Dr Oz: Montel Williams | Super Energy Smoothie & 3 Root Tea

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Dr Oz: Montel Williams | Super Energy Smoothie & 3 Root Tea

By on February 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Fountain of Youth

Has Montel Williams Discovered The Fountain of Youth? Does The Fountain of Youth really exist to help you look and feel younger? This is a question that has been debated for years. On today’s Doctor Oz show, guest regular, Montel Williams, discussed his cure for boosting energy and how to live a healthier life.

For 10 years, ex-television talk show host, Montel Williams, has been dealing with MS, but today he says he has the energy of someone half his age. When Montel joined Dr Oz on the stage, he received a standing ovation. (I’m beginning to think every guest gets a standing O.) Montel told Dr Oz that although he has been coping with his debilitating disease for several years, he has more energy today than he has had in a long time. The key, he told Dr Oz, was to work at it every single day. He’s been building up his strength for the last 4 years, but for the last 8 months, he’s kicked it up a notch. Not only did he work out his body, Montel reduced pain and inflammation inside of his mind. Every day, he worked on his diet and kept on taking his prescribed medications.

He told Dr Oz that today during the show, he didn’t even have on much makeup and his skin was flawless at the age of 55. (It did actually look pretty decent.) Four years ago, a doctor told him that he would be in a wheelchair in another few years. Montel has been working to prove to himself and everyone else that this would not happen. He told Dr Oz that you should never give up, regardless of what people tell you. Live up to your own expectations and stop looking for that miracle pill. Put in the work and just do it! Montel told Dr Oz that one doctor said that not only was he going to be in a wheelchair in a few years, 20% would be taken off his life. At that point, Montel got angry. He decided to get busy living instead of dying.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Energy Boosting Plan

Montel stated that this plan was good for everyone, men, women and kids—not just those with illnesses.

Here is the first tip from Montel Williams for Dr Oz’s audience:

Montel Williams Super Energy Smoothie Recipe

-2 pint pineapple

Dr Oz Super Energy Smoothie Recipe

Montel William's Three Leaf Tea

-2 pint watermelon
-2 quarts coconut water
-1 bag baby spinach
-1 bag frozen blueberries
-2 green apples or 2 bananas

Montel told Dr Oz that he got the ideas for the watermelon from him a few years ago when Dr Oz stated that watermelon was good for a man’s virility.

Get the kids involved by allowing them to pick out the 4 fruits they like. Mix in the veggies. Place all ingredients into a high speed blender and mix.

Dr Oz: Montel’s Vitamin D Chlorophyll Cocktail


-vitamin D Chlorophyll Cocktail- Montel says this is the best superfood on the planet. Dr Oz admitted that this cocktail surprised him the most. Dr Oz researched it and was fascinated by it now. Chlorophyll changes the makeup of the intestines. Take 1000 IU vitamin per day, 100-300 mg chlorophyll per day.

Dr Oz: B12 Megadose Injection

-B12 Megadose Injection- Dr Oz admitted that his wife wanted him to take the injections, but he was hesitant. Prices vary but Montel found that at the most, this injection will cost $42 per month. ($1.80/per day).

Dr Oz had Montel give him an injection (1 ml) on a soft part of his body. (Get your mind out of the gutter, like mine was!) Montel injected Dr Oz on the side of the stomach. Dr Oz stated that he didn’t like injections and that he preferred B complex lozenges. For best results, look for a combination containing B6, B12 and folic acid.

Dr Oz: Three Root Tea

Three Root Tea- this option is brand new on the market so they haven’t done testing in humans, however, when you give fruit flies Rhodiola, they live longer. Look for Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Schisandra to help with stress. Montel and Dr Oz try the tea and Dr Oz says it was “tolerable”. (Translation…it tasted like crap on toast!) Montel told Dr Oz that he started taking this product 4 months ago and his limp has subsided.

Dr Oz: Garlic Infusion


-Garlic Infusion- Crush it up and put it over fish and chili. You can put it in Chicken soup, too. Montel eats 10 cloves of garlic a day and has been doing so for 7 months.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Montel Williams | Super Energy Smoothie & 3 Root Tea

  1. anastasia says:

    Thanks a million for your website!!! It’s easier to find info here than it is on the actual Dr. Oz website.

  2. Denise Covelle says:

    Where do I find 3 root tea? Is it separate herbs or is it a combination tea??

  3. I was trying to find out how to order the copper infused compression sleeve for a woman and I could not find it. I just want to call an 800#. I found a website but it won’t give me access to the products unless I register. I don’t want to register. I just want to look at the products online and call an 800# to place an order. Can someone help me out?

  4. I agree with Denise Corvelle. For the 3 root tea, do you have to purchase 3 separate roots or supplements and make them into a tea? What makes the chlorophyll a cocktail? Sounds like 1,000 IU’s a day is in the form of a pill or capsule? Is there another ingredient to this “cocktail”. Sorry I missed the show. I totally agree with the B-12 & take the shots myself. Many, many diseases can be stopped or cured by B-12 injections. It’s a big job to re-teach our doctors but somebody’s got to do it.

  5. Harry Essien says:

    Dr. OZ, I am very much interested in copper pain relief in todays show when Montel Williams
    was talking about. I would love to be more enlightened about this product because of my back pain that runs from my hips to the the toe of my left leg. I want to order the product and I need some guidance. Thanks. Harry Essien

  6. Harry Essien says:

    DR. OZ:
    I am very much interested in copper pain relief in your show of February 9, 2012. Montel Williams was talking about it. I would love to be enlightened about this product because of my back pain. The pain runs from my waist to the toe of my left leg. I want the order the product but I need some guidance. Thanks.
    Harry Essien

  7. Maria – Go to TommyCopper.com and click on contact. There is an 855 number there, or you can email them. I have no connection to that company, I just did a quick search and found it.

  8. Can you send me the newsletter of Dr. Oz fans forward to my email from Mon to Fri? I am interestered in Dr. Oz fans advice.
    Thank you,

  9. David Keane says:

    I have a problem with my nerves and have tried everything,
    My nature path said not to eat carbs. But that’s hard to do all my life.
    I get the shakes then heart palpitations bad had this all my life.
    Any ideas what to take

  10. I would like that compression sleeve infused in copper shirt. Can you tell me where I can get that product Is there a website or phone number? Thank You

  11. I agree ! Have looked all over the internet and cannot find 3 Root Tea !

  12. How much of the 3 roots pill should be taken?

  13. I am going to buy the 3 roots in extract form I found cheap organic @ nutritionland.com. I do know that the chinese herb store in a city near me has the actual tea, not sure if they have a combination tea but they have the seperate root teas. You can always buy the whole herb also and make tea. Check out chineseherbdirect.com

  14. COCOAWELL TRUE ENERGY – 60 CAP You can find this on vnfnutrition.com
    It’s on sale and consists of these three roots.

  15. Jena Kelly says:

    The three root tea capsules can be found at reserveage.com look for AdaptoStress3 Energy for $19.99. The copper supports can be found at TommieCopper.com and at TommieCopper.tv. They are sold-out of a lot of the products but will restock by March, and then they will also have the shorts. You can call them, and pre-order whatever you want. All of the limbs supports are $24.50, the shirts for men, and women are $44.50. I don’t have a price for the shorts yet. Call them at 855 866-6432, or 855 692-8291.

  16. The Adapto Stress 3 Energy available on this site is not worth the free shipping, due to the fact that they collect personal information. Read the terms and conditions before making a purchase; unless you don’t mind that they’re spying on you.

  17. In the above statement, I was refering to this site:


  18. Hops extract to make the chlorophyll a cocktail.

  19. You take 1000 IU vitamin D & 100 – 300 Chlorophyl mid morning! The 3 root tea or pill form is Ashwagandha Rhodioda & Schisandra Extract.

  20. I went to a store called Mother’s Market and Kitchen. I’ve always considered this place to be the place to go if I wanted anything from a “health food store” and they didn’t even have the 3-root tea. They pointed me to a capsule with the same ingredients but it was $25 a bottle. They didn’t even have the pineapple tea from another recent episode. I’ve been to numerous stores reference Dr Oz’ recommendation for a B lozenge (he said B6, B12, and Folic acid). There’s alot of products for vitamin B but I’ve found nothing like what he said to take.
    All I would suggest for the show is if you’re going to showcase something or recommend something, include a “where to find” section on the webpage for all of us so we don’t have to waste time/resources looking for these hard to find products. Heck, the show would even get a kick-back for it.

  21. And Karen if you watched this episode the hops extract was to be taken in water at bedtime, not with the “vitamin D/Chlorophyll cocktail”. I THINK they were just calling it a cocktail to be cute.
    I’ve been on most of the recommended items from this episode reference energy and really, I don’t think I’ve experienced anything other than maybe feeling a little less sleepy after lunch. If that’s all it’s going to do well, then I think I’ll just take what’s left and continue with my multivitamins, which DO contain 1000IU of vitamin D and has B6 and B12 and folic acid.

  22. the three root tea that has been promoted, its a shame i can’t find where to buy this….any suggestions?

  23. Yeah, good luck finding that 3 root tea at your local drug store/health food store! Or anywhere on the net. At least if Montel’s going to talk about it at least hawk his own brand so we can easily find it. At least tell us where YOU found it, Montel? Thanks.
    And Montel, kudos to your bravery with all you’re going through!

  24. Where do I find 3 root tea? Is it separate herbs or is it tea in a tea bag?

  25. karen mayrand says:

    Were can i buy the mega dose b12 injection montel spoke about.

  26. Karen, you probably need a prescription for those! That means the pharmacy. What, did this episode just air again? They should probably stop airing this episode further til they can tell us all where all these products are available. He always says products are available at your local drug or health food store. I’ve found over the months this just isnt true. Well, ok, maybe 50% of the time they are. And Susie, did you watch the episode? read some of the previous posts and I think they were trying to convey it was available in one tea mix. Yeah, it’d be great if they could come up with some sort of “where to find” section on the website, but we should be so lucky. The show obviously doesn’t read these posts.

  27. The 3 root tea can be found on the website NaturesTeaLeaf.com for $18

  28. I Made the super soup OMG amazing and am definitely going to look at the sites recommended for the three root tea :)

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