Dr Oz Mole Detective, Epocrates RX & Instant Heart Rate Phone Apps


Dr Oz Health Apps for Smart Phones

If you’ve bought into the iPhone 5 craze or have become part of the tablet and smartphone culture, there are many apps on the market, most of which are free or cheap, that can help you track your health. Dr Oz looked at some of the most promising ones on his show. Have you tried any health apps like the Mole Detective, Map Your Walk, Instant Heart Rate or Epocrates RX? What are your favorites?  Plus, Dr Oz spoke about more of the best kept health secrets from the web like these No Bake Recipes!


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    I downloaded the instant heart rate app as well as the mapmywalk app yesterday. Nice to know my heat rate is in the average range. Mapmywalk is great although i probably won’t use a lot of features. but i am now tracking my food and beverages so i can keep track of calories. it’s actually a handy app. Anybody else try these out yet?

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    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the craze for multimedia mobile phone has become a matter of gone by era.
    Some Bluetooth devices require special four-digit pass codes before pairing with your i-Pad.
    In fact, until I was halfway through college, I
    had never dated a guy who carried a cell phone.

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