Dr. Oz: Medicine Cabinet Makeover- Allergies, Cramps & Migraines


Doctor Oz did a show on natural cures for allergies, cramps and migraines using nature’s medicine.  The game was called “Medicine Cabinet Makeover.”  When we are sick or in a pain, the first place we turn is to the medicine cabinet.  But now we have 3 all natural alternatives to conventional cures – Home Remedies are the best!

Each contestant had to pick which of the following items they thought would be best for allergies, cramps and migraines: Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Fish Oil Supplements, Vitamin C Tablets, Chaste Tree Berry Supplements, Feverfew Extract, or Ginger Root Caplets.  What do you think are the natural home remedies for allergies, cramps and migraines?

Natural Cure for Allergies:

Normally, people use nasal sprays for decongestants when their allergies get bad.  Dr. Oz said if you add a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to some water, dip a cloth in it, and inhale the fragrance. The scent of Eucalyptus Essential Oil opens up your nasal passages, so make sure to get the scent into your nose!

Natural Cure for Cramps:

When women get cramps, they reach for their extra strength Over-The-Counter pain killers.  Instead, try Chaste Tree Berry Supplements, which come from the chaste tree.  Chaste Tree Berry Supplements are great for PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps and bloating!

Natural Cure for Migraines:

The conventional cure for migraines is acetaminophen.  Next time you get a headache or migraine though, reach for the Feverfew Extract.  Dr. Oz said that Feverfew Extract comes from the sunflower family and helps to change the serotonin levels in our bodies, plus it inhibits the chemicals that make migraines and reduces the “inflammatory cascades” in our brain that get irritated during migraines.  Try mixing a few drops of Feverfew Extract into a glass of orange juice to cut through the bitter flavor.  Or you can use Feverfew Capsules to avoid the flavor altogether.

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