Dr Oz: Nail Problems: Spoon Nails, Pigmented Bends & Nail Beading


Dr Oz gave a list of 3 changes in your nails that could be warning signs of health problems: Spoon Nails, Pigmented Bends and Nail Beading.  If you have not heard of these problems before, then this could be very interesting!  Doctor Oz said that most people do not examine their nails, but the color, shape and texture of your nails could be major warning signs of medical issues.  First of all, you should feel the texture of your nail and look for a rounded shape.  Dr Oz said other healthy nail characteristics include a nail being rectangular in shape and having a Lunula, a white crescent shape towards the base of the nail (especially in the thumb nail).  For those of you who have nail fungus (which is not one of the issues Dr Oz spoke about below), then I want to remind you to check out Dr Oz’s Nail Fungus Remedy or Dr Oz’s Nail Fungus Vinegar Bath. Dr Oz Pigmented Bends In Nails

Dr Oz: Spoon Nails & Iron Deficiency

Dr Oz said that Spoon Nails are where you can imagine scooping out the center portion of your nail with a spoon.  When water touches your nail, it sits on top and accumulates rather than rolling off.  Dr Oz said that Iron Deficiency can cause Spoon Nails.  When you have Spoon Nails, your blood supply cannot get to the center of your nail to make it grow strong.

Dr Oz: Pigmented Bends & Melanoma

Dr Oz said that healthy nails should be pink, but if you have dark vertical stripes on your nails, especially if you are African American, this could be a sign of Melanoma.  There are also non-cancerous bands, but you must have a doctor examine it to find out.

Dr Oz: Nail Beading & Thyroid Problems

Dr Oz said that you can get Nail Beading, which looks somewhat like the texture that builds on the side of candle as it burns and drips the wax down the side.  After Dr Oz showed a picture of Nail Beading though, it looked more to me like have ridges in your nails, which I have… so I am a tad bit concerned now.  If you have Nail Beading, Dr Oz said it could be caused by Thyroid Problems, blood flow changes to your nails, hormonal problems or even Diabetes.


  1. Brenda Williams says

    I do have the nail beading. What can I do to get my nails to grow and stop chipping off ?

  2. says

    Brenda, I wish I knew! I think I have nail beading too, but my nails don’t chip off, I just have ridges in my nails. Have you tried talking to your doctor yet about it?

  3. Jessica says

    I’ve had nail beading for a few years now. I’ve asked my primary care, my endocrinologist, AND my dermatologist why my nails were doing it and all of them said they weren’t sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it that Dr Oz knew and none of my doctors knew! This is so upsetting because I knew in my gut, something was wrong! By the way, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago. Hum…..Doctors are so quick to feel your neck, but they should be looking at our nails too! I’ve been on meds for 2 years and my nails look the same. I wonder if it’ll ever improve?

  4. says

    Awww Jessica, your experience sounds so frustrating! I hope your nails do get better over time. Have you considering going for a second or third opinion from other doctors? Maybe there is something else that can be done?

  5. Jessica says

    I’m already using my 2nd endocrinologist. I like him a lot. But he only orders tests for what I want. LIke I’m the doctor! I’m seeing that a lot with doctors lately. As for the nail beading, you ladies need to get your thyroid checked! It’s either thyroid or diabetes. For me, it was my thyroid. I’m only 110 pounds, but thin gals can get it too!

  6. says

    That is so ridiculous! But I have noticed that trend among doctors too. Some doctors I have noticed do not even call with results anymore — you have to actually call them and inquire! Totally crazy! I am going to ask for a Thyroid check at my next doctor’s appointment, because even though my nail beading isn’t too severe yet, maybe it is a sign that I am also having a problem 🙁

  7. brett says

    Hi, I also saw this show but missed an important part I have a problem with. I heard him talking about the Lunula (the white crescent moon part), and that you should have a prominent lunula on all of your fingers especially your thumbs. I only have them on my thumbs. What does that mean?

  8. Jessica says

    Brett: Dr Oz said that nails without the white crescents means a calcium deficency. I started taking the recommend dose of calcium after seeing his show a few months ago and though the crescents on my thumbs are darker, I have yet to see them on my other nails. I’d like my doc to check my calcium levels next time.

  9. says

    On other websites it says that nail beading may be due to R/A, which I have had for 40 years, but I know it has flared up recently (was pretty much dormant before) and think that the nail beading may be due to that….

  10. Jessica says

    I don’t have R/A…yet. So I guess I can rule that out. Thanks Jamie for that bit of advice!

  11. Shawn says

    Both index fingers are spooning to the point where it is causing tearing in the tips of my finger nails and nerve sensitivity. What can I do

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