Dr Oz: Morton’s Neuroma & Nerve Foot Pain Massage


Dr Oz: Nerve Foot Pain

Doctor Oz said that 75% of us will have foot pain as some point in our lives, and most of the time it is actually caused by the shoes that we wear!  Dr Oz revealed the reasons that shoes hurt our feet, Nerve Pain Risk Factors and what we can do to relieve foot pain including a special Morton’s Neuroma Foot Massage.

Dr Oz: Foot Problems

Dr Oz said that foot pain can be caused by everything from nerves to bones to muscles in your feet.  If you have ever felt like there was a pebble stuck under your Dr Oz Nerve Painfoot or like your socks are bunched up when they are not, then it is likely a Nerve Foot Problem.  The nerves in your feet are surrounded by soft tissue, and if the tissue starts to squeeze on your nerves then they can get strangled and irritated.

Dr Oz: Morton’s Neuroma

Doctor Oz spoke about a condition called Morton’s Neuroma which is a pain that you get in the ball of your foot, right underneath your toes.  It is usually found right underneath your three smallest toes and anything that squeezes your foot or creates pressure can make the condition worse.  Here are some of the common risk factors:

Dr Oz: Nerve Pain Risk Factors

– Running



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