Treatment Center, said that since Medical Marijuana has been legalized in California, 40% of her addicted patients have a Medical Marijuana Card.  She said that an addict can get a card easily because there aren’t restrictions on who can and cannot use Medical Marijuana.  Since California has cast such a wide net, rather than saying only patients with HIV or Neuropathy can have a Medical Marijuana Card, any physician who decides a patients could be treated with Marijuana can get it.  This means people with PMS, Depression and Anxiety are getting Medical Marijuana Cards, and Dr Modir said that Marijuana only enhances Anxiety and makes it even worse.  Also, here are links to recaps of all of the segments that Dr Oz did on Medical Marijuana today:

Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana Card

Doctor Oz said that he feels that it might make sense to give people with the following conditions a Medical Marijuana Dr Oz MarijuanaCard:


  1. says

    back in the 70’s i smoke pot,it helped me sleep.never tried cocaine,do not want it! never tried herion,do not want it! in the 80’s i tried pot for pain,it helps me sleep,which was good i did’nt sleep well becaue of pain.2005 i tried pot again for severe knee/neck/back problems. it helps me sleep thats all,i lost a job of 11+ years because of health problems,pot does effect my prostate for some reason? so i don’t use pot,so many doctors 10 or so can’t help,mri’s, cat scans, x-ray’s, u name it iv’e tried it,pot helps me sleep that’s all.no hang over or anything,let montle use his pot.it helps people in other ways.it’s not addicting either,ive’ tired it in 3 different decades.i sleep well with it,but don’t use it cause u have to smoke it,i don’t like smokeing,it’s bad for your lungs.SO????

  2. says

    Max reminds me of our Iowa Senator Chas Grassley. Mr. G., the head of the federal Narcotics Control Admin in the senate, has repeatedly told me over the years, of his 16,000 studies that support his rabid opinion against allowing me something that could reduce my intake of percocet. It would appear he is also in favor punishing of a non narcotic cannabis users like myself by jailing me and cutting by my meds in there along with stripping me of my disability. I can’t even put on shoes right I am in so much back pain. Do these ultra opinionated interfering people think I am just going to snap out of it? They need to do what Montel told them to do concerning doctor patient control… they need to stay OUT of my doctors office and OUT of my life let alone destroy us. Mercy is wiser than the wisdom of these people! Let them have Mercy on me! Max, you should debate me. You might come away a kinder man if you would realize we medical marijuana users are not monsters.

  3. michael says

    Hey Dr. Oz i am writing to you to tell you and all the people out there that believe that medicinal marijuana is a good thing you are right if given for the right reason . I suffer from several chronic pain causing conditions such as fibro-myalgia , plantar fascitis , and osteo arthritis i cant work anymore and the government keeps refusing me disability stating that my doctors diagnoses is not good enough i have to go to one of their doctors or they wont give it to me . Here’s where it gets interesting my nephew was diagnosed with mental problems and he went to not one , not two , but three of their doctors until one said there was nothing wrong with him after two of their own doctors told them he was qualified plus his own doctor . So my point being if the government doesn’t want to give individuals what they have worked for all their lives then legalize it all over the country and more people would be able to return to work and not need the disability the government doesn’t want to pay . I would rather work i’ve worked 34 of my 47 years on this earth and i would rather work than rely on anybody else , so sadly to do so i have to move my family to a state where i can get it to help manage my pain and work a job and that is not right . When they say it is addictive thats bull it’s all in the users mind if they think they are addicted then gee i guess they would be but i have friends that say they would rather not use it but they have to so what does the people that are against it say to them don’t use it and draw disabiliy checks , ha thats a joke they know better than that what i want is the ability to go back to work and not have to leave my home , so i hope this helps people understand alot of people dont want to use it but have to are you gonna tell someone with a bad heart to not do what is best for them not to take their medicine i think not , so lets open some minds and eyes to the truth thank you . P. S. my wife is a huge fan .

  4. wende campanile says

    I am the Wende that spoke with Dr OZ about my seizures..here’s the thing..my answer was edited and cut up..my actual answer to the addiction question was that I was not concerned with addiction because
    “since the first recorded use of marijuana in 2525 BC not one person has died or OD’d from it” they did not air that.. it needed to be heard..I don’t understand as it is a factual, extremely important truth!!

  5. says

    After smoking pot recreationally (long ago) and now using it medicinally, I realize people think its a much harsher drug than it really is. It is probably safer than codeine or vicodin. By the way, as a pot smoker- I am proud to report that I have never tried heroin, crack, crack cocaine, cocaine, or any of the other drugs listed in the article. I’m not saying that their science is wrong- I’m saying that perhaps their science is backwards. Maybe drug addicts smoke pot, but that does not make a put smoker a drug addict.

  6. says

    I’m 39 yrs old and have been an HIV/AIDS for 5 yrs now.I believe medicinal marijuana because I use it everyday of my life to help me eat and not bew sick because I get nausea.I also have my card from Health Canada.I’m happy it hlps me get through everyday of my life to get me through.

  7. Karen Redding says

    I watched the program on medical marijuana this morning. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and sudsequently prescribed vicodin (didn’t help- the side effects were not worth the risk as there seemed to be no benefit at all- it didn’t lessen the pain at all nor didi it provide me with much needed sleep) Then I was prescribed Lyrica- The side effects and the risks associated with this drug are so bad that I would rather hurt than take it!!! Given the fact that WITH Lyrica (yes it DOES take the edge off of the horrible and debilitating pain I experience almost constantly- But…) I still CANNOT function because it makes me profoundly STONED all day and if I miss even one dose I experience withdrawal symptoms. And it does absolutely NOTHING for the disabling exhaustion I feel all the time, if anything it makes it more pronounced. So- I have begun to use marijuana to see if it will help, and it does seem to. A plus is that on my “good days” I do not have to take or use it in order to avoid withdrawal like I do with Lyrica. Given a choice I find that marijuana is a much more acceptable choice when all the side effects and risks are compared.

  8. tory g says

    I am 22yrs old I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I have tried everything to ease the pain without taking narcotics but, lately I’ve found that the pain is getting worse. What I want to know is would medicinal marijuana help me? also would I qualify?

  9. jb says

    I’m with Tory. I have had planetary fasciitis for over a year and the cortisone shots are no longer working. My biggest issue is that I tried smoking marijuana and found I was allergic. Would cannibis oil applied tropically ease my pain without triggering my allergy?

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