Dr Oz: Mom Myths Exposed: Everything Your Mother Told You Was Wrong

Dr Oz did a show on Mom Myths called Everything Your Mother Told You Was Wrong, where he revealed myths that your mother probably told you.  Doctor Oz was joined by Science Bob to do a variety of experiments to reveal the truth about Mom Myths, but please do not try any of these at home! Dr Oz Eating Sugar Makes You Hyper

Dr Oz: Mom Myth #1: Eating Too Much Sugar Makes You Hyper

Dr Oz said that scientists believe that everyone is born with a sweet tooth, and we all know how much children love sugar.  Do sweets make kids hyper?  Science Bob did an experiment to show how much oxygen gets released from food, which tells us how much energy we can get from the food.  He first placed a piece of celery in a test tube and there was a tiny little reaction to show that not much energy was released.  Then, a gummy bear was placed into another test tube and tons of bubbling and smoke were produced, which showed a large production of energy.  Dr Oz said that this large amount of energy produced does not make you hyper though.  It is like when you fill a car with gas, the gas alone does not make the car go fast, you have to ignite the engine and press down on the gas pedal to make it go fast.  So when your child eats sugar at a birthday party for example, the excitable environment makes them run around and the sugar gives them the energy to be able to do it, but if they ate the sugar and did not run around, it would just turn into fat.

Dr Oz: Mom Myth #2: Sucking Helium Kills Brain Cells

Dr Oz said that sucking in helium from a balloon can make you sound like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, but can it also cause brain damage?  Science Bob said that helium is a very light gas, and so it suppresses low sounds in your voice, making you sound high pitched and squeaky.  Then, Dr Oz sucked in some Sulfur Hexafluoride from a balloon, which is a very heavy gas and so it suppresses high sounds and makes you have a very deep voice.  The truth is that if you suck in too much of these gasses, you can get lightheaded and lack in oxygen, which can lead to brain damage.  But as long as you do not breathe in too much and feel light headed, it cannot cause brain damage.

Dr Oz: Mom Myth #3: If You Don’t Bundle Up, You Will Catch a Cold

My mother is notorious for saying this!  As a child, I never left the house in the winter without a scarf, mittens, a hat, a coat and boots.  But can bundling up prevent you from catching a cold?  Dr Oz said that when a person coughs or sneezes, the viruses can go up to 6 feet, and if it lands on your face or mouth then you are likely to catch it regardless of how much clothes you are wearing.  It is not the temperature that causes the virus.  Dr Oz said that in cold weather, viruses live longer which is why people get sick more often and when it is cold, we spend more time inside, which means we are more exposed to one another.


  1. Lilith says

    Sugar doesn’t make kids hyper? So its only a weird coincidence my daughter gets more hyper on days she has a lot of sugar? Its like a placebo effect that ‘if you think it, it will become/feel true’? *rolls eyes*

    And you’re not more likely to get sick if you go outside in the winter with no coat, hat, gloves, etc? If therer are no other kids for miles, and my daughter sits outside in just a t-shirt, she won’t get sick? *confused* And i suppose its only a rumor that if you don’t keep prepared [shaded and hydrated] in the summer you can suffer from heat sickness, heat exhaustion or die. or that it just makes it more likely?

    But that stuff about hydrogen perozide not working/being uselesss…. that’s the biggest BS I’ve ever heard. If that’s so, then why is Oz [was he ever proven a REAL doctor?] the ONLY one who’s ever come out with this? Why is it not on the News Channel? Or at the very least, Yahoo news? Is it onyl a COINCIDENCE cuts/scrapes get better faster with HP?!?! Whenever I haven’t used it, I’ve gotten a painful infection and it took a lot longer to heal. ‘Rinse with water and dab with anitbiotic ointment’? …… If a kid has a high FEVER and is ill and you splash them with water and give them a freakin popsicle they will feel better for a while, the fever may drop a few degrees….. but it won’t get the deeper cause and it CERTAINLY doesn’t replace tylonol and such

    I know that for every so-called ”expert”’ out there with an opinion, you have ten more with an opposite opinion…. But this? Quakery. i could come up with any ol’ picture and charts and reports and set up my own experiments to prove unicorns exists… and it still doesn’t mean its true

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