Dr Oz: Motion Sickness Prevention: Ginger, Peppermint & Ear Patch

Dr Oz Motion Sickness

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Motion Sickness

Dr Oz did a segment on Motion Sickness Prevention with Emma, his Assistant-of-the-Day from seat 102 in his audience.  Doctor Oz had a giant plastic ball on his set that apparently can simulate Motion Sickness.  So Emma and Dr Oz went in the Motion Sickness Simulator while a man rolled the ball around outside.  They did not seem to get any Motion Sickness, but it did look like a lot of fun anyway!

Dr Oz: Motion Sickness Causes

Dr Oz said that if you understand what happens with Motion Sickness, then you can learn how to prevent it.  Lets say you Dr Oz Motion Sicknessare sitting in a car and reading a book.  Inside your ear is a mechanism that determines what direction your body is moving, and it sends a signal to your brain to say that you are moving forward.  But at the same time, your eyes are looking down and reading, so they are sending a message to your brain that says you are reading and not moving.  This conflict of messages causes nausea.  So the bottom line is that to prevent Motion Sickness, do not send your brain mixed messages.

Dr Oz: Motion Sickness Prevention

The following are the Over-The-Counter Medications for Motion Sickness, as well as Dr Oz’s favorite Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness.

Dr Oz: Scopolamine Ear Patch

One Over-The-Counter Motion Sickness medication is a Scopolamine Ear Patch that goes behind your ear to prevent Motion Sickness.

Dr Oz: Dromamine & Dimenhydrinate

Another Over-The-Counter Motion Sickness medication is Dromamine or Dimenhydrinate.

Dr Oz: Ginger for Motion Sickness

Dr Oz said that ginger is a great natural way to prevent Motion Sickness.  Take 1/2 tsp ginger powder every 4 hours or cut 1/4″ of ginger root and chew on it.

Dr Oz: Peppermint for Motion Sickness

Dr Oz said that peppermint is another natural remedy for Motion Sickness.  Take 1 tablet of peppermint 2-3 times a day.  The menthol in the peppermint also helps to calm your digestive system.

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