Dr Oz Mole Detective, Epocrates RX & Instant Heart Rate Phone Apps

By on September 27, 2012

Dr Oz Health Apps for Smart Phones

If you’ve bought into the iPhone 5 craze or have become part of the tablet and smartphone culture, there are many apps on the market, most of which are free or cheap, that can help you track your health. Dr Oz looked at some of the most promising ones on his show. Have you tried any health apps like the Mole Detective, Map Your Walk, Instant Heart Rate or Epocrates RX? What are your favorites?  Plus, Dr Oz spoke about more of the best kept health secrets from the web like these No Bake Recipes!

Gadget Nation author Steve Greenberg visited Dr Oz to share his own research about the latest and greatest health apps. With new apps coming on the market every day, the trick is finding one that work with a variety of phones and can fit into our busy lives.

Dr Oz: Instant Heart Rate App Review

Dr Oz App Reviews: Epocrates Rx Drug Interactions & Instant Heart Rate

Dr Oz & author Steve Greenberg looked at free health apps, including Epocrates Rx to research drug interactions, Mole Detective & an Instant Heart Rate smart phone app.

The Instant Heart Rate App is free for your smartphone and Steve said it’s easy to use, relying on similar technology used in hospitals. Dr Oz gave the app a try on the show, which uses your phone’s camera to measure your heart rate (Dr Oz’s was 54, by the way).

Dr Oz said you should get checked out if your heart rate tests above 90.

Dr Oz: Map My Walk App Review

The second app on Steve’s list was “a GPS and a pedometer combined into one.” Map My Walk tracks where you’ve gone, how fast you’ve traveled, and the calculation of the calories you’ve burned. Map Your Walk can also remind you to walk if you haven’t been far enough that day.

Dr Oz liked that it takes the guesswork out of counting calories. I like that this is another free app.

Dr Oz: Mole Detective App Detects Skin Cancer

Is $5 a good price for an app that could save your life? Steve recommended Mole Detective, which helps you figure out whether you should be concerned about your moles. It can use pictures to determine whether you should be concerned about moles you’ve found on your body.

It can even give you monthly reminders to re-examine moles and track their evolution. This app sounds pretty powerful, and it only costs $4.99.

Dr Oz: Epocrates Rx App for Drug Interactions

The last app is another freebie, and it’s essential for anyone taking medications. Epocrates Rx can help you avoid and research drug interactions, and it’s used by many doctors on their own smartphones, including Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: Hippocrates Rx App

Many people have been contacting us looking for a Hippocrates Rx App, but that is not the name you should be looking for.  It sounds like Hippocrates Rx, but it is called Epocrates Rx (confusing name though, right?).

Dr Oz said that this app could help patients realize whether common over the counter medications, such as Ibuprofen, could interaction with your prescriptions. It tells you what symptoms and interactions you can expect from the medications you are taking.

You can find these apps and more in your device’s app store. Which of these apps will you be trying out? Do you have other health apps you use on your phone or tablet? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Comments to Dr Oz Mole Detective, Epocrates RX & Instant Heart Rate Phone Apps

  1. I downloaded the instant heart rate app as well as the mapmywalk app yesterday. Nice to know my heat rate is in the average range. Mapmywalk is great although i probably won’t use a lot of features. but i am now tracking my food and beverages so i can keep track of calories. it’s actually a handy app. Anybody else try these out yet?

  2. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the craze for multimedia mobile phone has become a matter of gone by era.
    Some Bluetooth devices require special four-digit pass codes before pairing with your i-Pad.
    In fact, until I was halfway through college, I
    had never dated a guy who carried a cell phone.

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