Dr Oz: Muscle Meltdown & How to Prevent Muscle Atrophy

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Dr Oz: Muscle Meltdown & How to Prevent Muscle Atrophy

By on November 11, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called Muscle Meltdown to teach us how to prevent muscle atrophy and the loss of muscles mass.  Doctor Oz asked three of his best Assistants of the Day to come back and help him – Yolanda, Sheila and Judy. Dr Oz How to Prevent Muscle Atrophy

Dr Oz showed how your muscle changes as you age.  After the age of 45, there are big changes in how your body works and you lose 1% of muscles mass every year.  When you are young, muscle is thick and healthy but as you age, the muscle gets thinner and thinner and more fat emerges.  As we lose muscles mass from a sedentary lifestyle, we lose muscle tone and our muscles can atrophy.  Even minor amounts of atrophy can cause huge problems for strength and coordination.

Dr Oz did a demonstration to show how muscles and strength change as you age.  You can think of it as a game of Tug of War, where on one side you have your muscle strength and on the other side you have resistance caused by daily activity.  When you are young, you have lots of muscle strength to pull back against daily resistance.  As you approach middle age, you begin to lose this muscle strength, and so as you age it becomes harder to even do daily things like get up out of a chair or walk up stairs.

Dr Oz said that muscle atrophy can lead to bone loss and more bone fractures.  And did you know that falling is one of the top 5 reasons for death when you are older in age?  So it is important to keep your muscles toned and in tact by doing resistance training 2-3 times per week.  You can do an exercise that Dr Oz demonstrated, where you lean into each other and do push-ups against a partner.  I would imagine that regular push-ups would work too if you do not have a partner!

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