Dr Oz Melatonin Dosage 1 mg: How Much Melatonin is Dangerous?

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Dr Oz Melatonin Dosage 1 mg: How Much Melatonin is Dangerous?

By on September 25, 2012

Dr Oz: 1 mg Melatonin Dosage

Melatonin is a popular over the counter sleep product, but could it actually be destroying your sleep?  Yes, there are Melatonin Dangers that you have to be aware of.  Dr Oz and his audience learned some surprising facts that most people don’t know about this product. Find out the safe Melatonin dosage and other usage guidelines.  Plus, learn how to do PMR Exercises to get a good night’s sleep safely and naturally!

Audience guest April told Dr Oz and Dr Michael Breus that she had been taking Melatonin for about a year as a solution to her sleeplessness and anxiety. She said it doesn’t work very well, but she figured it was better than nothing.

Dr Oz: Melatonin Dosage Guidelines

Dr Oz had Dr Breus look at the supplement April has been using, and they discovered that April wasn’t taking the dosage she thought she was. April took two pills at bedtime and one pill when she woke up in the middle of the night.

“She was taking…approximately 9 mg of Melatonin, and that’s nine times the recommended daily dosage of Melatonin,” Dr Breus said. According to the show and Dr Breus, a Melatonin dosage higher than 1 mg could be dangerous for your sleep health.

Dr Oz: Is Melatonin Right For Me? Is It Safe For Kids? Melatonin Dosage

Dr Oz shared the Melatonin Dosage guidelines that you didn’t know you were violating; find out if the supplement is right for kids & adults.

This overdose could be to blame for some of April’s severe side effects. For patients who actually needed Melatonin, they would only be recommended about 1 mg. April was alarmed by the news, because she assumed the product was safe and natural. “I didn’t think I could take too much,” she said.

Some women in the audience took more than April did, while others took at least 5 mg nightly. Most of the audience takes at least 2 mg, which is twice the daily dosage.

Dr Oz: Melatonin Overdose

Lisa said she has been using Melatonin about three years, and alternates between a 3 mg and 5 mg dosage, depending on how tired she is at bedtime. She said she was really upset to find out she has been overdosing for years. “I started taking it ‘cause I thought it was safe,” she said, echoing Lisa’s statement. She kept thinking if she continued to take it, it would eventually be useful.

Dr Oz: Melatonin Marketing Deceptive?

Why are so many people misusing this product? Dr Breus pointed the finger at marketers, who positioned the supplement as a natural sleeping pill. “Melatonin is a sleep regulator. It just changes your body clock. It doesn’t actually initiate sleep,” he said.

Those who are using Melatonin to knock themselves out and go to sleep are going to be disappointed, because it can’t do that. Dr Breus also suggested that emerging research is making the picture of Melatonin more clear. He said since it’s a hormone, it’s not the same as adding a vitamin or mineral to your diet, and it’s something you may want to consult your doctor about.

Who Benefits from Melatonin?

The best candidates for using Melatonin are shift workers, who are working overnight jobs and need to get sleep in the morning (1/2 to 1 mg Melatonin 90 minutes before going to sleep). He also suggested a dosage to combat jet lag. Dr Oz said you should never take it for more than two weeks.

Is Melatonin Safe For Kids?

Dr Breus said that it’s alarming that pediatricians sometimes recommend the supplement to kids and children. “Nothing could be worse than giving a child Melatonin at this point, because we don’t know what could happen,” he said.

Dr Oz: Melatonin Dosage for Elderly Patients

With aging, the body’s pineal gland produces less Melatonin. He suggested that aging adults over 60 who want to use Melatonin try a two-week dosage of 1/3 to 1/2 mg Melatonin. But again, Dr Breus suggested consulting your doctor about making this change permanent.

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  1. Why is 3mg of melatonin dangerous. What does it do and what will it do?

  2. Cheyenne says:

    I’ve been taking a combination of 3-5mg of melatonin and 300Mg of gabapentin…is that dangerouss??

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