Dr Oz: Miracle Pill for Cancer: Gleevac by Brian Druker


Doctor Oz spoke about Gleevac, the so-called Miracle Pill for Cancer that may just hold the key to a cure for cancer.  Some of the people on Dr Oz’s show were living what they thought were their last days in hospice care facilities, before they took Gleevec – the miracle cure for cancer.  Nearly 100% of patients who took Gleevac had their cancer go into remission.  Gleevec only attacks cancer cells and leaves your body’s other cells alone – unlike chemotherapy which makes people extremely sick by also attacking healthy normal cells.  There is a 90% survival rate over five years for cancer patients who took Gleevec, and Gleevac has been approved to fight 10 different types of cancer.  Basically, Gleevac lets cancer be treated as a chronic disease that can be lived with and managed, similar to having diabetes.  Gleevac - Miracle Pill for Cancer


  1. charlie says

    If this is the miracle pill and “the young girl Tracey” says she is “alive today” because of it, then why when asked what people should do to help those with Leukemia did she respond by saying “register at your local bone marrow registry.”

  2. Anna Carrillo says

    my sister was disgnosed w/ liver cancer 1 yr again June. Will Gleevec help her cancer go into remission? If yes where can she get this medication or is it still in clinical trials at this time? I am
    desperate to a miracle.

  3. lynn ryan says

    Hi i have stage 3A cervical cancer would this new pill work for me?
    Thanks Lynn

  4. Walt says

    What Dr. Oz didn’t tell you is that Gleevac has been approved by the FDA since 2001, and only treats certain types of cancer. With some cancers it only treats 10% of all patients. Also, this is a very expensive drug for which no generic analogue is available. Have you considered green tea extract and Quercetin? These are relatively cheap with no side-effects.

  5. says

    Hello Lynn & Anna! This website (wellbuzz.com) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr. Oz, we are just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan website… So we cannot speak on behalf of Dr. Oz or give medical advice… that being said, I would suggest doing a bit of research online and definitely talk to your doctor (or your sister’s doctor in Anna’s case), who should be able to advise you best. Lynn – I wish you a speedy recovery. Anna – I hope your sister has a quick and complete recovery too!

  6. Donavon Mickelson says

    My neighbor just passed away at 65 with short notice of his cancer; my first cousin has been battling it for years and now my loving yellow Labrador has cancer. We have lost so many good people that we know and feel that drastic methods must be made to make a cure affordable.

  7. marilyn says

    I have a very close friend that has Kidney cancer, stage four. He has been told he has only a couple of months to live. He has nothing to loose, can he get this drug?

  8. A says

    I am not a doctor either, so everyone should really be talking to their doctor’s about the best treatments for their cancer.

    I did find this on Gleevec’s website which tells which types of cancers Gleevec treats:

    ” GLEEVEC® (imatinib mesylate) tablets are indicated for:
    – Newly diagnosed adult patients with Philadelphia chromosome–positive chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph+ CML) in the chronic phase.
    – Patients with Ph+ CML in blast crisis (BC), accelerated phase (AP), or in the chronic phase (CP) after failure of interferon-alpha therapy
    – Adult patients with relapsed or refractory Ph+ acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Ph+ ALL)
    – Adult patients with myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative diseases (MDS/MPD) associated with PDGFR (platelet-derived growth factor receptor) gene rearrangements
    – Adult patients with aggressive systemic mastocytosis (ASM) without the D816V c-KIT mutation or with unknown mutational status
    – Adult patients with hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) and/or chronic eosinophilic leukemia (CEL) who have the FIP1L1-PDGFRα fusion kinase and for patients with HES and/or CEL who are FIP1L1-PDGFRα fusion kinase–negative or unknown
    – Adult patients with unresectable, recurrent, and/or metastatic dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP)
    – Patients with KIT (CD117)—positive gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) that cannot be surgically removed, and/or have spread to other parts of the body
    Adult patients post-surgery who have had their GISTs completely removed”

    Hope this helps some of you!

  9. says

    “Basically, Gleevac lets cancer be treated as a chronic disease that can be lived with and managed, similar to having diabetes”

    Here’s an idea, instead of using a mainstream drug that turns some cancers into a chronic disease that has to be treated at great cost for the rest of a patient’s life, how about addressing the root causes of cancer and using something far less expensive to get rid of most forms of cancer so that a person is able to live a normal healthy lifespan and never have cancer return?

    Two oleander supplements, Rose Laurel OPC Plus and Sutherlandia OPC both appear to have a success rate of over 90% when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle and other good natural supplements that boost the immune system and fight cancer.

    Gleevac costs about $3000 a month and, like virtually all unnatural man-created compounds, comes with a host of side effects. The two oleander extracts cost no more than a couple of hundred dollars or so at maximum therapeutic doseages and only about $30 for preventive doses once the cancer is gone. And yes, raw oleander is quite poisonous – but that is not true of properly prepared extracts. Notably, two oleander extract medications are currently in FDA trials.

    Tony Isaacs
    author of “Cancer’s Natural Enemy”

  10. Kira says

    Oh, puhleeeezzzz. No commercials for your bullsh*t book on this thread. People here have CANCER, you charlatan. Your book preys on desperate people with a serious disease. If something as simple as taking supplements cured cancer would all know that by now.

    I see that your book claims that your supplement is used to treat “cancer, hepatitis-C, psoriasis, or even HIV”. A claim like that just screams QUACKERY.

    I see too that your book contains, “The recipe for easily making a homemade extract on your stovetop. Simple enough that anyone who can cook a pot of beans can do it, and every bit as potent as the commercial products”. Potent, yes. Oleander is a poisonous plant.

    Leave people alone and get your pathetic commercial off this website.

  11. Concerned says

    The Gleevac segment on Dr. OZ represents one of many concerns I have had about the show. He mentions a new drug as being able to treat, and essentially cure, cancer. He says it works on ten different cancers as a jumbled graphic of medical words scroll quickly on a background monitor and says to go to the website for the list. I have searched and checked the Dr. OZ website as of today, and there is no mention of Gleevac or the cancers it treats. Dr. OZ made no mention of the cost of Gleevac and I read on this site that it can be $3,000 per month.

    My point is that the Gleevac segment gave false hope to many cancer sufferers and left them with incomplete information. It would have only taken a few more seconds for Dr. OZ to have listed the ten cancers in layman’s terms and the cost of the drug. This isn’t an isolated incident of incomplete information on the show, it happens all the time.

  12. says

    I’m so glad to read this. I was called about Dr. Oz show and I had to miss it that day they talked about the Miracle pill. I have had two mastectomie last year and one of my daughters has had one….at age 44. I can NOT
    take the pills like Femara, etc. as they make me crippled and hurt my bones so badly. So, I won’t take them.
    Does this pill help breast cancer? My daughters and I NEED to know.
    Elise Vail
    Camdenton, MO.

  13. Douglas Andress says

    Isn’t this country we live in wonderful…Gleevec..Over $4300 dollars for a 30 day supply..Only for the rich..I told my fiancee about the show and the claims made..Our hopes went thru the roof as a savior for her..What a sad world..It’s all about greed and the money..We can’t afford Gleevec ..Her cancer has spread from her stomach to her liver and kidneys..Life expectancy..Six months to a year..Pray for my Fiancee..Her name is Jackie Doolin..Princeton Wv..The most sweetest Princess in the world..I love you with all my heart dear..

  14. Alex says

    Greetings, I was diagnosed w/ GIST (stomach cancer) almost 3 years ago. In reality, I have probably had this cancer for 10 years since it is difficult to diagnose. When I was diagnosed, the cancer was 18cm X 12cm x 10cm. Pretty amazing that something so large could be undetected for such a long time. Since taking Gleevec 3 years ago, it has reduced in size by over 90%. When I was first diagnosed w/ cancer 3 years ago, I was a month away from dying. Amazingly, its been 3 years and the drug is working for me. The drug is very expensive; but I am fortunate to have great insurance through my company. This drug is available in other countries like Thailand. It’s amazing that a 3rd world country can give it away for its citizens, when we live in a rich country (USA) and people who need it do not have access to it. Today I am still living with the cancer & taking Gleevec everyday. I consider myself very fortunate to have a second chance in life.

  15. Alex says

    A couple of answers to earlier questions:
    1) How do you get Gleevec? In order to get Gleevec you need to have a Dr’s prescribe you the medication. Every 3 months, I go into the office for a CT-Scan; and a follow-up.
    2) What are the side effects? The only side-effect that I have experience is naseau. So I take Zofran w/ the drug and it takes care of any naseau feeling. In the morning; I take the Gleevec & Zofran w/ a cup of water. I don’t really have any side affect; and head into work right afterwards.
    3) What is the cost? Gleevec costs about $3500 a month & the Zofran is another $1000 a month
    4) Will Gleevec work for you? You can get a biopsy of the tumor and they can do a genetic test on it for a certain mutation. After they do the test; which takes 2-3 days then they will know with a high degree of confidence if it would work or not.

    For me, Gleevec has been a miracle drug. I was knocking on death’s door. The drug has extended my life for 3 years and it is still going strong. Unlike other cancer drugs, the side effect is very minimal.

    Good luck everyone who is going through this difficult time in their lives!

  16. says

    I’m so happy to hear that Gleevec has been working out for you Alex! And thank you for answering everyone’s questions! I wish I could provide more insight or help to all of my readers, but unfortunately I am not a doctor. If anyone else has any information or experience using Gleevac, please do chime in and share with us!

  17. Julia says

    I am undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer and am highly allergic to them. My doc after 3 treatments have changed my plan 3 times. Today was supposed to be #4 treatment and have been delayed because of what it is doing to the inside of my body. Can Gleevec be for me and does insurance cover any of the cost?

  18. Nicole Pratt says

    My son has been fighting leukemia for two years now and is currently in remission after undergoing a bone marrow transplant in december of 09. He was only given 60% chance it would work, and that is not okay with me, I want to know if I have no other options how i can get ahold of this pill and how it works and what it does. My son has AML and his chances r not good, he is only 5, his life is just starting, Can someone PLEASE let me know who I can talk too to find out more information on this pill.. I did not watch the episode, someone i work with told me about this so I thought I would check it out, Also is this legit and why hasnt it been put on the market to use to save lives, in the last two years of being in the hospital, so many kids have passed away that I have gotten close too, if it works it needs to be out there to help

  19. Alex says

    I am not a doctor, so you should consult with your Oncologist about Gleevec. I can only comment on what I have found out from my own experience and research. Gleevec is being used to treat multiple types of cancers. You can do a google search on “Gleevec Leukima”. On Novaritis’s web site, it mentions that Gleevec is being used to treat Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. http://www.gleevec.com/patient/chronic-myeloid-leukemia-cml.jsp

    Gleevec or Imatinib (generic name) was approved by the FDA in 2001. It is being used to treat GIST (the cancer I have); along with other types of cancer throughout the world.

    As for insurance, you should check with your insurance company to see if it is covered. My opinion is that since this is approved by the FDA as a first line of treatment for certain types of cancer, it should be covered by your insurance company. So for instance, some insurance companies make you pay a co-pay; or a percentage of the cost; or maybe even both.

    For me, I only have to do the co-pay. When I pick up my drug every month at the pharmacy, the bill looks like this. Total cost $3,500; your cost $25; you saved $3,475.

    Novaritis, the makers of Gleevec has a patient assistance program for those who cannot afford the drug. You can find out more information here: http://www.pharma.us.novartis.com/about-us/our-patient-caregiver-resources/paf-enrollment.jsp There is even a phone number you can call 800.277.2254

    I can’t wait for the patent on this drug to expire so that a generic version becomes available. There is a patent dispute over this drug in India. http://thinkipstrategy.com/ipthinktank.articles/109/Novartis-Glivec-battle-with-India-patentability-of-pharmaceutical-extension-patents India is able to make this drug (chemically identical) for some ridiculously low price (like $0.78 a tablet) and give it to their citizens.

    The reality of my situation is that without this drug, I would have died 3 years ago. Today, I am very healthy. Except for having to take the oral drug every morning & the regular ct-scans, that is the only reminder that I have cancer. I have never missed a day of work while undergoing treatment. In fact, except for my close friends no one else knows that I have cancer. I have all my hair :). This drug has been a miracle bullet for me.

    When I was first diagnosed w/ cancer, I was about 1 month from dying. After taking the drug, I immediately felt much better within 1 week. My first ct-scan 3 months later showed that the cancer reduced in volume by 80%. Over the next several ct-scans, the cancer continue to reduce in volume and it is about 90% smaller than the original size. It was the size of a cantelope when I was diagnosed, and now it is the size of an orange. Over the last 3 years, it has been stable. Meaning that it has not gotten any smaller or larger.

    Sometime in the future, my cancer will eventually become resistant to the drug. No one knows if this would happen in 3 months or 10 years. I can only pray that when this time comes, that there will be an alternative treatment. I am hopeful, since there are a few drugs that can be used when Gleevec no longer works like Sutent.

    I also live in Oregon, where Gleevec was developed at OHSU and where I get my treatment.

    I have been very fortunate to have been given an extension in life. This time has given me an opportunity to approach life differently and focus on what is important. My loving wife & family has also helped me with the emotional aspects. You have to fight cancer at 2 levels, mentally as well as physically.

    For all of those who are going through this battle, or know a love one that is going through this… I pray that you or love one become healthy.

  20. says

    Thank you for making the public aware of new treatments. Very important since so many physicians are not even aware.

  21. victoria says

    Does Gleevac help Rheumatoid Arthritis? My daughter takes Methotrexate – which was originally developed as cancer treatment, so I wonder…

  22. Andrew King says

    Dr. Oz. diiscussed this on his show. Can Gleevac be purchased. Can a doctor write a prescription.

  23. Gali Cohen says

    My mom was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma after a full hysterectomy surgery. We were all shocked as the fibroid didn’t grow but actually shrank.The fibroid which were necrotic upon removal were diagnosed as LMS. She has been going through 3 cycles of chemo. I would love to know if this drug could work on her case and if so where do i stand in line?
    Please advise as she just started the 4th cycle of chemo today. This is a horrible disease that changes lives for ever.

  24. says

    Ron – I believe it is spelled Gleevec and is produced by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

    Gali – I wish I could help, but the only thing you can do is talk to your mother’s doctor about if Gleevec would be right for your mom. You and your mom will be in our prayers!

  25. Gail says

    Does Gleevac help with mestastized melenoma which is now in the lymph system and on the spine? Also the cancer has spread to the brain – any help in this situation that you know of?


  26. Janine Chetty says

    Hi! My mum has acute myeloid leukemia. Do you know what can be used to treat her, post-transplant, relapse?

  27. Kevin says

    I have PH+ Chronic myeloid Leukaemia and have previously been treated with gleevec. However not all patients respond to gleevec and as what happened with me, and I am now on dasatinib (Sprycel) and have responded very well and am now in cytogenectic remission. As far as I know gleevec is only used to treat GIST and CML here in the UK. Gleevec does not work for Aqute myeloid leukaemia but can be used for PH+ Aqute lymphblastic Leukaemia. Gleevec is often used by CML patients for as long as it contiunes to work and keep there disease under control however in most cases patients tend to become intolerant over time or loose response and need to be moved on to further therapy. Gleevec is a part of a family called TKI’S (Tyrone Kinase Inhibitors) the idea is that the drug kills the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone but it’s not a cure. Gleevec is a wonder pill as before its invention most people with CML faced almost certain death, to Charlie – The reason Tracey said people should register to donate bone marrow is that there are still other types of Leukaemias that only resond to standard chemotherapy and then require a transplant and there is a type of CML that has a Gene-mutation called T315i that will not respond to any of the TKI’s currently available. The good news is that for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia the future looks very promising and over all survival rates have improved dramatically and continue to do so. Gleevec, Sprycel (Dasatinib) and Tasigna (Nilotinib) have completely changed the management of the disease and most people are now expected to go on to live a almost normal life span or even a normal life span.

    CML is categorised as a Chronic condition, the only time the disease become harder to control is when/if it enters later phases

    *Accelerated phase
    *Blastic transformation

    The later being the most difficult to manage and Gleevec usually only works for around 6 months in patients who are diagnosed in this phase and they often need intervention with Chemotherapy/radiotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant.

    On 19/12/2010 I will be 24 months post diagnosis of my leukaemia and I thank god for Brian Druckers work into CML and for the invention of Gleevec which has now led to the invention of even stronger, better targeted TKI’s.

  28. says

    listin please dec 29 my father has 2 weeks to live or less will this turn things around i dont need you to respond in 2 weeks from now cancer is in his neck lungs and he cant eat or keep food down and bed riden please just say yes or no call me if u wish thank you dr oz ……shannon

  29. says

    Shannon, we are not affiliated with Dr Oz – we are just the biggest Dr Oz Fan Website. I am so sorry to hear about your father, but since I am not a doctor, I really cannot give you any medical advice. I would try speaking to your father’s doctor to see if Gleevac is right for him or not.

  30. JORGE MUÑOZ says

    Qisiera que me digan si esta droga sirve para el OSTEOSARCOMA y sobre todo si remplaza a la quimioterapia.

  31. mrna says

    vivo en caracas, Venezuela mi esposo tiene diverticulos en el colon están muy abundantes,cada vez que se hace el examen de la colonoscopia ,el no quiere operarse segun testimonios que he visto y leído por pacientes con este mal se han curado y yo necesito saber como obtengo las píldoras Gleevac si tengo que hacer la compra por internet o que?

  32. evelyn says

    my dad took it its been about five years but its back what can he do please pray for him he stop eating

  33. alison huskie says

    Hi Folks,
    I stumbled upon this blog. Even though it’s over a year old, I feel compelled to comment on some of the ideas that were discussed by fellow bloggers. I have CML, chronic myloid luekemia. Gleevac is a miracle drug for ME because it has prolonged my life. Previous to 2001 when Gleevac was put on the market, people with CML only lived 2-5 years. It’s not a permament cure, this is why people still need to support bone marrow transplants. The ONLY CURE for CML is a bone marrow transplant.

    Gleevac doesn’t cure lung, cervical, liver cancer. I know Gleevac is used for CML and GIST cancers. I thought Dr. Oz mislead people by the vague notion stating Gleevac cures many types of cancer.

    It is considered state of teh art because the drug targets the BAD cells and leaves the good cells alone. This is why I haven’t lost my hair. I am in molecular remission, which means that the chromosone (philadelphia chromosone) isn’t in my body. HOWEVER, if I stop takng Gleevac the chromosone will come back.

    Miracle drug? Yes, for those of us with CML. Cure all? No…..

  34. Iradia says

    Hello, Dr. Oz. I had >ascistis> ovarian cancer two years ago, but in that moment the score tumor is rainsing up (248). My question is. Can I take that pill? and Where can I find it? Please answer me.

    Thanks a million.

  35. Max says

    I can get you Gleevec this is the right spelling . I can get you GLEEVEC for 400mg 30 tablets for $1500 at Costco it is $3900 + tax. Serious inquiries please . please e mail me mailto:[email protected]

  36. Lydia Szabo says

    I have two male friends who have both been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Would taking Gleevac alleviate the necessity for surgery and/or do you need to take this drug for the rest of your days….if so it is out of reach of the average wage earner. One of my friends is considered to be too old for surgery at the age of 78 would taking Gleevac help him?

  37. aliosn huskie says

    I have CML, chronic myloid luekemia. I have taken Gleevac for 2 years. For people who have CML, Gleevac has been a miracle drug. Before the advent of Gleevac, people with CML died in 3-5 years. Now, people who are taking Gleevac and have CML are surviving and living 10 + years. We don’t know how long the drug will last, since it’s only been on the market since 2001. But it looks promising. I might even live a normal life span.

    Gleevac was created to cure luekmia, if I have done my research correctly. It targets the bad gene BCR/ABL, by plugging it and this plugging inhibits the gene from spreading and eventually if you are lucky like me, the Philadelphia Chromosone goes away and you go into molecular remission, which is not a CURE,, it’s remission. People who take Gleevac don’t lose their hair because the drug “targets” the bad genes, etc. not the healthy one, but the bad ones. There are several side effects of Gleevac. The side effect I’ve had is edema.

    From my understanding, Gleevac is not a miracle drug for ALL kinds of cancer. It helps with CML and GIST (a stomach cancer?) and that is all I have read that it helps. I have to take Gleevac for the rest of my life. If I stop taking Gleevac, the Philadelphia chromosone will come back. That is why one of the responses encouraged people to help with bone marrow transplants. A bone marrow transplant is the only thing that CURES luekemia. The Gleevac just puts us into remission. The best you can hope for is molecular remission.

    Because of the way Gleevac works, ie plugging the bad genes, it’s been called a miracle drug. Cancer scientists have used Gleevac as a model to develop other drugs; in other words develp drugs that target the bad stuff not all the stuff.

    I hope this clears up some confusion for some of the people who responded to this link. 🙂

    I think that is bad press If Dr. Oz didn’t make the uses for GLeevac”clear” to his viewers.

  38. says


  39. tammy says

    I was dx with cml. And I’m taking gleevec I have been on it just over a week now..it does make you very sick but your doctors can give you a medicine called infraon. Take it 30 minutes before gleevec and that will stop the sickness, I so far have notice that the only thing that I have is very bad leg pain while taking the gleevec but that’s the side effects it will save or help me live longer I can live with leg pain.hope this helps anyone..

  40. SR says

    I have taken Gleevec for 5 years. It’s primarily a pill used to treat certain types of of leukemia and gastrointestinal cancers. Sadly It isn’t an all cancers cure. It cost around 6,000 but it’s covered by some medical plans. Unfortunately, like most cancer treatments Gleevec is expensive. It truly is a miracle pill but you need to take it for the rest of your life although a very low percentage of patients have remained in remission after stopping treatment. I appreciate Dr. Oz intention of creating conscious about this kind of targeted therapy. We definitely need more pills like Gleevec and more research put into them but I feel he should have been more careful as to not to mislead his audience into thinking Gleevec is a cure for all cancers because it isn’t. I wish you all health.

  41. Paul Patterson says

    I have been on Gleevec since 2002. The price has gone from $3,300 a month to over $9,000 a month. Glad I have insurance/VA to take care of the costs. Glad for everone when Gleevec goes generic in June 2016.

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