Dr Oz: Monty G DJ Weight Loss Diet


Dr Oz: DJ Monty G

On the Dr Oz Show today, Dr Oz introduced us to Monty G., who is a popular DJ hailing from South Philadelphia, PA.  He is a local icon known by nearly everyone in the city and is a serious champion of the Philly based home teams.  Monty had gotten married and had children at an early age.  When the marriage fell apart, so did his self-esteem.  Monty turned to food for comfort and put on extra weight.  His health declined steadily and the extra weight put a strain on his relationship with his kids as well as his ability to “hype up the crowd,” an essential elements of his job as a DJ.  He came to the Dr Oz show in an attempt to get rid of the extra weight, but in order to do that, Dr Oz informed Monty that he would need to begin with The Truth Tube.

Dr Oz: Monty G Truth Tube Results

Weight: 456 lbs



  1. rb says

    What do you do when you don’t have 3 people you can count on? Where do you find them? It’s horrible to be alone in this world.. Dr Oz’s prescription for Monty should also be my prescription, but how do I line up 3 people I can count on when I have no one?

  2. Robbie B says

    Cousin, I am with you all the way. Praying for you day by day. Monty you are a philly trend setter, You will show everyone that you can do all things through God and the people He put in your life that makes you a better you. The race is not to the swift, but those who endure to the end. Keep pressing Cuz; I will be praying you through.
    robbie b aka rockthegogo

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