Dr Oz: Muscle Meltdown & How to Prevent Muscle Atrophy


Dr Oz did a segment called Muscle Meltdown to teach us how to prevent muscle atrophy and the loss of muscles mass.  Doctor Oz asked three of his best Assistants of the Day to come back and help him – Yolanda, Sheila and Judy. Dr Oz How to Prevent Muscle Atrophy

Dr Oz showed how your muscle changes as you age.  After the age of 45, there are big changes in how your body works and you lose 1% of muscles mass every year.  When you are young, muscle is thick and healthy but as you age, the muscle gets thinner and thinner and more fat emerges.  As we lose muscles mass from a sedentary lifestyle, we lose muscle tone and our muscles can atrophy.  Even minor amounts of atrophy can cause huge problems for strength and coordination.


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