Dr Oz: Mulled Wine Recipe + Cracker & Honey Hangover Cure


Dr Oz’s show today was called the 12 Healthy Days of Christmas – his take on the Christmas song called The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Doctor Oz offered a variety of fun holiday tips from a Mulled Wine Recipe to Jewish Penicillin Chicken Soup to a Holiday Hangover Cure.  Dr Oz Hangover Cure Crackers & Honey

Dr Oz’s 12 Healthy Days of Christmas:

Dr Oz’s 8th Healthy Day of Christmas: Fight the Cold & Flu

Dr Oz’s 8th tip was to boost your immune system by eating shrimp cocktail, which is rich in selenium and omega 3’s, which help the T-Cells in your blood.  You can also try to fight off colds and the flu by eating chicken soup, also known as Jewish Penicillin, which inhibits immune cells and clears up sinuses.

Dr Oz’s 9th Healthy Day of Christmas: Candy Cane Energy Booster

Dr Oz’s 9th tip is to Boost Your Energy by keeping a candy cane in your pocket.  Whenever you need an instant boost, just lick it and smell the peppermint fragrance which can boost energy.  If you do not want sugar, you can use peppermint oil instead.

Dr Oz’s 10th Healthy Day of Christmas: Mulled Wine Recipe

Dr Oz’s Mulled Wine Recipe is made by heating up red wine and adding in cinnamon, cloves, lemon zest and brandy.  Mulled Wine helps you to avoid having a heart attack because it improves insulin sensitivity and has a bunch of other positive effects on your body.

Dr Oz’s 11th Healthy Day of Christmas: Holiday Hangover Cure – Honey & Crackers

Dr Oz said that to Cure a Holiday Hangover, you can eat crackers with 2 TB of honey spread on each one.  The fructose in the honey helps to get rid of alcohol in your system, and make sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate your brain.

Dr Oz’s 12th Healthy Day of Christmas: Burn Calories on Christmas

Dr Oz said that wrapping presents, decorating Christmas trees and writing Christmas Cards all help you burn calories – but how many calories for each activity?


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    Can you please provide details (quantities) for the mulled red wine recipe? As you know mulled wine may already contain some amounts of clove cinnamon and or other spices, so I would like to know, if I am using Gluhwein for example, how much of each of all ingredients, including the wine, I should use. Thank you

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