Dr Oz: Mini Disposable Toothbrushes & Green Tea Bag Chapped Lips


Doctor Oz spoke about what we should and should not be carrying in our handbags in his segment called Healthy Handbag Essentials.  Do you know the three items that you should always have in your handbag?  Constance White, Style & Beauty Expert, said that the following three handbag items are easy and simple, plus they will keep us from having overly heavy handbags from all of the products we schlep around everyday!

Dr Oz: Disposable Mini Toothbrushes

Dr Oz found one lady in his audience who carries every breathe product you can imagine in her purse –  mouthwash, mints, and gum of all types.  Constance White Dr Oz Disposable Toothbrushes suggested replacing all of it with Disposable Mini Toothbrushes, which cost around $5 for a pack of four and take up much less room in your handbag.  Each Mini Toothbrush has a little bead of toothpaste embedded into tit and a toothpick on the other end so that you can freshen your breath and whiten your teeth any time and any where!  I think these would be a great thing to put in your child’s backpack too so that they can brush their teeth after lunch!

Dr Oz: Green Tea Bag for Chapped Lips

Another lady in Doctor Oz’s audience had a whole bag full of lip balm, lipstick and lip therapy to keep her lips moisturized and hydrated.  Constance White told her that she can replace all of these Chapped Lip products with a Green Tea Bag!  You just dip the tea bag in warm water, put it on your lips, and it helps severely dry or chapped lips.  Dr Oz said that the polyphenols in the Green Tea Bag soothe inflamed tissue and help to heal your chapped lips.  Just rest the Green Tea Bag on your lips, suck on it and have a cup of tea afterward!

Dr Oz: Cocoa Butter Cream

Dr Oz’s final guest from his audience had a handbag stuffed with hand lotions, body lotions, sanitizers, and products to keep her skin from getting dry.  Constance told her that Cocoa Butter Cream is the ultimate moisturizer that has been used for centuries to moisturize skin.  Plus, a little dab of Cocoa Butter on your hair can tame frizzy hair and flyaways.  The cocoa extract also helps to form a barrier between your skin and the environment.



  1. PJ says

    I think carrying a green tea bag instead of lip balm is impractical. I want relief of dry lips and a green tea bag isn’t going to make the cracked, chapped lips go away. Also when in a meeting you can apply lip balm and you can’t tell everyone hold that note I have to wet my tea bag and put it between my lips because they are dry.

  2. KMK says

    I don’t agree with PJ. Green tea bags are a great way to help with chapped lips. Dr. Oz is not saying get rid of lip balms….but when you are sitting at home watching tv………..green tea definitely helps. I find during the day using the hemp lip balm from the body shop is a great way to help relieve the pain…but I strongly recommend using the green tea bags while sitting around doing nothing.

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