Dr Oz: Montel Williams Suicide Attempt from MS Multiple Sclerosis


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Suicide

Montel Williams was at the top of his career when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  An award winning talk show host, actor, and best-selling author, Williams was doing 3 talk shows a day for 17 years.  That would all change.  In 1999, Montel was diagnosed with MS.  Several times, he stood in the mirror and cried for an hour because it hurt so much.  Montel was taping his show and pumping out drugs at the same time.  No member of his staff knew anything.  Symptoms worsened just a few months after being diagnosed.  When he was first diagnosed, the pain level was a three.  Two months later the pain level increased to six and then two months after that, his pain level had increased to a nine.  He took several prescription medications; at one point, he was taking six pills at a time, but he still felt pain.  It was during this darkest hour that Montel contemplated suicide.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams MS

Montel is in favor of aid-in-dying.  He told Dr Oz that he is a gun enthusiast and has over twenty guns.  At one point, Montel spread the guns out and began cleaning them.  He was going to make it look like he killed himself by accident.  He really wanted it to look like a mistake, so his kids wouldn’t know the truth.  At that point, his pain was a ten.  Montel kept taking drugs because the doctors stated they couldn’t do anything more.  During another low point, Montel actually dropped in front of a passing cab by “accident.”  The cab driver hit the brakes, exited the cab, and helped him.


  1. Jane Andrews says

    I totally agree with Montel’s ‘right to end life’. I too have MS and regardless of this or any other disease, if I come to the point of having no quality of life, I would not want my family to suffer with me for an unknown period of time. As human beings, I believe in pro choice. We are considered compassionate to put a terminal animal down. And we prolong life for those we love who are living with uncontrolled pain and no life quality? Of course there are people who do not want to die. Realistically, who does? However death is inevitable so why must it be prolonged for a suffering body? My point is this: Let it be the patient’s choice, not the doctor’s. Doctor’s are caregivers, they are not living inside this ravaged body, they are not God.

  2. JT Hobson says

    If I had an illness that would leave my family destitute in keeping me alive until I finally die, then I will take my life. If the government does not want to provide medical care to those that need it, then they have no right to punish anyone helping me to die with dignity while leaving my family with out a mountain of debt.

  3. Susan Ald says

    I would like to volunteer to help push forward the movement for assisted suicide.

    Please let me know how and where I can help.

  4. Karry Rawlinson says

    Dear Montel and Dr. Oz:

    Thank you for putting this issue in the spotlight. Currently I am able bodied (touch wood) but have thought on “aid-in-dying” as a human right for many years now. I am very passionate about this and would like to assist some how, some way to raise awareness.

    I enjoy doing advocate work inclusive of public speaking and fundraising.

    Montel, if you read these comments please know that your strength to bring awareness (your admirable courage) has and will be the voice of the movement for the right to choose life or death for ourselves. I have your back sir.

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