Dr Oz: Miracle Weight Loss Shot: HCG Shot Lose 30 Pounds


Doctor Oz discussed the HCG shot, a miracle weight loss shot that is reported to make people lose 30 pounds in just one month.  Does the HCG shot really work for weight loss?  Dr Oz’s segment was called “The Pulse” where Dr. Donnica Moore, an ObGyn, Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist and Dr. Corey Hebert, a pediatrician, all discussed different medical issues people are facing. HCG Weight Loss Shot


  1. mg says

    You don’t gain your weight back, because the Hcg is flooding your body with fat during the protocol. You obviously have not researched it…

  2. says

    MG, I have not researched it personally, but I am just reporting on what Dr Oz said during his segment. Have you tried taking HCG shots? And did they work for you in both the short term and long term? I’d definitely be interested in hearing other people’s experiences!

  3. julie morris says

    i did 2 full rounds of hcg, lost 50 lbs. and did not gain the weight back!!! if you want to talk to someone who actually took hcg, i’d love to help. e-mail me at [email protected]
    Julie Morris. 🙂
    from Henderson, NV

  4. Carolina says

    Anyone who says the diet does not work has not done sufficient research. The diet does not promise that you lose 30 pounds in a month (although I suppose that’s possible) but I lost 15 pounds comfortably in 21 days and was satisfied with that. Will do another round in the future. The small amount of hCG allows you to take energy from your fat stores. You are not hungry, you lose weight where you need to (say, from your thighs if you are pear-shaped while maintaing the rest) and you do not gain the weight back. Sometime things that sound too good to be true really are great! I am an older person who gained weight despite a perfect diet and daily exercise–weight training, biking, etc. and it seemed like a miracle to watch the pounds fall away daily. Also I’ve had arthritis from Lyme disease for many years. The diet and hCG eliminated inflammation and now my flexibility and range of motion is as it was 20 years ago. Really, it changed my life. I do not recommend, however, doing it on one’s own with unknown substances from the Web. I was given injections by a health professional to do myself, and she monitored my progress, was able to answer any questions and give support. The only downside is that it IS tedious, like having a peculiar hobby for a month. It felt extreme, yes, but in a good way, like a great cleanse. The hCG itself seemed very healthful and helpful. Be advised that the warnings about hCG side effects on the Web are for the mega doses given for fertility, not the 125 units a day used on the diet.

  5. Carolina says

    Again, Dr. Oz has lost all credibility with me, because clearly he is making statements without having any experience with this diet or reading the protocol, which explains why the body does not go into starvations mode. It’s sad, because the alternatives to this diet–liposuction and bypass surgery–are truly dangerous. The diet requires time and attention, it’s true, but it does work. And, as I have indicated, has healthful benefits that go beyond just weight loss. The downside is that it is not expensive and the weight does stay off, which means not much profit for health practitioners.

  6. Leslie says

    I’ve done several rounds myself and have many friends that have done the HCG Protocol. The people that are negative about it, have not researched it fully and are not educated on how it actually works. The only negative side effects I have had is having to spend a large amount of money for a new wardrobe! You don’t need to do it through a doctor’s office and pay a large amounf of money. Dr. Simeon explains in detail on how to do the protocol. It is very simple and easy to follow. People need to read the original manuscript. The people that failed the protocol did not follow the original manuscript by Dr. Simeon. Even my husband became a believer and he never changes his mind! He just finished his first round and lost 20lbs in 3 weeks and is now in the maintenance phase and is not gaining the weight back. If followed correctly, the protocol is very healthy and one of the easiest diets I have ever done. I wish I knew about it years ago.

  7. Jm says

    This is funny.. Everyone is on the bandwagon..no one talks of slim fast low cal diet, pritkin, weight watchers 18 points. I have lost 35 lb..feel amazing, am now eating 1000- 1500 plus calories daily..and my weight is stuck w in .5 of my goal weight. Try it before you slam it.. It’s a mere 30 days.. And the damage of obesity? Come on..

  8. Karen says

    Kevin Trudeaus Book will explain everything for anyone interested in the only weight loss cure. I read it did phase 1 and phase 2 got to my goal and then resumed my old habits and gained the wieght back plus some. Phase 3 is as critical as phase 2, phase 1 was optional but recommended. Organic is the rule no exceptions. Comprising the rule and you toss the cure out the window. HCG yo yo dieting is expensive, if you are not wealthy, stick to slim fast. If you are serious about curing your weight problem this is a cure.
    I am a patient of hcgmedical.com. I highly reccomend and refer them.

  9. Richard Curtin says

    Lets start with some of the facts that are known about HCG.
    first there are HCG pills or herbs. Anyone selling them should be prosecuted. HCG is not an herb. If eaten, it is a protein, it will be digested an will no longer be HCG. HCG is ONLY an INJECTABLE HORMONE. The concept is that you can use HCG and go on a very low calorie diet and not suffer the normal consequences. The normal consequences are looking tired and drawn as facial fat is lost. The body gets more stubborn with fat around hip, thighs, and waist. the body tries to maintain weight. It will go into starvation mode and quickly regain all the lost weight and more. The theory is that HCG can affect the hypothalamus and allow the weight loss around hips, thighs, and waist and allow the body to reset at the lower weight.
    The US government did a study during the 1970s. They concluded that there was no difference between the HCG users and the placebo group. Both groups lost the same amount of weight. The study did not measure body fat. They did not measure where the weight was lost. The study did not follow up to see if either group maintained the weight loss. The study was useless. It did not ask the right questions.
    The claim is not made that faster weight loss will occur with HCG. It does claim a different distribution of fat, but the only study of HCG did not measure body fat distribution. So there is no proof, but no one ever tried to get proof.
    Anyone trying the HCG diet is trying something has not been properly studied. It should be studied, but the right questions need to be asked. Anyone buying HCG pills or herbal HCG is getting riped off and is not even trying the HCG weight loss..

  10. Jm says

    Sad for your beliefs sir.. Until u have tried it.. Don’t comment.. Am thinner and healthier than I have ever been.. All lab test are better than ever.. Each to his own.. Looks the proof is in the weight loss n success.. Not your comments. Sorry

  11. Carolina says

    Richard Curtin is correct. The diet has not been properly studied. Nor will it be, because there is nothing in it for the current profitable weight-loss community. Bariatric by-pass, with its 1 in 200 death rate, will continue to be the solution of choice. I have been on the diet and know that I lost weight only where I need to lose it, not in my face, looked healthier while on it than ever, and felt great. I lost 16 pounds in 21 days, and did not regain the weight as long as I kept to a sensible diet. I agree that the homeopathic drops (I have never seen nor heard of “herbal” hCG) sold on the Web are not helpful. I used injections given to me by a medical practitioner. I have two friends who did it with the “drops.” One gained back the weight, the other hasn’t, but reported being hungry while on the diet; it was much more difficult for her than it was for me. My R.Ph recently had an extremely obese patient who lost 60 pounds in one round. The more you have to lose, the more you will lose more easily. This diet is not for everyone–for instance younger people who are not obese and would be better off practicing the benefits of good nutrition and daily exercise. For post-menopausal women like me who exercise regularly and eat healthily and still cannot lose weight (I also have a thyroid condition but have an adverse reaction to all thyroid medications and iodine), the diet is a God-send.

  12. Jody says

    I have done the HCG shots and followed the diet and lost 36 lbs in 30 days. I have been off of them for a couple of months and increased my diet to 1600 calories and have only gained 1.5 lbs. I was a very active person until I got sick while over in Iraq when I was in the Army, and had to be put on Steroids for the rare illness I got while over there. Between the weight gain from medication and then having a child, nothing I would do seemed to get rid of the weight and keep it off, until finally I took a chance and tried the HCG diet. I believe in the diet, and feel there is no harm, if you follow the diet and check in with a doctor. I believe it is all about dedication and being reasonable when you go off the shots and start increasing your calories. The people who gain all the weight back plus some, are the ones who go overboard on eating and blame the diet and not themselves. I agree with others when they say do the research first. I have a lot of medical issues, like Cogans syndrome, Crohns, Fibromyalgia and others and while I was following the diet all of my medical problems got better. This is not for everybody, but I found the HCG diet to be a blessing.

  13. whitgallman says

    Vero, you asked about if you have high blood pressure.
    From June 2010 to may 2011 I went on 3 forty day rounds of hCG and lost about 25 pounds each time. My BP was reading 150/90 while on 320 diovan, hctz. About a week after starting hCG, my BP dropped to the point of my getting dizzy when I would stand up, so I stopped the BP meds. A few days after the last shot, my BP would climb again, back to 150/90 so I went back on the meds. This happened predictably each round of hCG. The Dr. let me take some hCG every 3 days just to see if I could control BP that way. It didn’t.
    My other (internist) Dr that only does stuff that FDA approves, told me last year that if I lost weight, my BP would go down. After losing 70# (270# to <200#) my BP is still high. A lot of my other issues are gone AND I have a lot more credibility with my peers from being trim. So it is WELL worth it.
    The diet is zero fats, carbs, sugar. I'm keeping my weight low by using 200# as the alarm point at which I eat no carbs, no fat, no sugar until I'm 5# below 200#. I know how now that I worked out the 500 cal diet.
    People have high BP for lots of reasons. Watch for your BP to drop a lot after you start hCG and just drop off your BP meds until after your last shot of hCG.

  14. Pamela says

    WOW this diet was a God send! After much time thought research and prayer I decided to give this a try. I was about 43 pounds over weight. I was tired and sluggish all the time and had allergies that were going crazy as well as some female problems. My obgyn said my hormone were out of wack and that a hysterectomy was needed and I was on cholesterol meds. Right before deciding to do the HCG My Husband was seeing a chiropractor for a shoulder injury and she recommended doing a 21 day cleanse eating fruits and drinking this gosh awful whey protein stuff. Well I followed that cleanse to a “T” I never cheated NOT once! My husband cheated ALL the time (he’s a choc a holic) any way he lost 15 pounds and I gained 5. The Dr told me she had never ever heard of anyone gaining on this before! Oh well this was when I decided to get serious and take back my own health. I prayed, researched, prayed some more and decided that HCG was what I was going to do. I got my hcg injections through a clinic, Body Solutions RX and was monitored by a Doctor. Before doing this while at my yearly female check up I did inform my Dr about what I was going to do and she said she didn’t know much about the use of hcg for weight loss but because the dose was sooooooooooooo small it probably would not do any harm. I lost close to 30 pounds in 43 days. My allergies totally cleared up I went from many meds day and night to none and now 2 years later to only needing some for seasonal allergies. I am no longer dead dog tired and sluggish hormones have balanced out and I don”t need a Hysterectomy at this time and My Internist Dr said my cholesterol was great and lower me from 20 mg to 5 mg a day. (I still take a low dose because my cholesterol problems are hereditary in my family). This dr also said he didn’t know much about it for weight lose but since my blood work and cholesterol were good it must have worked.
    I felt sooooooooooooo good. after doing hcg. I only gained 11 pounds back and that was because I had foot surgery that kept me in bed for 7 weeks and in a cast for 16 weeks and no shoes that allowed for anything more than casual walking for almost 6 months. Anyway as I write this comment I am doing another short round of HCG and have been doing it for 9 day. I have lost 7 pounds and feel awesome!!! I did follow Dr. Samones original protocol exactly! The first time I did this diet (2 years ago) I did blog daily on my HCG journey. You can read my blog at Pamela’s HCG Diet Diary or Pamela’s diary of a mad dieting woman. Only pros for me and no cons. This was a great tool that I used and I’m still using to help me live a healthier life style.

  15. says

    I was very skeptical but I won a 26 day diet kit from hcgdietlab.com and I could not believe the results I had with the 26 day plan, I lost 24 pounds. I needed to lose another 20 so I ordered a 26 day kit from hcgdietlab and was able to lose the remaining weight and I’m so happy I did. They give away a kit every week and I think I won because in the comment section I talked about my weight and how skeptical I was of the diet, I don’t know but I think they were trying to prove me wrong and boy they did. Give it a try, maybe you’ll be a winner. It really works and I’m so happy with my new trim self.

  16. Loretta says

    I can testify that this works. If you follow the plan while on the shot, or the oral drops is what I have always used, you will loose the weight. If you stick to the protocol once you end the drops (which are cheaper than the injections) you will keep the weight off. It is one thing that I found that was too good to be true but WAS!!!!!!!! Did 1 round last year and now ready for another

  17. Debbi Porter says

    I lost 23 pounds from May 3rd to June 3rd. Now I have lost 5 more pounds. My doctor has taken me off thyroid meds, and I look and feel wonderful. This is the Miracle Diet.

  18. says

    I’ve been on the hcg diet with dr. emma for a month now and have lost 15 pounds. I am going for a second round after 3 weeks maint. I love the diet I don’t feel hungry and I am learning new eating habbits I can use in the future. I have had no side effects and under a doctors care recommend this diet for all who struggle with their weight as a great allternitive to surg.

  19. Carolina says

    Whether a 14-year-old can use the shots (and I recommend doing only the shots) is something only a doctor could tell you. However just know that the diet, while EXTREMELY successful, is also EXTREMELY tedious, requiring the kind of attentiveness only an adult may have (this does not mean hunger, however, it’s simply tedious). You have to know your child. Right now, I’m on the diet, and wishing I had a Mom who would serve me the food!

  20. jillie says

    For a 14 year old you should get the okay from your doctor. After doing the shots myself I did put my daughter on the diet she is in her first year of high school and needs to lose 20 pounds and it is appalling how mean girls her age can be. She did the shots for 23 days and lost 22 pounds and she has kept it off. She feels so much better about herself. Go to bodyforlifehcg.com or call them, they are very helpful and will even talk to your doctor. Good luck

  21. Phillie says

    It meant so much reading these testimonials. I am starting the program on Wednesday. I
    have had the doctor’s visit, blood work done and am going through a local Metabolic
    Research Center. I know these people and really care about themand they have been so
    wonderful. Actually, I have done their regular program before and lost 31 pounds in a
    few months, and regained it , sadly. I am in my 60’s and ave some health issues. They have assured me that it is safe for me to do this hcg plan. As I understand it, I will be taking the drug under the tongue sublingually. They do the shots, but did not discourage me from doing the sublingual route. i am so excited thinking about losing 25 or 30 pounds. I think they only allow two rounds and then a 3-week period off of hcg. Thanks for good sound results. This has been so much encouragement.

  22. Carolina says

    I highly recommend that you use the shots. You can do them yourself and it’s painless, no big deal once you get used to it. They can also add Vitamin B12, which will make you feel great. The diet is wonderful. I lost 22 pounds (now weigh 124) and did not gain it back. But it is a certain amount of work — not that you’re hungry, necessarily, but it IS tedious — and I wouldn’t take a chance on drops. Go for the real thing. I also feel that the hCG has added health benefits, especially for someone like me with auto-immune issues. It cleared my arthritis and gave me more mobility. So you want to get as much as you can!

  23. says

    You can use drops or injections, real hcg drops use the same hcg that is used in injections. The only difference is that instead of sterile water mixed with hcg for injection the hcg is mixed with vitamin b-12 and cholloidal silver. When taken properly, under the tongue so that it is absorbed in the blood stream, the drops are just as effective. You have to make sure you are ordering from a reputable clinic or lab that does sell real hcg, you can go to hcgdietwarnings.com to learn more or go to hcgdietlab.com or bodyforlifehcg.com and you can find out a lot of information about real hcg products. Good luck

  24. E Riggs says

    What if u consume more than 500 calories per day while on rhe program? Will u simply lose at a slower pace? Thank u!

  25. Carolina says

    No. This is a technically calibrated diet, and if you aren’t up to it, don’t do it. You will not be hungry, but it does take planning and discipline. It’s only for 23 days, so don’t screw it up. I have found the health benefits to be so great that I plan to do it once a year regardless of the need for weight loss. In that case, yes, my doctor will increase my protein, so I don’t lose. But if you want to lose weight, you must follow it to the letter. Including not using oil on your skin.

  26. says

    I am considering this program. I do have major adrenal issues and I am armor thyroid. I can;t seem to heal these lovely adrenals. Will this diet improve these conditions at all. Blessings.. Dee

  27. Carolina says

    Please see a doctor who is experienced with the diet to answer your questions. I do not believe in doing it on your own with spurious products from the Web. It is a major contribution to health, but it is important that you determine your own needs. If you are greatly overweight, it will probably help with everything.

  28. Lauren says

    I am very thin, but just have some excess weight hanging sound on my stomach from having children. Is it safe to use if your just simply looking to lose 5 or 10 lbs?

  29. Carolina says

    The diet is excellent for this kind of specific weight loss, because you lose ONLY where you need to. You basically are getting energy from your body fat, so once that ran out you’d get VERY hungry. I lost about 12 pounds each time I did it, and the last time I was getting very close to my ideal weight, and at that point I don’t think you lose quite as rapidly but you do lose. I find the diet so health-enhancing and such a boon for auto-immune issues, that my PA suggests doing it every year, and if I don’t need to lose weight (as it’s pretty easy to keep off after the diet) she will increase the calories. So I’d give it a chance, but only with a health care professional who is experienced with the diet and can alter it if you reach your ideal weight too soon, as it is very important to stay on the program for the full 23 days regardless. Hope this helps!

  30. Sheila says

    I did the HCG diet for 25 days lost 27 pounds … today i met a friend and she told me that one of her clients did HCG drops for a while and then found out she has cancer and died ? Then i googled and found this forum where 20 ppl post comments and said they did diet and discovered cancer what do u think does HCG causes cancer ? I am so paranoid pls help !!!

  31. connie says

    Oh please. The sales of hcg have been in the millions just the last two years alone. I bet they all had eaten cheese at some point and maybe the cheese causes cancer….. please give us a break and do some real research on a product and ask your Dr. as well.

  32. Carolina says

    Really! This is ridiculous. First of all, hCG occurs naturally in the body of a pregnant woman in massive amounts. When you’re on the diet you use 125 units a day, where they prescribe 25,000 units for use as a fertility drug (approved by the FDA) and we don’t hear about cancer associated with that. Just looking it up now, athletes also take it, as a precursor to steroids. Not that I approve, but it shows how pervasive its use is. Don’t believe everything you read on the Web. Remember, it’s big competition for the people for whom bariatric surgery is big business–now there’s a truly dangerous procedure!

  33. says

    I am 50 years old and have been doing Martial arts ever since I was six. The past few years I have gained a “hard” layer of fat and cellulite in my upper abdomen. I train about 5 hours a day yet the fat persisted even after I followed several diets while being on “Duromine”. I got hold of HCG and after using two courses I am rid of the fat! I have a “eight-pack” and I am over 50 years old and I did not even follow a diet! The medical world will obviously demonize HCG since it is eating their income that could have contributed to the new Mercedes! Proof of the “pudding” lies in the injection it seems!

  34. Susan says

    I’m on my second round, and know about 50 people who have done this, 25 of them in one office in Chicago – who lost over 1000 lbs together about a year ago and no weight coming back. Something in this aids in performing ‘body sculpturing’ too, as it eats the abnormal fat first, unlike traditional ‘dieting’. This regime adds a lifestyle change, using food chemistry along with the shots, when done correctly. That’s standard kineseiology (spelling?) today. US Doctors need to get with the program and realize that the US medical practices are not the only ones that work.

  35. says

    Im on day ten of the shots and have lost five pounds but feel horrible!!! My muscles are aching and Im super moody and am hungry all the time? I have a doctors appt tomorrow and hopefully they can change the dose or something because I dont know if I can do a month of this! Any suggestions from anyone?

  36. Marietta says

    I have been taking the hcg shot since Novenber ’12… I have several females in my family who have lost their battle with breast cancer, as well as some who have beat it. Currently i have 2 cousins in treatment for it, and another that has just finished treatment. I as well as my doctor have been very careful with any medication that contained hormones of any kind. I decided to take the injections along with learning how to change my life style as far as exercise and eating went. For some reason I never thought twice about taking the shot, even though I knew it contained a hormone, I have no way of explaining why it didn’t sink in as it always had before about avoiding hormones of any kind. I went in October of last year for my mammogram and they found nothing. I went to my yearly exam last week where my doctor discovered a lump in my right breast. Naturally I was worried. I could see my children without me and what they would have to go through… You’re mind is all over the place trust me. After rounds of tests, 2 hours having a mammogram alone and another hour of ultrasounds they determined that it is a cyst.. And I have 3 smaller ones as well. I am thrilled that it wasn’t what I expected the doctors are still concerned that it is a very rapid growing cyst… And an additional 3 smaller ones. My doctor is suppose to call me next week to discuss having them (the cysts) removed.. My niece also decided to take the shot and found a lump in her breast as well.. We never made the connection about the shot. Some may say its coincidental but I disagree. Something that big that wasn’t there in October and ten months later is and is the size of a quarter??? I will be calling my doctor on Monday to ask him about it. But I believe there is a connection and have decided I will not take it anymore. I ultimately believe that weight loss is a slow process. It didn’t take you 30 dys to pack on the weight and its not going to come off healthily in 30 days. The shots helped me lose about 15 pounds but I also learned to eat healthier, and drink more water and exercise some way everyday. Bottom line… Losing weight and keeping it off can be done but it is a lifestyle change.

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