Dr Oz: Metatarsal Pads for High Heels & Night Sweats for Men

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Dr Oz: Metatarsal Pads for High Heels & Night Sweats for Men

By on January 6, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment on Trading Places to Understand Your Spouse.  In order to get two men to better understand their women, Doctor Oz put the men into their women’s shoes – literally!  Whether you complain to your husband about aches and pains from high heels or night sweats from Menopause, this was a very funny segment to watch.

Dr Oz: Night Sweat Suit for Men

Dr Oz’s first guest said that she has been getting Night Sweats for the past year and a half.  She wakes up Dr Oz Flaxseed for Night Sweatsevery morning in sheets that are totally drenched from sweat, but her husband just does not understand.  Dr Oz said that fluctuating estrogen levels from Menopause cause Night Sweats.  To give her husband a little taste of what his wife is going through, Dr Oz put him in a special Hot Flash Suit and tucked him into bed with a heated blanket underneath him.  Dr Oz said that some women with hot flashes have found that flaxseed helps to stimulate their estrogen receptors and to minimize their hot flashes.  Dr Oz suggested that husbands give their wife a massage to help them cope with their Night Sweats and that they should try to be more sensitive to this issue.

Dr Oz: High Heel Pain & Metatarsal Pads

Dr Oz’s next guest said that, half way through a party, her feet begin to hurt from wearing high heels, so she wants to take them off as soon as she gets to the car and at home.  However, her husband wants them on at home because he finds it attractive.  Dr Oz had a bright pink pair of high heels in a man’s size 12 so that her husband could get a taste of what it feels like.  Suffice it to say that he looked like he was really struggling to just walk.  Dr Oz said that the metatarsal foot bones can hurt from high heels, which causes pains in the balls of your feet.  The man in pink high heels said that he mainly felt like he was getting a workout for his calves.  Dr Oz said that you can also get knee pain or Achilles Tendon pain from high heels.  One solution that Dr Oz gave was to use little inserts in your high heels called Metatarsal Pads that help relieve pain in the balls of your feet.

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