Dr Oz: Mood Boosters: Milk, Nuts & Vitamin B

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Dr Oz: Mood Boosters: Milk, Nuts & Vitamin B

By on October 29, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment on his Ultimate Countdown Show to discuss 3 Mood Boosters, because Doctor Oz knows that it is hard to be in a good mood all of the time.  Between hormonal fluctuations, turbulent relationships, and money problems (especially in today’s economy!), I think we can all use some tools to make ourselves feel happier.  Dr Oz said that 40% of happiness is the direct result of what you do to make yourself happier.  So here are three tools to boost your mood: Dr Oz Best Mood Boosters

Mood Booster #1: Milk

Dr Oz said that milk contains Tryptophan, which leads to the production of  Seratonin, which in turn boosts your mood.  Your body cannot make Tryptophan on its own though, so drink just one glass of milk as a mood booster!

Mood Booster #2: Nuts

Dr Oz said that nuts are packed with Omega 3 Fats and make you less prone to depression.  Plus, nuts make you easier to get along with, so feed nuts to your spouse (I hope my husband isn’t reading this post!).  Dr Oz suggested eating walnuts, pistachios and pecans because these nuts have the most Omega 3’s.

Mood Booster #3: Vitamin B

Vitamin B is great at fighting depression and boosting your mood.  Dr Oz said that if you do not have enough Vitamin B, you can have malaise, fatigue and even Anemia.  I wonder which Vitamin B Dr Oz was talking about specifically though, because there are an entire family of B Vitamins.  Which B Vitamin do you think Dr Oz was speaking about?  Leave a comment below and hopefully we can figure this one out together!

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  2. Dr. Oz I was watching your show on anti-biotic and the effect we are making for our selves with respect to killing the good bacteria. My question is, can’t we inject our bodies with some lab made good bacteria? Is there a basic strain of good bacteria that can be used to combat against the monster bacteria left in our bodies.

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