Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana Safety & Impact on Teens


Dr Oz Medical Marijuana

Dr Oz: Marijuana Pros & Cons

Doctor Oz’s show on Medical Marijuana spoke about the potential pros and cons of legalizing Medical Marijuana.  Who should be getting Medical Marijuana, if anyone?  Dr Donald Abrams, a Marijuana Researcher and Oncologist, joined Dr Oz because for the past 30 years he has recommended Medical Marijuana for his Cancer Patients.  Dr Andrea Barthwell, the Former Director of the White House National Drug Control Policy, was on the opposite side and against the legalization of Medical Marijuana.  Also, here are links to recaps of all of the segments that Dr Oz did on Medical Marijuana today:

Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana Dangers

Dr Andrea Barthwell told Dr Oz that she is concerned and hopes that people like Montel Williams can find relief, but that Dr Oz Medical Marijuanahas done a complete review of all of the research, including the studies that Montel spoke about, and her conclusion is 3-fold:


  1. Diana says

    So here is the big question: should Medical Marijuana be on that list? Chime in with your opinion by leaving a comment below!


  2. Brian Grimmer says

    No, it should not because a handful of any of those pharmaceutical pills could be a fatal overdose, one cannot overdose on cannabis.

    Pain is a cause of depression and depression can be fatal. The era of Reefer Madness has passed.

    We agree that we don’t want kids using it. Yet we feel the same way about alcohol and every fall there is a case or two of collegiate alcohol poisoning by underage students.

    Last point, Portugal decriminalized ALL drug use – while there was a short-lived spike in usage as those who avoided for fear of the law tried something, after time usage dropped significantly below use during prohibition.

  3. says

    As I told the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, “The negative side effect of marijuana is Your fear.” It would seem that medical science is going to prevail yet it being that they voted unanimously to recomend Iowa allow medical marijuana as schedule two. I want marijuana at schedule “carrot” myself. As I also told the IBoP, “100 people died of white potatoe overdose last year.” Millions of Americans besides myself are high on pot right now. Where are all the auto deaths? where the emergency room admits? where the marijuana crazies murdering all the helpless white women? They don’t exist is where. Iowa is carefully preparing to exhaust all remiedies and perform reschedule to 2, a medical status. We will have Zero access at this time. We will then proceed to get the state atny general to sue the DEA in our Iowa name and order the DEA to reschedule marijuana and this will be a different, more healed on, world. The rift between the federal government and the states is bad for this nation! We have 15 states in open rebellion to the federal government. The cannabis terrorism by the self serving government agencies and administrators must have a stop and it will have a stop. The cops have contacted my ex asking her if she wanted them to “talk” to me because they found some perfectly legal garbage of mine in her trash can. This is KGB grade filth, I don’t give a damn if the supreme court says it’s legal to do. BTW, she said, “No.”

  4. Brandon Prazmowski says

    Marijuana isn’t addictive . It is abused and misused by people who aren’t responsible . You cannot overdose on it either , and it is a lot better than any of the drugs listed . Anyone who “thinks” they’re addicted needs a reality check . Ive been smoking for 3 years to help with my seizure disorder and other small issues . I stopped for periods of time just to see , and never once had a craving for it , but went back because of the seizures . In fact , everyone I know who smokes has done the same , and some stopped for good . No withdrawal or anything .

  5. charmaine aube says

    I wish everyone would watch the Documentary”The Downside of Getting High” presented by Canada’s esteemed and award winning scientist Dr David Suzuki.
    I was watching it on television while my husband was trying to get my son into a hospital for his alcohol and drug addiction (Marijuana was his first drug of choice”. He had developed a psychosis which is becoming more and more common in our youth as they smoke more and more believing it is not harmful.After all alcohol is legal so why not marijuana
    You may not be addictided now but are you willing to take the chance.As in alcohol once that genetic addictive gene is triggered , today or years from now ,why take a chance. You are all playing Russia Roulette.
    You are altering your brain chemistry and one day there may be no going back

    To make a long story short we have now had to cut our son off and let him fend for himself. He is very sick but the bleeding hearts for freedom of rights has let the Mental Health Act give a mentally ill person the right to choose whether he wants help or not even though 3 MD.s certified him in need of treatment. How insane is that!!!

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