Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana: Which States Marijuana Is Legal In


Dr Oz Medical Marijuana

Dr Oz: Where Medical Marijuana is Legal

Doctor Oz’s Show on Medical Marijuana covered one of the hottest debates in America – should buying Medical Marijuana be as simple as flashing a license?  Some people ask how can Marijuana already be legal in 15 states, and others wonder why it is not legal everywhere yet.  Dr Oz brought onto his show a whole bunch of people with differing opinions: from the doctors who prescribe Medical Marijuana, to people who use it, to people who claim it is dangerous to your health and mind.  Also, here are links to recaps of all of the segments that Dr Oz did on Medical Marijuana today:

Dr Oz: Medical Marijuana History

Doctor Oz said that Medical Marijuana goes back 200 years.  Until the late 1930’s, it was sold in pharmacies to treat Dr Oz Medical Marijuanapain, inflammation and muscle spasms.  In the 1970’s, the United States government created The Controlled Substances Act which classified Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Narcotic, and Cannabis (the medical term for Marijuana) was considered a harmful drug that was not acceptable for any form of medical use.  Over the last two decades, doctors and patients have challenged this classification and have said that Medical Marijuana can help people with pain from Cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Arthritis and Glaucoma.

Dr Oz: States Medical Marijuana Is Legal In

Doctor Oz said that the following places have legalized Medical Marijuana:


  1. Karen Sands says

    It does not matter what state pot is legal in or not. It is in every state now; it’s world wide & goes back to Biblical Times. Marijuana was grown in this nation before corn. I am 54 years old. I started smoking at 16 & became addicted to cigerrettes not pot. I also have fybromyalgia; I have strong chemical drugs for pain which don’t really work. When the pain is so bad I cannot move, I can take 5 puffs & I am able to move without pain. I am so sick of all the big mouth, empty headed people who think that if something is wrong for a few people just punish all people. Legal or not marijuana is every where, wiskey, crime, mafia, dirty polatics. Why don’t these busy bodies put their energy into high unemployment, several wars & what to do about China owning us.

  2. says

    I have Parkinson’s Disease, therefore rigidity and slowness of movement are prevalent.
    Weed (in cookie or inhalable form) breaks the rigidity – I have even been able to dance !

    Hooray for you Dr Oz, for having the guts to bring it to the attention of America and I applaud Montel for his courage.

    I just turned 60, and am folowing a nutritional, sleep, exercise and “Sinemet regimen – and after 11 years am still fighting the progression well. Weed is a small part of the regimen but
    critical when I have an an unusually bad day.

  3. Deb Schrowang says

    My son lost his leg below the knee and fractured his pelvis (they didn’t plate it) in addition to other problems from the accident. Anyone who thinks that you get a prosthetic leg and just “get on with life” is wishing the best for that person but it simply isn’t the truth for many amputees!! He is in pain a good deal of the time via ingrown hairs, ill fitting prosthesis, lingering pain in his pelvic area and a horrible time sleeping! Legalize marijuana! Pain killers in pill-form are looked upon as no big deal in the USA! It’s ridiculous at this point to not legalize!

  4. says

    I have PTSD from 2 previous tours in Afghanistan (currently on my 3rd here). I have been looking at various mediciations to help with my insomnia, anxiety and depression that isn’t addictive or create side effects. This I believe would be the best method (and the cheapest) instead of dishing out 100’s of dollars for perscriptions to go with something natural.

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