Dr Oz Miracle Berry: Synsepalum Dulcificum with Adam Gollner

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Dr Oz Miracle Berry: Synsepalum Dulcificum with Adam Gollner

By on November 10, 2011

Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Makes Food Taste Sweet

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Adam Gollner, the author of “The Fruit Hunters” to discuss what this new miracle berry is and how it can help satisfy your sweet tooth and help you lose weight.  Doctor Oz spoke about the Miracle Berry before, and you can read a recap of that segment here: Miracle Berry Tablets.

The miracle berry is also known as Synsepalum dulcificum.  (Try saying that fast three times…or even once!)  This berry hails from West Africa and has been around for a long time.  According to Adam, the reason you may not have heard of this miracle berry is because the berries have a very limited shelf life and only last a couple of days.

Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Review

Dr Oz brought up Crystal, an audience member, who stated that she loved sweets, especially hard candies.  Dr Oz asked if she could trade the candy for the miracle berry and, although she was hesitant, she said she would try it. According to Adam, you should bite down on the berry and swish it around and let it coat the taste buds.  Dr Oz tried it too.  He also gave some to a few audience members.  Adam stated that it didn’t matter if you ate 1 or 100 of the berries, it still had the same effect.  The effects (the taste) should last for about an hour and will transform the sourness in food.

A few minutes after Crystal ate the berry, Dr Oz asked her to try a strawberry.  Crystal tried it and said it was delicious.  It was sweeter and she didn’t even need to add sugar.  Dr Oz then had Crystal taste a lemon slice. Dr Oz Miracle Berry Crystal admitted that she was ready to make the “lemon face” but after trying it, she said that it too was delicious.  Next, Dr Oz had Crystal try white vinegar.  She and Dr Oz took a small sip and both stated that it wasn’t bad.  In fact, it was rather good.

Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets

Use the miracle berry 30 minutes before eating a snack.  Instead of getting junk food and other sweets, go for strawberries and lemons instead.  These fruits help curb cravings and with the miracle berry, they now taste delicious.  Another added bonus: strawberries and lemons contain antioxidants.  (And you know Dr Oz loves his anti-oxidants!)  After the berry, try drinking some vinegar to help keep your blood sugar level low and to help you lose some weight.  You can purchase miracle berries online or at a local plant nursery in tablet form.

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  1. Where can I get some of these berries in Chicago? Is there a respected vendor who can fedex me some?

  2. I would like to order some too, What site is recommended to order from and know that it is legit?

  3. I’m with the others im watching the show right now, where could i find the tablet form of these pills i’d love try them.

  4. where might i purchase the miracle berry here in las vegas nv Thanks

  5. Could you tell us where to find these in tablet form.. In Canada..

  6. I would like to get this miracle berry tabs

    Please please let me know where to buy in the us or canada

    I live in canada not far from us border

  7. I ordered some from MiracleBerryCafe.com and I received mine in about 3 busness days. Really quick! We just got them and tried them tonight and they were so fun! I was surprised how sweet everything actually was! I just thought that I would suggest MiracleBerryCafe.com to people (at least for the Miracle Frootie Tablets) they work, and surprisingly, I wasn’t ripped off by them!!

  8. also, MiracleBerryCafe.com does US and International orders :) have fun trying it guys!!!!

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