Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters After 40 Years Old: Dr Ann Kulze

Doctor Oz did a segment on why women over 40 cannot lose weight, plus he gave advice for how to stop the metabolism meltdown.  When you reach 40, your body slows down, including your metabolism, and your belly gets bigger while your weight climbs higher.  Your metabolism is what turns food into fuel, and after you turn 40 you have a metabolic slowdown where your metabolism will decrease by 5% every ten years.  This means that you will need less food and fewer calories to maintain the exact same weight that you were before.  Dr Oz brought 40 women who just turned 40 years old onto the Dr Oz Show to ask their pressing questions.

After 40 Metabolism Boosters

Dr was joined by Dr Ann Kulze to answer the following questions about metabolism.Dr Oz After 40 Metabolism Boosters

1.        Why Am I Getting Fat in New Places?

Dr Oz said that after 40, you start to gain fat in new places because your mitochondria, the fat burning power plants in your body, slow down and some shut down altogether.  If you can shave back on 100 calories a day and use your muscles, you can help build more mitochondria.  So how can you cut back on 100 calories each day?  Just do one of the following: take the skin off of chicken before you eat it, replace whole milk with skim milk, replace mayonnaise with mustard, or remove the cheese from your burger.

2.       Why Am I So Much Hungrier Now Than Ever Before?

Dr Oz said that after 40, you become much hungrier because as your estrogen goes down, your hunger goes up.  When your ovaries stop working like how they used to, the estrogen in your body goes down.  Your body wants its estrogen and so looks for alternatives, such as making you hungry to boost your fat cells which boost your estrogen.  In your 20’s, your omentum is transparent and you can see through it, but by your 40’s the omentum is often thick and not transparent.  You can combat fat by exercising more and eating less, this we all know.  But Dr Oz also said that eating fiber is a great way to get off your extra weight.  You won’t feel like you are trying to diet, but you will naturally eat less food because the water and fiber will fill up your stomach.  Aim for 25 grams of fiber a day, which means eating 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of brown rice and a bowl of raspberries each day, for example.

3.       Why Can’t I Lose A Pound?

Dr Oz said that women over 40 have a loss of muscles mass, because as your testosterone levels drop your muscle mass is lost as well since testosterone helps to build muscles.  If you do not use your muscles, you will lose them.  Muscles burn three times more calories than fat cells.  Dr Oz said that you lose muscles mass first where you have the most surface area.  So your back and shoulder area is one place you will lose a lot of muscles.  To combat this, do the “plank” exercise where you lay on your belly and push yourself up onto your forearms while keeping your back perfectly straight – do this during commercial breaks!  Dr Oz said another area of muscles loss is in your thighs, so do squats, which are similar to the same motion as sitting down on a toilet almost, but stick your butt out and keep your back perfectly straight.



    You genuinely seem to care.
    The information you give out is really useful to so many people.
    I am so inspired.
    Love to hear and see so many of your demonstrations and tips.
    Thank you to the staff and producers, researchers.
    Thank you to Dr. Oz for taking the time with us.
    I am an overweight vegetarian. No excuse. I love ice water, tip of yours. Love beans, tip of yours. Enjoy the simple explanations example above squat info.
    I now take FLAXSEED OIL capsules daily in addition to trying to eat healthy.
    High in nutrition, lowest in calories is my mantra.
    Having been a vegetarian since I was ten, now 57, I could not take fish oil. THE FLAX SEED story you told about your daughter was like a lightbulb going off. Many of your comments hit home.
    Thank you. Thank you. Every small goal and change I make is one more victory.
    Thank you to the brave men and women who go on and share their struggles. (I would not be so brave) Love the little games and demos you have. (You need better prizes for games thoguh, ha.
    How about books on cooking or nutrition?
    You are changing lives. You are saving lives. My grandchildren will have me around longer.

  2. Angelina Macko says

    Why did I not lose any weight and followed Dr. Ann Kulze’s diet. It is getting me depressed.
    I do feel better but the weight has not come off.

  3. Margo Orr says

    I have tried to cancel my free 30 trial of “Metabolism Fuel” for several days.
    If I call the phone # listed on my order form, no one answers no matter which
    option I choose. I am now requesting that you cancel my order #META00003355
    as of today 03/08/2013.

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