Dr Oz: Mini Carrot Cupcake Recipe Only 50 Calories Each!


Dr Oz: Carrot Cupcake Recipe

Dr Oz’s Best Of The Best Show included a delicious recipe from TLC’s DC Cupcake Girls.  It is hard to believe, but each of their Mini Carrot Cupcakes has only 50 calories … that means you can even have two desserts for 100 calories!  The DC Cupcake Girls bake over 10,000 cupcakes every day and ship them all across America.  They traded in their more “conventional” jobs to start Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington D.C. and now they have their own television show on TLC where they expose the chaos, rewards, and challenges of having their own cupcake business.  Sophie LaMontagne was one of the DC Cupcake Girls that taught Doctor Oz how to make her delicious low calorie cupcakes!

Dr Oz: 50 Calorie Cupcake Recipe

Dr Oz Carrot Cupcake 50 CaloriesDr Oz made the low calorie carrot cupcakes on his show by first sifting together the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and salt).  Then he gradually added the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients that were mixing on a low speed in his stand mixer.  Finally, he added the shredded carrots (which can be substituted for shredded apples if you prefer an Apple Cupcake over a Carrot Cupcake).  Doctor Oz even attempted to ice the cupcakes, but he’d better stick to medicine because his icing skills leave something to be desired!  Click here for the complete recipe: Dr Oz & DC Cupcake Girls Carrot Cupcake Recipe.

Dr Oz: DC Cupcake Girls Baking Lesson Contest

Dr Oz also announced his DC Cupcake Girls baking lesson contest!  One lucky person will win a baking lesson from the DC Cupcake Girls themselves… delicious!

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