Dr Oz: Minerals for Memory: Magnesium, Iron & White Beans


Dr Oz played one of his least favorite games today called Drench The Doc, where two contestants answer questions and win balls to throw at a target that can release a balloon full of water on top of Doctor Oz’s head.  Do you ever forget where you put your keys?  Is your memory getting worse and worse?  Dr Oz spoke about some vital minerals to boost your memory!

Dr Oz: Magnesium for Memory

Dr Oz’s first question was: Which mineral improves both short term and long term memory?  Potassium or magnesium?  Dr Oz said Dr Oz Memory Mineralsthat magnesium helps with both short term and long term memory.  You can take a magnesium supplement or get it naturally in foods like halibut and nuts.

Dr Oz: Memory of Words

Dr Oz next gave the ladies a list of words to remember.  He told them that it may help them to remember the words if they make a sentence out of it.  Then Dr Oz went on to the next question, before returning to this part of the game where the ladies had to write down as many words from the list as they could remember.  Below is the list of words given to the contestants … finish reading the rest of this article and then see how many of the words from this list you can remember:


  1. dianna Gower says

    I was looking for the daily dosage of magnesium and calcium to help with memory. I always had trouble with remembering but my short term memory has been even worse since I was in a car accident October 2009. One injury of the accident was the second neck vertabrae in my head( having a complete fracture across. I am blessed that I am doing really great compared to what could be. I am hoping the memory will improve with time.I still have a lot of thickness feeling at times< in the back of my head.I am only 53 yrs.old. Thank you

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