Dr Oz: Memory Test & Muscle Strength: Is Your Body Aging Too Fast?


Dr Oz: Is Your Body Aging Too Fast?

The Body Aging test was not a written test.  Instead, Dr. Oz had several audience members come to the stage for a muscle strength test.  Each person had 3 pickle jars in front of them.  They had 10 seconds to open up as many of the jars as they could.  Dr Oz says that if the body will not allow you to open up a pickle jar, it means your body is aging too fast.  Opening a jar is a simple reflection on muscle strength.

Dr Oz: Muscle Strength

Most audience members got at least one pickle jar opened while one person did not get any of the jars opened.  When Dr Oz asked her why she couldn’t open at least one, she stated that it was her husband’s job to open the Dr Oz 5 Quizesjars. If he wasn’t there to do it, the jar wasn’t being opened.  Dr Oz grabbed the jar and proceeded to open it for her.  He couldn’t.  He tried again.  He couldn’t.  (Eventually, he got the jar open but it was hilarious watching him try.)



  1. Orlanda Furiosa says

    Haven’t you heard that too many vitamins are extremely harmful? All you do is tell us what to buy: one vitamin and supplement after the other. Why don’t you do a show about the new information? How can you be so incredibly misinformed? It is scandalous.

  2. Julie M says

    It’s been four days after you “Memory Test” show where Dr. Oz showed Denise 10 items for her to remember. She got 7 out of 10 and Dr. Oz said that was average. I was in the kitchen tonight and thought about that show. I did not write anything down but this is what I remember.
    Eggs, Carrots, Milk, Chocolate, Bread, Rice, Squash, Broccoli, Crackers & Bacon.

    Did I get them right. I’m just testing my memory.
    I tried to find the ten items he brought out and showed her but I can’t find that on any of the websites.

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