Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet + Dash Diet + TLC Diet = SuperDiet


Dr Oz SuperDiet

In this segment, Dr Oz targeted the biggest threats to your health by combining 3 of the top diets on the market today to create The Dr Oz SuperDiet. To create his diet of all diets, Dr Oz analyzed the best tips from The Dash Diet, The TLC Diet and The Mediterranean Diet, which Dr Oz says is one of his favorite plans.

Dr Oz Super Diet Components

-The Dash Diet helps to lower and even prevents high blood pressure.



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    I’ve been doing a form of Dr. Atkins and doing really well!!Have lost 50 pounds since October 2011.Have 60 more to go,but,know I can!!Eating healthy,too!Been enjoying a plate of grilled veggies (red and green cabbage strips,sliced mushrooms,onion strips,red and green pepper strips,and sugar pea pods)and some thinly sliced chicken strips or beef strips for lunch lots of days,followed by different flavors of diet Jello,w/a bit of sugar free whipped cream,and a sprinkiling of peanuts!MMM!Also been doing eggs and mushroom and cheese omelets!MMM

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