Dr Oz: Muffin Serving Size & Baked Potato Serving Size

Dr Oz played a game called Wheel Of Portion today to help teach everyone the right portion for your favorite foods.  Have you ever been curious about how much of a certain food you should eat?  Doctor Oz’s wheel had the following foods on it: almonds, baked potato, muffin, pasta, chocolate, and pita chips.  There were two contestants playing the game, and each one had a turn to spin the wheel.  Then whichever food came up on the wheel, Dr Oz gave three portion size measurements to pick from.  If they picked the right portion size, they won!  And sure enough, both contestants won and received a Portion Control Scale which I have tried and love.  Definitely click here to read the review I wrote about this scale: Perfect Portions Digital Scale Review

Dr Oz: Muffin Serving Size

Dr Oz said that the correct serving size of a muffin is around the same size as a lemon, which is 2 ounces.  In 2 ounces of a muffin, Dr Oz Serving Sizes for Favorite Foodsyou get about 200 calories.  Many muffins in stores (especially Costco!) have really oversized muffins that are way more than one serving size.  If you buy these large muffins, consider cutting them in half or even into thirds.

Dr Oz: Baked Potato Serving Size

Dr Oz said that the correct serving size of a baked potato is around the same size as your computer mouse (which is 5.5 ounces of potato).  This amount of potato will give you 150 calories.  Dr Oz also said that it is preferable to eat sweet potato over regular white potato.  One of my favorite thing is to make healthy sweet potato fries by cutting up a sweet potato into strips, spray a little non-stick spray on a cookie sheet, place the strips of sweet potatoes on the sheet, and bake them at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or so.

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