Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana Laws Stimulate The Economy?


Dr Oz Medical Marijuana

Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana Tax

Doctor Oz’s show on Medical Marijuana spoke about the implication for states where they have legalized Medical Marijuana.  Dr Oz asked Allen St Pierre, the Executive Director of the National Organization For The Reform of Marijuana Laws, if it is fair to say that states are bailing out their budgets on the ability to tax Medical Marijuana.  Allen St. Pierre said that four states tax Medical Cannibis: Oregon, Colorado, Rhode Island and Maine.  But Dr Oz asked the bigger question – could this be a reason why the legalization of Medical Marijuana grows?  With our economic issues over the past several years, states are certainly attracted tot the idea of extra revenue.  Also, here are links to recaps of all of the segments that Dr Oz did on Medical Marijuana today:

Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana California Policy Problems

Dr Oz asked if they have gone too far in California, because it is very easy to get it there.  Each state after California who Dr Oz Medical Marijuanahas legalized Medical Marijuana has made it tougher and more restrictive to get a Medical Marijuana Card.  New Jersey is the antithesis of California, where it is currently virtually impossible to get Medical Marijuana.  But the bottom line is that no state has copied what California has done, so perhaps they should consider changing their policies.


  1. says

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of difficult-to-control conditions, including: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections and neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrated neuroprotective effects, and its anti-cancer potential is currently being explored at several academic research centers in the U.S. and other countries.

    Ecologically – Economically – Medically – Philosophically and Scientifically – The evidence is in and we as a country need to abolish prohibition alltogether. The “Great American Con Job” known as the “War on Drugs” needs to end.

  2. Bob Dobbs says

    This Barthwell woman was left without anything to say a couple times as the more-informed Dr. Abrams and Allen St. Pierre of NORML kind of pinned her to the wall with certain facts .
    When asked why cigarettes that are much more addictive and un-healthy were illegal and why marijuana was not , she just arrogantly tiffed “because it is”. DUH .
    Also the concept that cannabis can only be smoked is what a lot of that supposedly-concerned crowd hangs on when as Dr Abrams mentioned – it is more nowdays, vaporized or taken by mouth in food or medicinal tincture with even profoundly better results .
    Of course, smoking it isn’t terribly healthy … No argument from me, there … (or anyone who knows.)
    I’d wish Dr. Oz had elaborated more specifically on why he thinks cannabis is “darn addicting” (it’s not) rather than rush through that outro segment (maybe Montel shouldn’t have interupted !) It’s no more addicting than the aspirin or tylenol that you take for you headache/hangover or bum knee … and MUCH less addicting than that hot steaming cup of coffee that you rely on, every morning in order to get woken up and going with your day … and furthermore — NOWHERE as addicting as the alcohol that so many people the world-wide rely on after work / whenever to relax / de-stress and plain old get drunk and rowdy … Alcohol is the REAL drug-problem in the United States and elsewhere — check the facts and you’ll see that I am 100% correct on that …
    Happy to see Dr. Oz give this subject some time on his show . He is good at quickly conveying health and medical information on his show with the visual aids and props and so on . Did anyone notice how charged this particular show as and how charged Dr. Oz was ?! That was great to see him so passionate !!! (wink wink he loves this topic, obviously ! )

  3. says

    I think Dr. Oz needs to learn a lot more about cannabis before he speaks about it. To say that it is addictive when it’s not is ridiculous. Would it be better to stay on opiates for pain relief? Now that’s addictive, not to mention they kill people. Has Cannabis killed anyone? NO!!! To say not to use if for stress and anxiety is laughable. Don’t people drink copious amounts of alcohol for stress and anxiety. Cannabis doesn’t do any of the harm that alcohol and opiates do. It really bothers me to have these types of shows on network television where doctors voice opinions about a subject they clearly no nothing about. Dr. Abrams was the only one on the show that had a true knowledge of the subject.

  4. aspie says

    As someone with high functioning autism, anxiety is one of my main problems. Marijuana is being studied as a possible “treatment” in autistic disorders. For Dr Oz to dismiss the benefits for anxiety means that I will have to rely on real addictive medications (e.g. Xanax). Marijuana is not additive and Dr Oz should be taken to task for it since that has been refuted in repeated studies. He also said that it was a “gateway drug” which has been repeatedly used to justify it being a scheduled drug. I support getting the government out of our lives and let us make our own decisions. The harm caused by the “war on drugs” far outweighs any “benefits”. It doesn’t work, costs a huge amount of money and increases crime as did prohibition in the 1920’s. If we only allow it on a prescription basis, then it will still be used “off label” as a recreational drug … you cannot stop human nature.

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