Dr. Oz: Midlife Puberty, Women’s Second Puberty


Are you over 40?  Is your skin and hair changing?  Dr. Oz calls this a woman’s midlife puberty or second puberty.  So how does Dr. Oz suggest women can regain control from their hormones during this midlife puberty (similar to menopause)?

Midlife Puberty Skin Changes:

Patty from Stamford was the helper and filled a syringe with water (like a baster), and then slowly deposited the water along the edge of a sponge (one of those sponges that are small, but grow when you put them in a cup of water).  What happened as Patty exposed the edge of the sponge to water is that it puffed out and became more “spongy” – this is what estrogen does for our skin.  Collagen is naturally thickened and made more elastic by estrogen.  So as the estrogen levels go down during midlife puberty, your skin becomes more dry, thin and wrinkled.  Have no fear though, Dr. Oz says that using a moisturizer with retinol in it is a fabulous substitute for estrogen’s role in youthful looking skin!

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