Dr Oz: Multivitamin Safety: Why Your Multivitamin May Not Be Safe

By on November 11, 2011

Dr Oz: Multivitamins Reviewed

In this segment, Dr Oz stated that since doing a recent show on multivitamins, there has been a firestorm of controversy and his e-mail was flooded with questions.  Dr Oz clarified some of his earlier multivitamin recommendations.

Susan, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she took vitamins to feel better. Dr Oz Multivitamins When she looked at the bottle, she never recalled what the numbers were.  (Who does?)  Dr Oz told her that there was a reason for all those numbers—multivitamins are not created equal.  Dr Oz says overdoses of Vitamin A and E turn anti-oxidants into pro-oxidants and cause more harm than good. To demonstrate this point, Dr Oz showed an image of an artery that has had too much Vitamin A.  The artery appeared eroded and fell to pieces.

Dr Oz Vitamin A:

Dr Oz’s old Recommendation of Vitamin A: 5000 IU
Dr Oz’s new recommendation of Vitamin A: 3500 IU

Dr Oz Vitamin E:

Dr Oz’s old recommendation of Vitamin E: 30 IU
Dr Oz’s new recommendation of Vitamin E: 30IU
The recommended dose has NOT changed for Vitamin E since Dr Oz feels this is a low level.

Dr Oz: Multivitamin Recommendation Changes

Dr Oz showed a table full of foods you would need to eat to get the benefits of 1 multivitamin.

1. Why give the body such high doses of any vitamin that it can’t get in nature?  If you do, you’re taking a pharmaceutical dose of the vitamin, which you don’t want.

2. Iron—Taking iron when you don’t need it is bad for you.  Women of childbearing age can take 18 mgs.  Iron is not meant for men or postmenopausal women.  Dr Oz pulled out the gloves and showed an image of an aorta that was eroded and ulcerated and he told the audience that the extra iron caused hardening of the arteries.

3. Too much calcium—Too much calcium binds to the other vitamins and stops absorption so you’re not getting the full benefit of the other vitamins.  You should only have 200 mgs or less of calcium.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Multivitamin Safety: Why Your Multivitamin May Not Be Safe

  1. i take vitiam D -3 1000 IU AND CALTRATE WITH VITAMIN D are this safe to take?

  2. I need a good name brand to take

  3. RDA for Vitamin D3 is anywhere between 1000-5000. The upper limit is a good idea for boosting your immune system.

    A good brand is Garden of Life Raw One. It’s recommended to get a multi that is food based so your body recognizes the nutrients and absorbs them rather than a highly processed chemical form that your body will excrete most of.

  4. I strongly agree with Audrey about her recommendation for D3. In winter months, especially in the northern hemispheres. we don’t get enough sunlight for adequate Vitamin D and even in the summer months most people slather on the sunscreen, thereby blocking any D they might get from the sun. 5000 IUs really helps boost the immune system. Garden of Life Raw D is a good product. It is 2000 IUs so you will need to take at least two per day. On Dr. Oz’s Vitamin A recommendation; a quality multivitamin supplement will use betacarotene as the Vitamin A source, perhaps with a small amount of pure vitamin A. Betacarotene in large doses is non-toxic.

  5. Dr.Oz; I have been taking Purity Products ; Perfect Multi (Super) Greens; It features alot of benefits; they say in promoting this multivitamin. I would like to know if I’m doing my body good or just wasting my money. Please respond. Thank You; Arnold Taylor

  6. I have been taking Purity Products multivittamin Perfect Multi (Super ) Greens; any comment on this product would be appreciated. Thank You; Arnold Taylor

  7. I recently overdosed on vitamin A. Was taking a multivitamin, occuvite, and then started a hair biotin supplement. Didn’t realize the biotin supplement had 7500iu vit A. That combined with the other two was much too much. Started with muscle twitches then proceeded to make my whole muscular system feel exhausted. It was an effort for me to raise my arms to wash my hair! I stopped all the vitamins/supplements when the twitching started. Took about a week before I felt back to myself. Scary! Next time I will be sure to check the bottles!

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